MailPoet Review: Best WordPress Plugin for Email Marketing

Want a simple way to send simple email broadcasts directly out of the WordPress dashboard? The MailPoet Newsletters plugin might be exactly what you’re searching for. Discover how simple it’s to install within our MailPoet Newsletters review. If you’re interested in finding a simple way to send out a newsletter, and from the WordPress dash, you need to rely upon an email newsletter plugin. Nowadays, over 34% of individuals use email. That is about 2.5 million people.

So in 2021, there’s not any denying the fact that email marketing is much more significant and influential than ever. It’s a personal approach to achieve your targeted clients. It’s more potent than social websites. It is economical and cost-effective, customizable, quantifiable, action-oriented, and much more. But with no efficient email advertising solution, these aren’t possible. Consequently, if you’re still confused about whether or not to decide on an email marketing solution, now we’re going to perform a detailed MailPoet inspection, a favorite email plugin for WordPress.ย 

It is no exaggeration to state WordPress forces the internet. Thirty-five percent of all websites online use the favorite CMS tool. Additionally, over 28 percent of eCommerce goes via its sister firm, WooCommerce. The following hottest CMS, Droopla, accounts for just 2.6percent of the planet’s entire sites to place this amount in perspective. There is a lot to appreciate about WP. It is cheap, highly customizable, and will scale to meet whatever your requirements are.

Creating and handling emails is a massive part of every fantastic advertising effort. The first actions to making such an effort are building an email list and sending a newsletter. You may be thinking to yourself, “why to bother with email campaigns when today, the perfect way to market yourself is through social networking.” While social networking is a fantastic method of promoting your brand and company, it does not mean email should be forgotten. An email has a bigger hit.

You will need an email for virtually everything, also to register for social websites. The email could be considered that the money of the internet and anyone online has an active email address. Consider it, all your upgrades are delivered to your email, so it is reasonable that email has a bigger hit. Using email, you can make confident your message is viewed, unlike Instagram, for instance, where your article can get lost in a sea of different articles. Additionally, frequently, once the algorithm varies, so does the visibility of your articles. It is not as likely your email will be lost on the flip side, and odds are the receiver will see exactly what you sent. Some of your marketing and advertising campaigns’ objective is to raise the number of prospects, profit new prospective clients, and traffic. And email readers are more inclined to click your newsletter compared to your followers on social networking.

What is MailPoet?


MailPoet is an easy yet powerful email advertising WordPress plugin designed primarily for WordPress consumers. MailPoet is a full-service email promoting plugin for WordPress. You may use it to look appealing signup forms, collect and manage subscribers, and send newsletters and other promotional emails. MailPoet also incorporates WooCommerce (learn more) to automatically send information regarding new products to your readers. It permits you to create and send email newsletters directly from the WordPress dashboard. You may even manage your email list without leaving your dash. It makes it stand apart from other email advertising solutions such as Aweber, MailChimp, etc.

MailPoet is a plugin that aims to bring back email in the control of website owners rather than needing to employ a third-party platform. MailPoet is a straightforward and intuitive solution that makes sure that your emails are sent on time every time you send them. This plugin’s distinct features can allow you to grow your email list, send mails, and increase conversions. The best part is you don’t need to depart WordPress to perform it; everything occurs in your WP dashboard.

A summary of everything you can do using MailPoet:

  • Produce custom signup forms that Fit Your motif
  • segment subscribers into different lists
  • accumulate leads and readers in a database
  • automate specific emails
  • monitor your performance and analytics
  • personalize the design and layout of your mails

The very best thing about this plugin is that generating and sending your newsletters is easy and straightforward. As you are using WordPress and are familiar with the port, so there is no learning curve to handle even when you’re a complete beginner to email advertising. It gives you beautifully constructed built-in templates that can be completely customized to match your brand to make things quicker.

