Top 7 WordPress Plugins To SkyRocket Your Affiliate Conversions

You all must be aware of WordPress, as it is the most popular medium for website development for all the affiliate marketers and bloggers. This is because it provides you with access to all the necessary affiliate plugins for WordPress to promote your partner website in the way of bringing more traffic to your website too.

Since there are so many Best Affiliate  Plugins For WordPress which are available in the online market, often beginners get in a dilemma about which all plugins and tools should they go for?

That’s why we did all the necessary research for you. In our experience, you’ll need  all the tools that help you do the following:

  • Where you can easily add the affiliate links to your articles.
  • Where you will be able to manage and save the affiliate links inside WordPress.
  • It helps you to create the  shareable affiliate links for the social media and podcasts
  • Where you can grow your audience and build a loyal following
  • Where you can track the performance of your best affiliate campaigns

So there should be a medium of managing your affiliate network, get access to the tracking, and actually skyrocket your online sales?

Is It Worth The Effort?

So, what is an affiliate program in the first place? Simply said, it is a way to boost your sales, which includes third-party sales and performance-based commissions.

You create a particular link that other websites and blog owners place on their websites –  blog content, pages, etc. When users use the link to buy your products, you’ll pay your affiliates a share of overall revenue or a specific commission.

Say, for example, you sell a product for $10 and pay out a 50% affiliate commission. If one hundred people buy that product, you’ll get $500 by literally sitting and watching.

Affiliate marketing is the method of making money from your website. For anyone who’s new to the world of, In affiliate marketing, you recommend different products and services on your website and earn a commission out of it whenever a visitor makes a purchase.

You can build up your business by many affiliate plugins. And no matter the size of your website, you can use these plugins to actually and efficiently manage all your affiliate links on your site.

In this article, we’ll showcase you the  WordPress affiliate plugins to skyrocket your affiliate sales. So, let’s get started.

Affiliate marketing is one sure shot way to earn money through your blog/website. It becomes so much if your website is built on WordPress as there are many plugins available on WordPress to increase your affiliate income.

Top 7 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

1. Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

So if you know the in and outs of affiliate marketing you must be aware of the fact that the affiliate links look long when shared anywhere. But fortunately, with the affiliate plugins for WordPress, you can shorten your URL. This is done by Link Cloaking. There are a few reasons why link cloaking is recommended for affiliate marketing.

It helps to achieve short and Seo friendly URLs. It helps to track the affiliate links. It helps to update the affiliate links.

Thirsty Affiliates


This is the best affiliate link cloaking plugin for WordPress. It helps you to cloak your long affiliate links. It has an auto-link feature with which you can provide your keywords and the plugin will auto-link affiliate links in your content. They also have the feature of providing details and reports

Features Provided In This Plugin you’ll get

  • Smart Uncloaking
  • Proactive Link Fixer
  • Geolocation Links
  • Automatic 404 Checker
  • 3rd Party Link Importing

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Pretty Links


Pretty Links shrinks, cloaks, tracks, and share your links.

Pretty Links provides you with all the tools you need to manage your social media links, redirects, and affiliate links much easier. It’s a WordPress plugin in which you can upload a zip file to your website, activate it and you’ll be able to create the links using your website instantly. It combines the  third party solution with the power of a custom solution

Pretty Links contains all the innovative features that will automate much of your content strategy for you so that you can focus on just writing the content.
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This is the plugin that most of the Amazon affiliate marketers love to use. In simple words, EasyAzon transforms the life of an Amazon affiliate marketer. How?

Well, you can easily create the affiliate links for all those products you want to promote on your website. But that’s not it.

You can earn the affiliate commission from the international sales too as EasyAzon will automatically display the affiliate link based on the location of the visitor. Now, that’s a big deal!

