7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021

Who else don’t want the best backlinks checker tools? Everyone wants it as it is important to grow the traffic for your website. If you’re facing difficulties while building a backlink just to take your website in the search results of search engine then this article would be more helpful for you as we’ll discuss the best tools which you can use in order to check the backlinks for the website you own.

If you’re not well familiar with the use of backlinks then is would like to tell you that it is the most important aspect of your website. If you want to rank your website then backlinks play a very important role as the keywords play. Although Google is not giving priority to backlinks these days it is important for the ranking factor on any search engines like Google. Let’s move on to the importance of backlinks for your site.

Why Backlinks Are Important?


For those who are not well familiar with backlinks, backlinks are the strategic way of visiting your website. Backlinks are the links that are shown on another website so as to capture the traffic of that website. It is basically an Internal link which is made to gain traffic. 

Backlinks are the term related to SEO. SEO is an important aspect of every website. If you’re optimizing your website in a well strategic manner then the chances of ranking your website in a search engine will get an increase . If you don’t do SEO of your website it doesn’t matter how many posts you write but still it will not get shown into the results. The first step is to optimize the website in a good manner. 

If you want to do SEO of your website, there are basically a more than 200 ranking factors among them backlinks is the one. If you’ll give topmost priority for creating effective backlinks then I can say your SEO efforts will become less, as 30% work of your post SEO gets done by creating effective backlinks. You can notice that many of the top bloggers usually prefer this that’s why their blog gets optimized results. 

Moreover, there are basically 2 types of backlinks mentioned below:-

  • Do Follow Backlinks:- This type of backlinks allows the views to visit your website in a sure short manner just by placing a link of your website into the famous one. The search engine bots can also be able to follow these links which will alternately improve your audience attraction.
  • No Follow Backlinks:- This includes the backlinks which are placed but cannot be followed by search engine bots. The only actual humans can use that link. This is a genuine way of backlinks. 

When it comes to backlinks use, it is better to get backlinks from PR5 site rather than getting more than 12+ backlinks from PR2. It is because quality is more important than the quantity. Built a quality external backlinks. 

How To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Website?

If you’re building backlinks for your website make sure to focus on quality rather than quantity because the quality is much important so as to gain more user attraction. If you’re creating thousands of backlinks but does not include the quality of performing then it will be not helpful for increasing SERP rankings for your keywords. Following are some of the ways which will help you to find out the quality backlinks for your website.

Getting Links from the top most website having a huge amount of traffic can help you to boost your website. Guest post is one of the great strategies to do it. You need to gain more knowledge and for that go through various blogs related to your niche and find out the way of using backlinks and after that, you can write a guest post accordingly. This way will help you to get more traffic on your blog as user attraction will come towards your blog.

Still, guest posting is one of the famous strategies in order to create backlinks. But most of the people are still believe in the myth that it affects the ranking of your website but that’s not true, using it in a correct manner can take your website on the top. If you’re writing quality content (articles) then in such case guest posting is one of the greatest ways to get backlinks. All you need to do is finding out the website related to your niche which would accept your guest posts. After that research about the topic, you need that’s it. 

Coming to the next method which will also help you to build high-quality backlinks for your website. If you don’t want to go for guest posts then this is very useful for you. Write high-quality posts and get your blog links to the other blogs having the same niche. It will grow your audience.

The owner of the other blogs did not guarantee for providing backlinks but if you email them and convince them for providing links of your website to their blog can help you. You need to say that your posts will be very helpful for their viewers. But first, you need to focus on quality content, then only you’ll be able to link to other sites.

Have you heard about infographics, it is the most trending way to build the audiences. Nowadays most of the people are using this method just because of the trend. Try to find out hot trending topics and by investing a few amounts of bucks can help you, that’s it. Promote it greatly and you’ll rapidly get links from others to your infographics.

Basically, there are many other ways which can also help you to build backlinks for your website but the mentioned above ways are genuine and can last for a longer time. So now let’s move on to the tools which will help you to check backlinks for website. Believe me, these are genuine tools and still many of the famous bloggers are using it personally including me as well. 

Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website

1. Serpstat

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 1

If you’re a blogger and looking for a tool which can handle all of your SEO stuff and it should be affordable then Serpstat is just made for you. Its cool features will blow your mind as it also handles approximately all of your SEO stuff including backlinks analysis, so you don’t have to go for any different tool for SEO. It’s all in one tool. Following are some detailed information given by Serpstat.

  • Referred Pages
  • Referred Domain
  • Out bounded Links
  • Some unique outbound links
  • Total indexed URL etc.

If you go through these features you’ll get to know that these are sufficient to analyze SEO stuff and backlinks. You can also find out your competitors details. One of the coolest features I like about Serpstat is it shows you all information related to backlinks i.e new & lost.

Using this feature you can have a look at your backlinks and if it gets lost then you might find other links to avoid issue regarding viewers. 