The most important job of an email newsletter plugin would help you gather email addresses from site traffic. You can produce attractive signup forms which link right to email marketing support. Additionally, this plugin will help you create email marketing campaigns on your WordPress website. Now, there are lots of email advertising plugins on the market. Thus, before picking any of these, you need to understand what attributes these plugins must have to find the very best service.

Any email Advertising plugin ought to possess,

  • Drag n Drop editor
  • Form customization
  • Appealing built-in email templates
  • Segmentation
  • Handling subscriber’s record
  • Detailed Reviews and Evaluation
  • Reliability
  • Integrations.

Thus, once you’re opting for an email newsletter plugin, ensure that your solution has these attributes.

MailPoet Plugin Characteristics

MailPoet is packed with exceptional features to get your email marketing campaigns a success. Let us have a glance at the features that it provides.

Blog Updates on Autopilot

Maintain your readers updated about everything you are publishing on your blog. The website updates on autopilot options allow you to share your site with your customers after hitting the release button. You could even schedule the updates on a weekly or daily basis.

Pre-built Templates

MailPoet provides over 50 superbly designed templates for you. It lets you’ve got a fast beginning so that you don’t need to begin from scratch. Tweak a few changes, for example, your name, emblem, etc., and you are all set. If you would like to personalize it further, that is possible too, because each bit of those templates is customizable.

List Segmentation

With MailPoet, segmenting your email list is simple. Using segmentation, it is possible to categorize your prospects to another group according to their interests and behavior and deliver them personalized emails based on the regular part, which can be turned out to improve conversions when compared with non-segmented emails.

Welcome New Subscribers

Properly greeting new readers may produce a difference involving the mails users’ notice and the mails they discount. You can establish a welcome show with easy automation and workflows, and MailPoet takes it from there.


Using its analytics attribute, it’s simple to track clicks, opens, and unsubscribes. It enables you to understand how your newsletters are doing, and you could also optimize them for more excellent conversion and engagement.

Signup Forms

It permits you to add signup molds into your sidebars and footers so that you may turn your customers into customers.

Main Features of MailPoet

MailPoet prides itself on the simplicity of use. Everything is incorporated into your WP dashboard so that you can both make an email newsletter out there while straight pulling content from the website. Here are a few of the main matters MailPoet can perform:

List Direction

List management is vital for ensuring your email campaigns remain on the ideal path. MailPoet makes this easy to accomplish. With it, you’re going to be in a position to basic stats such as unsubscribed, subscribed, and bounced to maintain a close watch on record functionality. You may even export and import readers in both CSV and Excel formats to create moving from your present email outreach supplier a cinch.

Email Designer

You’re able to construct a professional-looking email in minutes with MailPoet. Start by picking your email form.

From here, you pick from the MailPoet template library, then add your content, and then select who you wish to ship it to. MailPoet is entirely customizable, meaning you may add your colors, wallpapers, and add your logo. And if you do not need to use the template, you may create an email from scratch.

Form Builder

Types encourage visitors to register to become contributors to your email list. With MailPoet, it is simple to make them and put them to any place on your site. They are not likely to be the flashiest forms on the internet, but they are comfortable and powerful enough. Also, they allow CSS to enter so that you really can personalize them if you have design skills or do not mind browsing the MailPoet site for CSS tips.

MailPoet Sending Service

Deliverability is the most crucial part of email outreach. So how can you get your mails to arrive in the inbox rather than spam folders? The best approach to do so is via third-party senders that can guarantee high deliverability rates and improve precision, speed, and dependability. Every month MailPoet sends over 30 million emails using a 98 percent deliverability rate. How do you overcome that? Using MailPoet, you can do all you need within WP with no third-party program or program, such as sending mails through their servers. They manage bounces to ensure that your lists stay clean.

