Themify Theme Review: Best Choice For Your WordPress Blog?

Themify theme was founded on 11-August- 2010 through a website The co-founders were Nick La and Darcy Clarke. It is one of the oldest theme sellers to WordPress world. It is used to make beautiful responsive through themes and plugins on WordPress sites in easier and extraordinary manner. The goal of themify themes is to develop WordPress themes for the theme shops.

What is Themify?

Themify isn’t just a single WordPress theme, it’s a whole WordPress club, offering lots of different themes and plugins to its members. You can choose to buy these elements individually, but it makes more sense to sign up for an annual subscription.

The Reason of Themify Popularity

  • The site-building professionals aim to design the sites in attractive manners. To serve the purpose of such attraction Themify Theme is available and most preferably used.
  • Themify Theme is the oldest, popular, and wide known aspect in theming industry.
  • The prices of Themify Theme are reasonable from the viewpoint of service and market competition.
  • Themify Theme enables a small selection and free usage of certain themes to the viewer before signing-in.
  • Themify Theme updates its themes and plugins from time to time with upgraded designs and usage.

Features of Themify Theme

Themify Theme comes up with unique functionalities but the universal set of features in every themify theme is named as Themify Framework.

Themify Theme is loaded with several features, like adopting another theme within a specific time on the concerned website.  It supports extensive customization including Themify Builder. Customization can also be made in form of panel styling, color swapping, font and icon changing.

Themify Theme is popular for its collection of built-in shortcodes, adding cool content to sites, etc.

Finally, it ensures that a website is usable in the best possible and attractive form. Themify Theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, and WordPress.

All these great features provide a solid foundation while building and modifying sites.

How to use Themify Theme

Before deciding the theme, all the likely themes should be accessed by a demo to get the idea of layout and looks and also to judge different functionality. Themify Theme also enables narrowing down the search included in the different category for corporate, ecommerce, corporate, e-commerce separately and suitably. While finalizing a theme Product Page should be clicked and information relating to that should be learned. These entire functions guide is provided in documents or videos form.

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Popular Themify Themes

1. Ultra

It is a multipurpose, all-rounder theme. Any website of any type can use the ultra theme. It is the most flexible theme among Themify. This theme relies on the builder and provides many customization options inform of layout, color, fonts.


2. Landing

The theme which is showed while landing into a website is applied by choosing landing theme of Themify. The layout is simple here as it aims to collect as many as email possible. Here are 5 header options, and about 25 templates.


3. Infinite

Infinite themify

It is one of the gorgeous and fashion-focused themes. It is most suitable for photography, large slider and typography websites. As the images are placed through such themes the scrolling goes long. As the page content moves further the consecutive contents are loaded in time. This theme demonstrates well in the blog section.


4. Split

Split theme

Under this theme, the eye-catching splitting animations can be viewed while scrolling down the page. The theme effectively displays comparisons side by side.


5. Stack

Stack theme

Stack theme is heavily inspired by the Windows 8 Metro Design. It provides unusual stunning designs when knitted in a stylish color scheme. Each individual slot in the theme is in masonry grids which are fully customizable.


6. Float

Float theme

To create parallax floating effect, the Float theme is used. It is one of the popular web trend having drag and drop builder.


7. Peak

Peak theme

It is a modern grid-based theme based on WordPress. It is equipped with an optional mega menu, post layouts, portfolio etc.


Pricing of Themify Themes

Pricing of Themify Themes

Themes on Themify are priced at $49 for individual one-time purchase. But, Themify has outstanding membership offers named Themify Club Membership. It comes in 3 flavors.

  1. Single Themes: It is priced at $49 a year for one theme.
  2. Master Club: It is priced at $89 a year for 42 themes, Photoshop files + 12 Plugins + 24 Builder addons + 5 PTB addons.
  3. Lifetime Club: It is priced at $249 for lifetime access to everything in Themify. It is the most beneficial plan for big online marketers.

General Theme Setting in Themify

To access the general setting user need to:

  1. Go to its WP Admin
  2. Go to Themify theme
  3. Select theme settings
  4. Select the settings tab. doing this following options will pop-up
  5. i) Favicon:  A 16*16px image beside the address bar
  6. ii) Custom Feed URL: It is a default WordPress URL.

iii) Header code: It enables to enter header HTML in between <HEAD> tag. It is useful to add additional CSS or JavaScript files.

  1. iv) Footer code: Whatever is entered in header code it will be added to footer code before the closing </body> tag.
  2. v) Search setting: It is used to search results by entering category Ids
  3. vi) Feed setting: It works identically as the search setting.

vii) Google Fonts: Fonts may be shown as google fonts but it may affect load time.

  1. To enter additional character subsets  Google fonts can be separated by commas.

Themify Support

Themify Theme offers exclusive support service to its user. It offers extensive documents regarding the themes. There are multiple guides in form of documents and videos. Also, there is an FAQ section and Themify Forums dedicated to the needs of users. It is also developing a chat based query system which promises to provide real-time and instant support. Due to its demo application and effective support system, it is widely chosen over other themes.

Final Thought on Themify Theme

Overall Themify Theme is a complete package of impressive and high-quality themes to be used in WordPress club. It is dealing in such service from years. With the themes for a variety of purposes and high customization tweaks at a reasonable price and/or membership subscription, it serves the needs of online business at high rates. The ratings of Themify Theme are higher than other theme providing websites hence it is most preferred among the worthy customers.


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