This also gives you the option to enable product popups to attract more affiliate clicks which could eventually result in affiliate sales.
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2. Table Builder Plugins

As you know that tables are a way of organizing and displaying information in a visually pleasing manner. If you are having a lot of data, you can easily convert that into tables to make sure the visitors can quickly make sense of the data.

Fortunately, creating the tables in WordPress is very simple and easy because there are plenty of  WordPress plugins you can use for creating beautiful tables. Let’s say if you have a working knowledge of HTML, you can create the tables all by yourself but that requires a lot of time and effort, thus focussing on the use of plugins.

We are going to show you the way to add tables in WordPress quickly without any technical knowledge or the need for writing code. Here we will be using a WordPress table builder plugin named WP Table Builder.

WP Table Builder


WP Table Builder is a drag and drop table builder plugin for WordPress. It’s extremely easy to create the responsive tables with WP Table Builder.

WP Table Builder is just perfect for creating the comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and many more.

The builder comes with 7 elements right now. You can add the following elements in a table:

  • Text
  • Image
  • List
  • Button
  • Star Rating
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode

All these elements come with the customization options of their own.

We have a cell management mode that comes with options like Add New Row, Add New Column, Merge Cells, Split Cells, and many more.


After you install the plugin, you will see a Table Builder menu. Go to Table Builder > Add New.

You will be able to select the column number and the row number. Once you select that, click on Generate. The table will be generated.

You can then drag and drop the elements from the left panel into the table cells. Once you are done adding and editing elements, click on Save to save the tables.

After the table is saved, you can embed it in posts and pages by using a shortcode. Click on ‘Embed’ on the top to get the shortcode.

You can also get the shortcode from the ‘All Tables’ list under the ‘Table Builder’ menu.


This plugin gives you the option to import tables from CSV files. You can import both single and multiple CSV files. Multiple CSV files will have to be zipped.

You can also import tables from the TablePress plugin.

When you compare a product with other products, the chances of conversion increases significantly.

And what’s a better way to compare products other than using tables?
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Ninja Tables


Ninja Tables is another WordPress table plugin that lets you create tables easily. The plugin makes the whole process seamless as you can easily drag-and-drop to rearrange data.

Creating Tables In the  Ninja Tables

You can also add media to your tables to make it look visually appealing. There are advanced settings to let you customize the way your table looks.

Ninja Tables is extremely fast and responsive so you don’t have to worry about your website’s speed.

As an affiliate marketer, this plugin will help you in creating product comparison tables which in turn will boost your affiliate sales.
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3. Notification Bar Plugins

Easy Notification Bar

With the Easy Notification Bar plugin, you can add a simple notification bar to your WordPress site. This option is really easy – just install it and head to the live customizer to set up your notification bar. This plugin also includes quick and easy options to do the following: add a tagline, set text alignment, choose a font size, edit your button text, add a link and customize the background/text color. That’s it! You can also add a notification bar to your WordPress site in minutes. Best of all, this lightweight plugin works well with most of the  themes and plays nice with popular plugins
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Hello Bar


Hello, Bar is a  free version of Easy Bar plugin includes all the basic design settings like, top or bottom placement,color, size and button style, 1 live A/B split test (premium is unlimited), display your Hello Bar to everyone or just on mobile (or limit it to your homepage if you upgrade). One thing to note is that you cannot remove the Hello Bar branding unless you upgrade it  to a premium plan, which starts at about $24/mo if you select an annual Growth plan.

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WP Front


WPFront is also a good option if you’re looking for a free notification bar plugin. The plugin has got its own panel with the availability of multiple options like sticky, scroll offset, bar height, auto-close, message, button action (link or Javascript), and more. But a unique feature is its original ability to define set dates and the user roles to display your notification bars for. This makes WPFront a go-to choice if you are interested in promoting limited-time promos or special announcements for logged in subscribers.
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4. Pop Up Plugin

Pop-Ups are one of the best plugins WordPress has to offer. They are incredibly versatile & flexible. With these plugins, you can create popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website.

