ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool

Latest social media management tools appear every other day. Developers try all the angles to attract users in this competitive market. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer have to lead the way in social media management tool. Each of these tools caters to a different market. But they do the same thing: free up time spent on social media so you can concentrate on other things. Do you need another content discovery and management tool? Does the world need a Buffer, Hootsuite and BuzzSumo alternative? This ContentStudio Review looks at the pros and cons of a new social media marketing tool that could replace your current tool.

What is ContentStudio?


ContentStudio allows you to discover industry trends, compose compelling posts, and share across all your channels. ContentStudio aims to make it much easier to publish content on both social networks and blogs. Its capabilities put in the realm of a content marketing tool rather than limiting it to social media management.

Why You Need a Social Media Management Tool

The easy answer is to save time, resources, and money. Let software take care of time-consuming social media marketing so you can get on with more important things.

Of course, your entire social media strategy should not have a hands-off approach. Appearing impersonal and robotic to your fans and clients won’t make them warm and fuzzy about your business. Interaction with customers, fans, and even haters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other platforms is crucial.

How to Use a Social Media Management Tool

First of all, nobody likes to be bombarded with the same content over and over. Spam lives and breathes on social just as much as on email channels. Getting noticed on social media is hard, but there’s a fine line between posting too much and not posting enough. Test, evaluate, and adjust. This is the key to successful social scheduling and automation.

Don’t post on Facebook every 2 minutes. This not only annoys people but sends a signal to the Facebook algorithm that your content is of low value (low interaction means low quality = less exposure).

Use the scheduling capabilities of an intelligent social media marketing tool to post regularly without being intrusive. Vary posting times. Vary the content. Change the headlines and hashtags. Setting all of this ‘natural looking’ posting schedule can take time on some platforms.

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An alternative to Buffer? – ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a great alternative to Buffer. The buffer is an awesome social media scheduling software however not only does ContentStudio include within it all the core functionality of Buffer it extends upon it with the content discovery aspect which isn’t available in Buffer.

An alternative to Hootsuite? – ContentStudio

ContentStudio is the best alternative to Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the best social media management platform for business. Manage all of your social media profiles including Twitter and Facebook from a single dashboard, schedule tweets, and posts, and measure your results with Hootsuite Pro.

An alternative to BuzzSumo? – ContentStudio

The content discovery capabilities of BuzzSumo are renowned within social media circles. Is ContentStudio a match? Not yet but it could be soon. However, ContentStudio gives you the capability to easily schedule content to social accounts or blogs. This isn’t something BuzzSumo offers and BuzzSumo costs a lot more than ContentStudio.

Content Studio Features

There is no doubt about the world-class features that ContentStudio has to offer to its customers from so many years. Features are always updated, and utmost care is taken to ensure that you are satisfied with its services.

  • Easiest Multi-Social Media Management
  • Discover Inspiring contents in a click
  • Powerful Automation & planner
  • Multiple Language support
  • Craft new contents with Composer
  • SEO Optimized Contents forever
  • Integrate Third-party extensions in a click
  • One Dashboard for everything
  • Complete Automation
  • Works with the collaboration of numerous online apps

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  • Awesome content marketing
  • Fast interface and very well presented results.
  • Very easy to find content quickly in many niches with fine granularity.



  • The Imgur search doesn’t work properly.


Content Studio Plans and Pricing

All the plans can be chosen for either monthly or annually, but annual plans save up to 20% off, so it is smarter to choose annual plans. You can use the tool for free without any credit card, but the free version has restricted features.


The free plan which comes with 2 social media accounts
Pro plan costs $25/mo and $20/mo if billed annually.
Small plan costs $47/mo and $41/mo if billed annually.
Medium plan costs $97/mo and $83/mo if billed annually.
Large plan costs $197/mo and $157/mo if billed annually.
Enterprise plan with custom pricing for huge companies

Pro Plan is recommended as it suits all needs for in-depth social media management, automation, content curation and content marketing planning.

Try ContentStudio for Free

Content Studio Support offers 100% human-based support round the clock via chat, tickets, and email, Their tech professionals are always there to help you beyond the limit for any queries and urgent issues. Apart from the support, when you log in to, you can start a quick tour which shows you each product feature and all the steps top start content marketing and social media optimization.

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ContentStudio review conclusion

No ContentStudio review would be complete without a final recommendation. As you can see from this review, ContentStudio offers plenty of functionality. Often many tools add-in functionality that either over complicates the product or is functionality that you may actually never use (but still pay for). ContentStudio manages to offer advanced functionality yet keeps its core purpose clear. If you’re a beginner it’s easy to find and share content. The pricing tiers of ContentStudio allows anyone to start for free. For the more advanced user or social media team, there’s plenty within ContentStudio that will optimize and streamline your social media marketing. At this price point, I see ContentStudio as the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to social media management tool. I give ContentStudio a strong buy recommendation.

So to understand all elements of cloud-based content studio program, It is highly recommended to go through the quick product tour to get started.

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