WooCommerce Integration

MailPoet also works directly with WooCommerce to choose what you could do with it to another level. It is where you can begin to do complicated things like segmentation, automation, grabbing customers at checkout, abandoned cart alarms, and much more. As soon as you send emails out, you will have the ability to check click speeds and which clients started your email, and even monitor bills. The best feature, however, is using this built into WordPress? You do not need to go back and forth between programs and fret about something falling through the cracks since everything is under a single dash.

Sending Out Welcome Emails

To provide your readers with a warm invitation, you’ve got welcome mails. It is vital to generate a fantastic first impression, and welcome emails are among the most engaging approaches to achieve that. Together with MailPoet, those are automatic and may be shipped out on a program that suits your requirements. You may even add several emails to the program and generate a sequence. A welcome email could be sent immediately once someone subscribes, or it could be postponed. As you can see here, you might even select whether an email is sent out when a person subscribes or every time a new WordPress user is added to your website.

Making Your Newsletter

Among those email types which you can send out is an essential newsletter. Together with the drag-and-drop editor, it is easy to personalize your newsletter to reflect your brand and reveal your readers. No programming skills are needed, and you’re going to have a gorgeous newsletter. You can pick your design from over 50 templates and arrange and format the information of this email. Everything is obvious and in one spot. You might even add blog articles, pictures, or webpages into your newsletter without needing to copy and paste.

Notifying Your Readers About Your Newest Articles

This attribute is beneficial when you run a site or set out consistent articles, and you do not want your readers to overlook any articles. These emails can be sent instantly after you print a thing or daily, weekly, in addition to monthly. You may again select from many templates and choose how many articles you would like to add to the email address. They may be from just one category, or you’ll be able to pick out particular ones.

Additionally, MailPoet utilizes Automatic Newest Content that directly selects the most recent article in the database and inserts it into the mails. So there’s no need to prepare RSS to combine tags or render the WordPress dashboard.

The Layout and Design of Mails

As I mentioned, MailPoet provides over 50 already-made templates which you could pick from. With the customizable drag-and-drop editor, you can arrange content regardless of how you would like to match your brand. As soon as you’ve selected a layout and additional customized it, then you may just put in your logo and start sending your mails.

List Segmentation and Creating Different Subscriber Lists

Another useful MailPoet attribute is the capacity to produce coordinated campaigns or perform targeted advertising. With listing segmentation, you can boost your marketing and advertising stats and consumer experience that’s important when you do not need to lose readers. Making coordinated campaigns means that you may send emails based on behavior data. To be specific, sending emails to readers who opened your past emails or customized messages to customers that clicked on a particular link or seen a particular page is possible.

In case you’ve got a WooCommerce shop, you can even automatically generate campaigns depending on the buys your clients made or send them a first-purchase email. The fantastic thing is, you aren’t confined to a definite number of lists so that you may go mad! Produce a listing for anything you need and make as many you need. You may even include list sections on your signup forms and provide your readers with an option in the get-go.

Adding users to your WordPress user listing is a powerful means of keeping up with your customers when you’ve got a website that’s based on a website. This way, you can send each of the essential emails in bulk. You do not need to manually add each email address since they’ll get synced when you begin. And any upgrades or changes to this contact info will be upgraded in MailPoet also. After an individual is added to a WordPress website, MailPoet will automatically ask them if they would like to communicate. In that way, you won’t need to worry about spam.

WooCommerce shop owners may also produce a WooCommerce customer listing. Your customers can register to get email advertising to help you develop your subscriber list and client loyalty. The choice to sign up isn’t only for your customers; guests can do it as well! Inactive readers are among the things which really can bring down your functionality, participation, and deliverability. Therefore that the simple fact that MailPoet can eliminate them for you is a lifesaver. Eliminating static readers is an intelligent move to enhance your visitors, and you do not need to lose valuable time by doing this manually.

Organize Signup Forms

Possessing a fantastic signup form is the first crucial step in creating your email list. The signup form ought to be visible on your site and attractive to the eye. From the Types section of MailPoet, there’s an editor to the signup forms. Apart from choosing what areas you need to be included in, there’s also a choice to choose the positioning and manner.

