3 Blog Posts Ideas That Make Money (For Beginner Bloggers)

Struggling to make money with blogging? Your monetization techniques need to be better.

Well – I have news for you; if you can’t make money blogging; you are simply not doing things right.

In this guide, I am going to share with you these 3 types of blog posts that I have been using to make a full-time income online.

Ready to start earning like your favorite bloggers?

Money-Making Blog Posts You Need To Use

Here are 3 types of blog posts that make money which you can try.

1. Product Reviews



3 Blog Posts Ideas That Make Money (For Beginner Bloggers) 1
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Many people will tell you that while product reviews were money-makers back in the day – they simply do not work today.

Congratulations; they’re wrong.

Product reviews how they were being done back in the day won’t work anymore – but if you know how to do them right; they still are the best “blog post type” that will generate passive income for you.

In the “good old days” you could publish a 500-word piece about your favorite camera tripod and you’re good to go.

Fortunately – or unfortunately – depends on how you want to look at it; these type of reviews simply do not work anymore.

Nowadays you have to go above and beyond and deliver reviews that actually deliver helpful information.

If you know how to craft reviews that can both educate a potential customer and also use specifically designed words to sell it to them; you are in for a treat.

Check this detailed guide about “How To Write Product Reviews That Convert” that covers all that needs to go into creating a kick-ass review so take a look at that if you’re serious about making money – but here’s one tip I’ll share with you right now:

Answer every single possible question that a potential customer may have about a specific product/service/tool/gadget you are promoting.

Your job is to give the reader more than what they expected and the only question that needs to remain after reading your review is;

Where is my card? I am going to buy this!

2. Listicle Post

3 Blog Posts Ideas That Make Money (For Beginner Bloggers) 2
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While I am a massive believer in well-crafted product reviews; they can become tiring to write and they do take a lot of time to do (remember you have to research a product like no one has ever researched it).

An excellent way to go about this is to create a listicle post of products or services.

For example:

What’s the difference between listicle post and reviews?

If I am looking to buy a Genesis theme, So I’ll search on Google “Top/Best premium Genesis child themes for WordPress Blog” a listicle post gives me an idea of what’s on the top 10 or best Genesis child theme for WordPress blog.

Once I find the one I like, I then might look for a review on that specific Child Theme.

For example:

“Authority Pro WP Theme Review”

You’d do best to have both the listicle post available and also the review that you can link to.

This creates a flowing synergy and you build up a momentum to convince the customer to buy.

3. Comparison Posts

Another alternative to reviews is doing comparison posts:

“Authority Pro WP Theme vs Magazine Pro Theme Comparison”.

This too gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge and information about the products and thus build up confidence in the reader.

Of course; I am using aquariums as an example here but these posts can be applied to any niche and any product sector (physical and digital). Check this amazing guide “How To Write Product Comparison Posts That People Love To Read?” here.

How Do You Make Money From Blog Posts?

The way I make money with such blog posts is through affiliate marketing. Here, we have rounded up some of our top picks for the best affiliate networks you should check out to make this happen.

Should You Only Publish These Type Of Blog Posts?

Now that I have given you my list of blog posts that make money, I’d like to add that:

You should not only focus on these type of products.

“How To…” type blog posts are also great and they can drive a lot of traffic to your website (which you can then funnel to your reviews).

Do not just do product reviews as it can be offputting for many – not to mention the adverse effects it can have on the trust factor.

Have a healthy mix of different types of content and just provide the best information that you can.

Final Words

I really do hope this has given you some hope on how you too can start making money with your blogging “hobby”.

If you’d like to take this a step further and really learn the ins-and-outs of making money online; then it’s my duty to offer you the best information possible.

This is why I’d like to invite you to download the free guide on “Blog Niches That Makes Money – 5 Profitable Blog Ideas[Note: This link will be open in FB messenger].

Thank you for reading!!

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