Pricing:- Serpstat provides you 7 days of the free trial pack where you can test the features before getting subscribed. When it comes to subscription there are 4 plans. The first plan i.e Plan A which is available at $19/ month another one i.e Plan B which is available at $69/ month it is a decent package for businesses another plan is Plan Could available at $149/ month and the last plan i.e Plan Could available at $299/ month. 

2. Semrush

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 2

If you want to know the complete information regarding your competitors then Semrush will help you a lot. Semrush not only finds out the competitor’s website traffic and keywords used by them but also tracks their backlinks easily. Semrush is a leading platform when it comes to competitor research.

Semrush finds out detailed information regarding the backlinks used by the competitors and best part is you can acquire those backlinks and use it for your website. If you’re still unaware about backlinks I would tell you it is the backbone of any website ranking as it gives you a way to reach out the audience. To find out backlinks for your website use tools like Semrush

Pricing:- If you want to test Semrush just go with a free trial of 14 days where you’ll get in touch with Semrush. After that, you can subscribe to their plans. Basically, Semrush provides 3 plans, the first plan is the most basic plan i.e. Pro plan which is available at $99/ month. The second one i.e Guru Plan available at $199/ month and the last plan i.e business plan which is available at $399/ month. 

3. Backlinks Watch

Another backlinks checker tool I e Backlinks Watch, it is amongst the best backlinks checker and competitors research tool which I’ve used personally. Compared to the other tools Semrush it has limited features but the best part is it is available for free which makes it worth. If you enter your website URL in it it will guide about SEO techniques not only that it will also show backlinks to be followed and not to follow.

Backlink Watch gives you a detailed report regarding SEO strategies, as it also shows all of the external links of your website. I must suggest this tool if you’re a beginner, it has minimalistic features which will blow your mind.

Pricing:- Free

4. Moz Link Explorer

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 3

Moz Link Explorer is another best tool which analyzes your backlinks along with SEO techniques as it gives you most accurate results, still, most of the blogging gurus and professionals use this tool to know about backlinks. It is a paid tool which completely worth per Penny as it provides you complete detailed information regarding SEO and backlinks of your website. Mentioned below are some of the SEO sub tools.

  • Domain Authority:- domain authority is one of the most important tasks in order to rank your website in topmost page if search engine. It provides you the domain name potential and gives authority to predict accurate domain authority.
  • Page Authority:- open site page gives you a great page Authority prediction of a domain name you entered into a search bar. It also provides you certain algorithms that provides you page Authority.
  • Total Links:- by opening up the Toyota links it will show you the total no. Of backlinks available including external and internal links. It is more helpful while researching for backlinks. 

Pricing:- When it comes to pricing there are basically four packages available. The first one i.e. Standard package available at just $99/ month. The other package is Medium package available at $179/ month. The next one i.e. Large Package available at $249/ month and the last package which is Premium is available at $999/ month.

5. Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 4

Ahref is one of the best tools to check the balance for your website as it consists of the biggest index compared to other tools which is being updated every 15 minutes. You’ll be updated immediately if any of the broken links or lost links are there. If in some cases if you lose your backlink it shows why you lose it with detailed information. 

Filters and sorting options help you to drill down by analyzing the backlink type. Besides this Ahrefs also do research and finds out the best backlinks for your website. You can also get competitors backlinks, linked to pages and linked growth also which will help you to grow your website. The Ahrefs is used by top bloggers just because of its hidden features.

Pricing:- Basically there are four packages available the most basic plan i.e. lite one available at $99/ month the next one i.e. standard one available at $179/ month the next one i.e. advanced plan available at $399/ month and the last one i.e. for agency which cost you $999/ month. 

6. Rank Signals

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 5

Rank Signals is one of the best and free tools to analyze the backlink for your website. It is used by many of the pro bloggers and beginners too as they don’t have to pay money. Just by mentioning your website URL you’ll be able to title and URL of linking pages. 

Apart from this tool also provides you information regarding the SEO of your website as it shows backlink details too. You can also go through the competitor’s research so as to get the detailed information related to SEO strategies and backlinks they use.

Pricing:- Free

7. Majestic SEO

7 Incredible Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Website In 2021 6

Majestic SEO is another tool which provides you some amazing features. One of the most liked features is it crawls the whole web without relying on the third party. Majestic SEO tools allow you to do research about your competitors and to use the heir quality backlinks and keywords. You’ll also be able to analyze the strength of any web page. You’ll also be able to find out all the data related to your website. 

The most linked features are mentioned below which will blow up your mind. 

  • Backlinks history checker
  • Site explorer
  • Search explorer

Apart from this you also get some other cool features like SEO research which is very useful. 

Pricing:- Usually majestic SEO provides you three packages depending on your need. The basic package i.e. lite one available at $49.99/ month the other one i.e. Pro package available at $99.99 and the last one i.e. API available at $399.99/ month which is the upgraded version of all.

Apart from these tools, there are a lot more tools available but these are the only which worth every penny.


As we’ve seen the use of backlinks checker tools. As it is very important to find out proper backlinks for your website. The above mentioned top 7 best tools can help you out. As it also includes some SEO strategies i.e. might be useful for your website. 

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