So, rather than just having to sort in their email address, your prospective subscribers may also be requested for a few additional info, like their birthday and place. You may also decide to show your readers a message as soon as they click submit that adds an excess layer of character. From the Styles section of type configurations, it is possible to select what background color or picture you need, in addition to the font, font, font size, and color. The ability to personalize each detail makes sure that each component of your site goes together and creates an ideal fit. You may also pick the manner of your button, and it is a great little detail.

There’s also a choice to select where you would like your signup form to be set up, like under the webpage, as a stationary pub, shortcode, slide-in, or a pop-up. It is possible to add your kind on any page of your site together with MailPoet’s Gutenberg block. And if you already have a plugin that you would like to produce a signup form together with, that’s no problem since MailPoet functions nicely with various plugins.



MailPoet’s pricing Plans vary based on whether you opt to incorporate the sending support or not. With both programs, all attributes are free for up to 1000 subscribers. Above this, prices will be dependent on the number of readers you have. Each plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and may be paid monthly or annual.

The foundation MailPoet program is free for around a Million readers. Following a million, pricing increases on a sliding scale dependent on the number of readers, beginning at $13 per month. It goes all of the way up to $292 per month to get 70,000 subscribers. Customized pricing programs are available for companies with over 70,000 subscribers. MailPoet has relatively inexpensive plans. It is free before you exceed 1,000 subscribers. You will receive access to virtually all of the features that paid (Premium) customers receive. The only things missing are complex analytics and particular sorts of specialist support. You have to subscribe to the Premium strategy after you transcend 1,000 subscribers. It costs 15$ per month for as many as 1,250 subscribers. Since the amount of readers increases, so will the pricing. However, these programs are still more affordable than many ESPs.

MailPoet also includes three Premium licenses with โ€œNo Donating” plans. These include the Blogger License for 149$ annually. It is for a single site. The Freelancer License is currently 249$ a year and operates on four sites, while the Agency License prices 499$ annually. That permit goes to unlimited sites. Each of three โ€œNo Donating” plans includes unlimited readers.


If you’re searching for a simple method to handle simple email newsletters directly from the WordPress dash, MailPoet is a fantastic option. It is among the most popular and highly rated email newsletter plugins from the directory. For more sophisticated email marketers who need additional choices for trips, segmentation, reporting, analytics, or even much better deliverability, a standalone email newsletter support such as AWeber, ConvertKit, or Continuous Contact is a fantastic option to MailChimp.

One fundamental characteristic that MailPoet is overlooking is much better designed for its opt-in forms. The opt-in forms only default to your subject’s form styling. If you’d like better-designed opt-in types or more choices for high-converting types such as pop-ups, fly-ins, etc., and attributes such as A/B split testing, we advocate using a plugin such as OptinMonster. OptinMonster can easily incorporate with MailPoet in case you want to use both.

Mailchimp has rigid pricing strategies. MailPoet’s free program supports sending over 12,000 emails each month (which can be Mailchimp’s limitation). But, Mailchimp provides more pre-built templates plus a more pleasing layout interface. Thus, we can declare MailPoet could be a critical choice to Mailchimp should you care about email deliverability. However, if you had to select one, then it is your decision and your needs. You want to remember the budget too. As you may see, emails are a large portion of a brand or company. Email campaigns increase visitors, generate leads, and turn prospective customers into actual customers. But, it may be a hassle to do everything by yourself.

MailPoet requires the burden off your shoulders and also deals with everything connected to your emails. Each of the plugins features stated together with your benefit in your mind to assist with generating, sending, and managing emails.

MailPoet also works perfectly with integrations like WooCommerce and contains a close 99% global shipping speed to guarantee every one of your mails reaches its destination. Overall, it’s a plugin worth trying out.

MailPoet Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money



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