10 Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Blog

Are you dealing with higher bounce rates? Wanted to reduce it? Then this article is for you. As higher the bounce rate lowers the conversions, as it kills the conversions. If the users are abandoning your website then you will not have any chance of converting them into customers and subscribers. 

It happens most of the time that the visitors leave your webpage before they get a chance of reading content. This is the effect of a higher bounce rate. Here I am going to guide you about reducing bounce rates. And will also tell you the top 10 ways of reducing it efficiently. 

But at the very beginning let’s know more about bounce rate.

What Is Bounce Rate?

In easy words, the bounce rate means the visitors who visit your website but decides to leave that page without visiting the second page. 

The higher bounce rate indicates that you’re are not able to convince your visitors for staying to your website which will act on call- to- action. The visitors can bounce from your website by clicking the link of another website, closing the homepage, closing the tab or window, session times out or also by shutting off the device. 

Now you have been thinking that it is normal that the bounce rate can be lower as well as higher but it depends on good bounce rates and bad bounce rates. 

What Is Bounce Rate & Exit Rate?

The bounce rate only occurs when visitors leave the webpage without having a look towards the second page or even multiple pages. As you can’t do anything for sticking them to your website forever, however, it is not possible. 

But the most important thing is the visitors must leave your webpage with a positive response and also with good experience. As the exit rate and bounce rate goes it means that visitors are not satisfied with your post. 

How To Measure Bounce Rates & Exit Rate?

The exit rate and bounce rates are both the different terms having specific significant each. And these are measured using Google Analytics which is a free and very useful web analytics service. I must recommend monitoring your website from time to time in order to determine that your strategies are working or not. 

Make sure that your Google analytics program should be ready and make a to-do list for each page. Before moving further make sure to get logged in to Google analytics program as soon as possible in a very new tab. 

After clicking several times on Google analytics program you’ll be able to view the website’s overall bounce rate within a few clicks in the dashboard of the website. The only thing you need to do is expand the audience section from dashboard and click overview. 

Now you’ll become to know the overall status of the bounce rate of your website, you can also sort out the higher bounce rate once you get to know how it works. 

All About Higher Bounce Rates & It’s Effect

As we’ve already come to know that a higher bounce rate requires to make improvements in order to get it lower. The websites having lower bounce rate usually consists of a huge amount of visitors. However, it can also affect your website’s SEO campaign. 

As from research, it has been concluded that SEO experts have conflicting beliefs when it comes to the bounce rate and the effect caused by it like website ranking get lowers but studies have proven so many times that it does not have any connection with your website ranking. 

According to Semrush (it is a recently launched tool for SEO), it’s been known that the top five factors which affect the website ranking and apparently bounce rate are amongst the five. 

If you’re well familiar with semrush then you’ll come to know that ‘pages per session’ is one of the topmost ranking factors, this has been come to know by Semrush. It is a direct matric which is affected by a website’s bounce rate. 

In short, it’s been noticed that the bounce rate does not affect your website ranking on the search engine. It’s been also proven that bounce rate is directly tied to 3 proven SEO factors i.e 

  1. Page per session
  2. User experience
  3. Time on site 

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

Now let’s move on to the highlighted point of this article. Using various methods and journey of my blogging carrier I’ve used almost all of the methods I could fr reducing the bounce rate, but believe me, very few of them works in a legit way. Listed below are the top 10 methods which will help you to reduce bounce rate. 

But before we get start I would like to confirm that these methods will surely not bring your bounce to zero which is clearly impossible. The thing you need to do is look at the specific bounce rate for your niche, through this, you’ll get to know how bounce rates actually are in same niches. 

When you go back to your Google analytics which will head over to the audience and channels from benchmarking using drop-down menu. The best part is you can see the comparison between your website’s performance with other thousands of websites. Before you do something else make sure to select the niche properly of your industry. Once you are done with this then select the bounce rate from the first drop-down menu. When you select the benchmark bounce rate the Google analytics directly shows that you want to compare your website’s bounce rate with the other websites having similar nice. 

1. Improvement In Website Loading Speed

By doing research a lot by several tools and researchers it has been come to know that 40% of the user’s website takes more than 3 seconds of time to load the webpage. And when it comes to mobile users then it goes in the worst condition. 

