28 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2021

Most of the people wanted to build up their own brand or online businesses which will help them for generating certain revenue. And when it comes to the internet we came across Google and it’s several tools like Google Chrome which is the most popular platform for browsing on the internet. I like Google Chrome even if it consumes more ram and storage just because the features it offers to us.

I think Google Chrome is just helping people to do more than just surfing on the internet. We’ll talk here about the most helpful tools which will help you to take your Google Chrome browser to the next level. There are various different tools are available in the online market through which you can easily surf on the internet safely and more fast.

We’ve taken out the list which is proven and used by many of the top bloggers and business owners to take up their browser to the next level.

Top 28 Best Chrome Extensions

Following are some of the best and most reliable Chrome extensions for bloggers and marketers too.



Grammarly is becoming popular day by day, Grammarly works as a free weapon which avoids you from grammatical mistakes and other errors which are usually done while writing posts.

This chrome extension works in a good format. Whenever bi wants to write a post on my WordPress website I usually write it and if there any mistake takes place immediately it gets pop up so to sort it out immediately,, it works same with Facebook comments, and even with the Google documents. 

This extension made a huge change in my blogging carrier so you should definitely check it out. It’s a totally free platform where you’ll get a lot more features.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

If you’re looking for a tool which will help you to find the volume of search for the keywords you use and the cost per click for that keywords without entering into Google AdWords every time then keywords everywhere will help you.

It’s not only for Google approximately for all the search engines including Bing, Yahoo and some of the social sites too links YouTube, etc. The data which open up is at the Google AdWords. 

This is one of my favorite extension which you should definitely check out at least once.



LastPass is the best for those who usually carry a bulk of passwords, sometimes it becomes difficult to remember all of those passwords. Here your problem gets sorted out because this extension helps you to save all of your passwords more securely. You just need to remember the master key. Whenever you’ll need to use those saved passwords you the an automatically log in to those. 

So your work gets easier here. You don’t need to remember those passwords or to save anywhere which is not a secure way. I am using this Extension from a while and it seems to be more useful which you should surely check at least once. 



Many a time it happens that you usually need a picture or a video or a post for sharing it socially. But it tools lot more time to find and to get it set. The way which most of the people uses is that they find it manually and checks it and later on add it to the social profiles.

But here with the help of buffer extension, you can do it more easily just by one click. This Google extension allows you to one-click set. It will save your time and efforts too. 



If you’re the one who usually cares about the SEO of the website. Many of the time it happens that you need to know about your website ranking, backlinks details and many more. And also wanted to know more how your website is doing on Google. 

SEOQuake is one of the most useful extensions for you. It will automatically suggest the keywords which will help in ranking and also the SEO strategies. You’ll find it an easier way to get more traffic on your site. 

If you’re looking for the most reliable tool for your blog then just have a look towards SEOQuake.

Link Miner


If you are looking to find backlinks and broken links and emailing the owner for replacing it with your fresh content is one of the legit ways which will stay you safe and easy to have backlinks.

If you want to go with the broken links strategies then this would be the best option for you. This tool will allow you to find the broken links instantly without wasting much time with link miner.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube


If you usually use YouTube and have a channel on YouTube or even if you’re planning to do so then this extension will be more helpful for you.

VidIQ allows you to see the complete details regarding the video you post on the channel. Not only that you can also know a few more details regarding Youtube SEO which will help you to rank your channel.

You’ll also be able to see the watch time improvement, meta description, and description guide and increase in likes and comments. This tool is completely free but if you want to have more features then you just need to subscribe for the paid ones. 



If you’re wondering to find out the best tool which will display you complete details related to your WordPress website like fonts, plugins, frameworks, etc.

WhatRuns allows you to get access to it. As it will work as a dashboard where you’ll get the full information of the WordPress website with one click. It is the most reliable tool for beginners to see growth and statistics. 



Now, this is one of my favorite extension, everyone wants to give their website best look. But it becomes quite difficult because of not having knowledge of designing. Here all your problems get sorted out.

Let’s consider that you visited any of the sites and likes the font of that website, then you can find that font with the help of WhatFont extension so easily. Once you get signed in to this extension you’ll be able to access it for free.



ColorZilla was firstly discovered for Mozilla Firefox but afterward, it was shifted to Google Chrome. You can select the Color for your page just by clicking on it.

For more Colors, you can use their CSS Color generator so as to select the Color by your own choice. This will give your website a good look. 



The similarweb makes your website SEO friendly. It helps you to analyze the traffic of your website and keywords ranking too. You’ll get to know more about your website and its achievement. 

If you want to have some more features then you’ll need to upgrade your plan to pro which will costs you $99 / month where you’ll get some of the advanced features.



Follow.net provides you with complete detailed information of the other websites having a similar niche as yours. You’ll be able to analyze all of the similar websites more easily.

Once you enter your website’s URL you’ll get similar websites along with their details like keywords they use, backlinks, SEO strategies and lot more things.

If you want to get competitors details then this could be the best tool for you. 

Save To Pocket 


Save to Pocket is a great extension which allows you to save photos or videos. While surfing it happens much time that you wanted to save the videos or photos which pop-ups certainly. In such a case, you can save it using save to pocket platform. 