You will be able to easily create the email opt-in popups announcements, contact form pop-ups, EU cookie notices, slide-ins, & more. It helps to create the unlimited pop-ups of every type you need and customize every facet of each of your popups from the theme and position, to targeting and cookies.

SumoMe List Builder


This is the easiest to use the free version, in 5 minutes you will have a basic lightbox opt-in plugin. It can collect emails, also you can adjust its position n your website. If you will go for the premium version, this plugin becomes fully customizable, with access to numerous templates and data collection points.
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Ninja Popups

This is the plugin that allows you to custom build a variety of popups with different goals in mind.
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PopUp Domination


It is a great mid-priced option that includes all the features you look for in an optin pop up.
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It is a free pop up plugin that offers free functionalities as well. Icegram is a great option for sneaking in a few premium features at no cost.
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5. Content Aware Sidebars


Alright, let’s see what are content-aware sidebars.

The typical sidebar is a must-have for web design and many WordPress themes. They are meant to display additional information such as contact forms, your latest or most popular blog posts, advertisement, or anything else that is not the main attraction of your site.

It is the  Fastest and Most Powerful WordPress Sidebar Plugin which helps to create sidebars for any post, page, or custom post type in seconds. With this, you will be able to boost on-site SEO, upsell products, optimize conversion rates.

If your website is big, Content Aware Sidebars is the ideal solution for you.

  • Onboarding — You’re logged in users doesn’t have a need to show the signup
  • Tailored information — Some information is more valuable on some pages than others. Examples showing additional contact information on the contact page, best or latest articles on the blog page, special offers on the shop page — you get the gist.
  • Improved SEO — Sidebars matter for search engine optimization (especially if widget titles are properly wrapped in heading tags). Hence, there is a  need to use the content-aware sidebars to make your pages even more targeted.
  • Calls to action — You can also use this type of sidebar to customize calls to action for the different places on your website.
  • Languages — They also make it possible to create the sidebars for different language versions of your site and target different markets.

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6. WPForms


While there are tons of other WordPress form plugins that are available, there is WPForms which is the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin in the market is the most useful and easy WordPress plugin which comes with a drag and drop builder to create all the types of forms. With this plugin, you will be able to create an affiliate sign up form that allows all the partners to send affiliate requests on your website

If you do run a blog, then you must be knowing the importance of a contact form.

You can easily create a contact form, online survey form, email subscription form, donation form, billing order form, or any other type of form with just a few clicks without hiring a developer or learning how to code!

WPForms has all the features that you need:

  • Online Form Builder – This is the drag & drop online form builder that allows you to easily create WordPress contact forms.
  • Form Templates – This is the pre-built form templates to save time.
  • Instant Form Notification – This feature will help you to quickly respond to incoming inquiries with their instant form notification system.
  • Smart Form Confirmation – This will show a custom success message, or redirect users to a custom thank you page.

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It is just the perfect tool for the  Amazon products advertisement. Whether you are a  blogger or an affiliate marketer, you can install this plugin into your website for your marketing purpose, you can gradually increase your overall sales and income.

There is also another Amazon affiliate plugin out there such as the Easyazon Pro, the AAWP plugin has lots of features that are lacking on the Easyazon Pro.

Before we go into details of customizing this plugin to boost its performance and help you to reach your affiliate marketing goal, let us give you an overview of its features.

There are a number of awesome WordPress plugins for creating and managing your affiliate marketing. These plugins have got everything you need to make the perfect affiliate marketing program or take your initial strategy to the next level.

And if you’re the one who is sharing the affiliate links on your website, you’ll need to be innovative and experimental with the ways you try to capture your visitors’ attention.

Hence if you are looking to boost the sales on your WordPress site, Try utilizing an affiliate program to increase your sales by collaborating with other blogs or the website owners. These plugins help you track the conversion rate, affiliates, calculate the commission, and much more. So you can focus on developing your products while the plugins do the work for you.
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