According to Google, it’s been seen that 90% of users stuck into the bounce rate which takes more than 5 seconds of time to load a si how webpage. The good thing is you can improve your website loading time without hiring any of the professional web developers which will charge a lot for a single website.

2. Matching You Content With User Intent

To make sure that content satisfying the needs of visitors it’s crucial to pay attention towards its intent. Always try to write compelling articles to grab your readers attention. It’s very easier than it looks as it had intent behind any online searches can only fall under three categories. 

  • Informational search
  • Navigational search &
  • Transactional search

3.  Use Of Compelling Featured Images

featured images

Now, most of the internet users come to know that every online folk has short attention of span. As images play a very important role in your posts, it connects your mindset to the imagination. 

It’s very important to include at least 2-3 images in each post. Some of the best images provide are pixels and Flickr, they provide you an image which will be copyright free. When it comes to bounce rate for sure images will help you the most as visitors will attract towards it. 

4. Creating Table Of Content 

table of content

Another great way to attract your visitors is to get go to display a table of content at the very beginning of the post. It’s really necessary in order to show your viewers what you are going to conclude in the post. It will give a quick overview.

This is one of the easiest method which can be done easily and with full perfection. If you’re a WordPress users then you’ll be having a great chance of using several plugins which will also help you to implement this feature. 

5. Use Of Exit- Intent Pop Up


Most of the bloggers usually get agree with pop up works. As they think pop-ups can divert the visitor’s attention away from the content. When you don’t have anything valuable to offer in this case it happens mostly. 

But what if you present your pop up after losing the internet and also be not able to close the tab as well. Isn’t it a great idea of lowering your website’s bounce rate. The user will be able to access your content and if once they pay attention to content it will give you more visitors. I’ve been using this technique from the last few months I got a massive change in results.

6. Become Smart With CTA (Call To Action)

If you don’t want your visitors/ audience to leave the webpage then you need to convey what you’re going to discuss or what you’re going to show them after reading gets over. This is how CTA works. 

You need to put some of the most popular CTA like ‘download now’ & ‘get started’ which will help users to get in touch with the posts. I myself use this technique to ensure the CTA. 

Following are the few points listed by me to convince CTA for your website. 

  • Using casual language in posts
  • Try to be value-oriented
  • Tracking the performance of CTA.

7. Development Of Solid Internal Linking Strategies

You can also stick your visitors to the website using peppering your content with internal links. Let me show you a quick demo. ‘click here where you’ll get a complete guide of blogging‘ congratulations you’ve entered into the link. This is nothing but the internal links.

Not only this there are so many ways rather than just sending the visitors to another page of your website. But remember you should only use the internal links between most real pieces of the content. 

8. Include Navigation Elements

navigation elements

Not only internal links are embedded to anchor text within the content body. All the links found in the sidebar, header or footer, main navigation, and images too gives your audience a reason for exploring your website. 

Semrush is one of the great examples which shows all of the data like keywords and backlinks which are been used by your competitors. Including navigation elements like your competitors does be more helpful for your website in order to get more visitors. 

9. Implementation Of Website Search Feature

search feature in blog

While categorized navigation links are very helpful. They not only lead you to the search bar but also stick you to the content included in your website. If you haven’t built your blog yet then it might be somehow difficult to implement it on your site. 

Content management system like WordPress also has pre-built search widget which is used to add in sidebar and header. It can also be added to the header if you optimized to Google AMP. 

10. Share On-Page Socially 

social share button example

Bouncing off of your website is not always a bad thing. They just wanted to share your amazing content on a social website. Social sharing is one of the most useful methods in order to reduce the bouncing rate. 

Some of the traditional methods of sharing are copying the page URL, movement of social media website, etc. The tool Sumo Share is one of the best tools for sharing your post on social media. 


As we’ve seen about bouncing and it’s drawbacks. Bounce rate depends on your visitors but you too. As if you provide quality content along with the above-mentioned strategies then I can make sure you’ll reach up to the top in Rankin of search engine. As we’ve also seen the top 10 ways which will help you to reduce the bouncing rate. In such a manner you can make your website user-friendly and fully SEO optimized

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