This is the most user-friendly tool which allows you to save even an article which you like, and afterword you can see that. And the best part is you’ll also be able to access those saved content from other devices too.

Facebook Pixel Helper


If you usually run ads on your Facebook page or Facebook Group then this Facebook Pixel Helper could be more helpful for you. It tells you about pixels i.e. it is fired or not. The specific number will display on the pixel bottom. 

It will show you the pixel event. This can also be done on other websites also. 



Screencastify allows you to do screen recording with the help of Chrome browser. You can also add the custom audio of yours so as to maintain the regularity. 

You’ll also be Abel to embed the face can into the display which is the efficient feature for most of the people. You can publish those recorded videos on social media platforms too. This extension is mostly for YouTubers. 

Awesome Screenshot


This Awesome screenshot extension makes your work easier by taking an immediate and a single click shot. It’s a great extension if you usually wanted to get screenshot of creating a page on chrome.

This also allows you to do screen recording at a certain instant. It’s the most reliable platform for you if you are looking to have some useful features. 



The name sounds pretty much good, right. It’s one of my favorites and highly recommend chrome extension for you. It allows you to take some of the screenshots which you can edit those pictures at the same time.

You’ll also be able to do screen recording and the best part is you can convert short videos into gifs. So it’s very useful in order to show gifs. Nimbus consist of a lot of options related to screenshots like crop, vertical crop, etc. 

So you can manage it on your own. 

Boomerang For Gmail


You might be well familiar with a boomerang. This is the most common features used in Instagram stories. But it’s not like that it works somehow different. It increases productivity in order to manage emails.

This works mostly for sending an email on time. It allows you to send emails later. Sometimes it becomes wastage of time when it takes much time for sending email to the users. 

The most important feature which I like the most is tracking the viewers. If someone opens your email you can see that so that in future you can send the emails without hesitation. 



Wisestamp is a free extension. Now what it does is it allows you to set the signifies on the email you create. This is one of the trending ways to show your professionalism. 

You can create a well professional sign. You can also create a logo on the email page. With these features, you can also add your social profile links so as to get users connected with you.

This is the most important extension in order to maintain your professionalism. 



If you usually remain worried about saving your money safely. Honey allows you to save money with a guarantee. It happens mostly that you wonder most of the website to check whether there is any coupon code available. 

But it becomes over here because honey automatically tracks if any offers or coupon code is available on an e-commerce website like amazon.in, Flipkart, etc. 

You can also get it done while buying a domain or a hosting for your website. You’ll get a killer deal for sure. 

Word Count Tool


If you want to count the words in the text you wrote, word count tool is one of the best platforms. You’ll be able to count competitors text as well.

This extension becomes more helpful when it comes to getting words counted fastly.

Evernote Web Clipper


If you usually use Evernote then this tool is very useful for you. This is a chore extension which helps you to save a clip, any page, as well as the screenshots later on you, can edit it too.

If you want to save anything related to the posts then you can use it as your primary tool where you can access the content without opening any tool every time. 

You can save it anytime anywhere as possible. 

Google Translate


Most of the people are well familiar with the Google translator where you can easily translate each text easily. But her the Google translate extension is something which can help you to do translations directly from the site.

You just need to select the text which you wanted to translate the right click on that and select google translate option and that’s it.

ExpressVPN Chrome Extension


Usually, ExpressVPN plays a very important role. This extension allows you to stop tracking yourself whenever you visit the other website. 

There are various other options available but this is one of the most user-friendly platform available where you can actually secure your content with the help of this VPN.



In blogging, we’ll know that headlines are very important. It shows the topic details. Headlinr helps you to generate the headlines for the blogs, emails, etc. and even for social media status.

You’ll get up to 30 headlines in the free version but if you want to upgrade then you’ll need to pay for that.

Link Redirect Trace


Link Redirect Trace is one of the great to redirect. We’ll have the pages that need to be redirected. Many times it happens that you lose the data but this extension allows you to make aware of it.

It is a great tool which allows you to analyze your group. It’s one of my favorite extension of time. I must suggest you have a look.



As I’ve already shared another tool for the hunting of emails but believe me this one is my favorite. You can find out the email patterns just by a single click, it’s one of the most useful features. It helps you to go through the right person. You just need to enter the full name and later on it will automatically find out the email.

It is one of the handiest extensions for you to take your email to the next level and it can add wonders to your email marketing strategies. But you can only access it’s monthly based searches but if you want more then you’ll need to purchase it’s paid package at certain prices.

News Feeds Eradicator For Facebook


As Facebook is one of the leading platforms and we usually get entered into it and spends a lot more hours by just swiping up and sees feeds. But it wastes our time. If you want to get rid of this then this extension is very useful for you. 

News Feeds Eradicator For Facebook helps you to intricate your entire feeds. Whenever you’ll enter into Facebook no more updates or posts will be shown, you’ll be able to see the quoted and the news which will motivate you. 

It’s very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.


So we’ve covered a lot more extensions. Believe me, these are one the most useful extensions which will surely save your time and money as well. Many of the bloggers including me are still using these extensions to save our time. 

If you’re looking to build powerful and highly inspirational businesses then these extensions will help you a lot. As I’ve shared you my opinions, but I suggest you please share your favorite extensions from the above lists. Let me know in the comment section.

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