How To Buy And Sell Websites: 11 Best Platforms That Make It Easy

Are you the one who’s looking to sell your website and turn it into the amount that you earn through that?

Or the one who’s looking for the well-managed websites that’ll serve you a great value?

Well, If you belong to any of the categories I have mentioned above, this post might help you a lot as I will convey the 11 best platforms that will make your task even easier if you’re looking to flip the website.

By doing so, you can build your own portfolio and take it higher. This whole process is called domain flipping, which has a crucial role in blogging and digital marketing, so be sure not to take it to light if you’re supposed to take most out of it.

According to research, most professional progress and digital marketers use the dominating strategies to generate a decent amount of revenue where the investment is negligible.

Make sure to stick with you still need to get most of it, but you need to know why you need to sell or purchase the website?

So let’s begin with that.

Why You Need To Buy Or Sell Websites?

In the present scenario, buying and selling the website is not a big deal if you apply the right strategy, but you need to know certain stuff.

If you ever thought of getting started with your first blog, it’s a tough task for you, but if you apply the right strategy, the take becomes much easier than it looks. All you need to do is apply the domain flipping technique, and all done.

You’ll get a ready-made website where you have to make any technical & non – technical changes. Even though you’ll also get some pre content as well, which makes the true sense.

I have seen most of the website design was used to create the best website and sell it out at a certain cost. It’s one of the best business modules that you can also apply in your business.

How does domain flipping works? 

There are a couple of ways when it comes to domain flipping, and I’ve listed them all as mentioned below:

  • If you are supposed to purchase any of the websites, you can obviously acquire a certain website that allows you to purchase many websites already created, so you don’t have to invest as many hours to make it. From plugin to themes, all of the things work way efficiently.
  • If you are supposed to sell out your own website, it is the most prominent way to acquire a certain website that allows you to list down the domain name you own and sell it out at a certain cost. This is one of my favorite way to make money out of it.

Top 11 Platforms To Buy Or Sell A Website?

There might be tons of options available, but I’ll be listing the best ones that serve you a great value. So here are they.

1. Flippa


If you are into digital marketing for quite some time before, you probably heard about flipped, one of the most well-known brands in terms of website buying and selling. It has high scope, so even if you’re a bit serious about the business modules, it’s the way convenient website to quickly start.

They’ve listed a wide variety of websites on their site, so you get an option to filter the requirements. You’ll be able to find websites from just $1000, which is way cheaper, although few of the top-notch websites prices as higher and sometimes it goes up to $6,00,000+.

So it’s open-source for all of the people who are supposed to Grab the website or willing to sell the website as per the requirement.

What To Expect?

From websites to the domain name, everything is available on Flippa; they’ll help you reach higher in an online medium, which is way essential at some point. So basically, you can buy or sell the domain name or complete the website.


Well, the commission of the Flippa is quite more. As they used to charge $49 for listing your website and charges the commissions while sold out. The commission they take is up to 10%, depending upon the range of sale.

How to begin?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a buyer or seller; all you need to do is register yourself on flipped by visiting their official website. So it’s way easier if you want to start the business of purchasing and selling domain names. It’s been observed that most of the professional bloggers used to follow Flippa for the domain commencement.

2. Empire Flippers


While searching for the websites or a platform, you need to Grab the legalities of that specific website. The Empire flippers are the one website that might grab your attention because it is one of the authentic websites that serves you with great support for selling or buying the website.

Firstly it is widely used worldwide by top-notch bloggers, which makes it the legitimate website of all. In the current time, they serve you as much value up to $15000+ depending upon the value. So make sure to check it out once for the better deal.

What to expect?

The Empire flippers are the one and only legitimate website out there that allows you to list down the means you own and sell it out at your own pace. They’ve wide varieties of options like the e-commerce store owner, ads running organization per an affiliate marketer. Everything can be sold out here.


The commission structure of empire Flippers is pretty simple, as you just have to it’s down the website as once your website gets sold up to $1 million, the 15% commission will be taken by the Empire Flippers. And once you reach up to $10 million in sales, the commission rate gets increased.

How to begin?

If you are supposed to say about your own website, it’s a way for you to visit their official website to fill out the form. They don’t accept your form so easily just to test the website info. So make sure to include the legitimate info so that to take the use of Empire flippers. And once you do so, the task gets even easier.

3. FE International


FE International is another source we can list down the website cost and the website you own. Still, the FE international working pattern is similar to the Empire Flippers, as they don’t have millions of websites listed. You’ll find few but legitimate ones, which makes it the authentic website amongst all.

Currently, the SaaS tool is out there, making over $4 million per annum net profit, which is way more. Apart from this, the cheaper website listed on FE International makes over $20,000 per year, which is decent. So it’s way easier for you to get started.

So if you are looking to purchase an all-new website with a decent performance, FE international is a great source that you can grab from scratch.

What to expect?

When it comes to the FE international, it mainly focuses on SaaS products, e-commerce, affiliates, etc. So if you belong to these categories, it’ll be way essential for you to grab the website and list down your own domain name. As the price you’ll get is as higher. Also, you can purchase the subsequent website depending upon the revenue they’re making.


FE International is a well-known brand for website selling and purchasing, so you have a great opportunity, but the commission that is being taken is 10-20% depending upon the website’s strength and growth.

In case if you are supposed to list down your website on FE international, they don’t take any fees for that. The commission is being taken once your website gets sold. So definitely check it out once.

How to begin?

If you’re supposed to listen down the domain name on FE International, all you need to do is grab the website and create a profile. The team of FE International will contact you for more details about the domain you own.

4. MicroAcquire


In the present scenario, the SaaS products are booming, so the opportunities are way higher. If you’re supposed to grab an authentic website that gets your job done, the MicroAcquire is the only website out there that allows you to maximize the strength that matters the most.

The MicroAcquire is the website that works for both buyers and sellers too, which makes true sense. So, according to the requirement, you can grab the website that suits you. Also, you’ll find as many offers and deals over there.

What to expect?

Due to the highly profitable business module in SaaS businesses, the MicroAcquire is there another great website that is being widely used on across the globe.

So just like Flippa and FE International, the MicroAcquire is another great website that serves you great support for the website selling and purchasing; it definitely has a look at it for a better commencement.


There is no commission been taken by MicroAcquire, so you can list your domain name for free and make it sell at your own pace, which is a good thing.

But if you’re a buyer, the MicroAcquire premium is the best service that serves you a relatable deal at $290 per year. You can grab that to take advantage of it.

How to begin?

To get started, it’s way essential for you to visit their official website, which is way important, where you’ll get in touch with as many listed websites; you can select the one that fits your choice.

5. Exchange


As the name suggests, the exchange is one of the renowned websites that allows you to convert the website into a source to earn money. Just like Shopify, the exchange helps you to sell out the website or purchase the website.

The exchange system’s support system is too good, making sense for the sales’ better commencement.

What to expect?

Exchange is the best website out there, which is being widely used all across the globe. It’s best suitable for e-commerce, affiliate marketing. So definitely check it out once.


Well, it’s free to list down the website on exchange. But once your website gets sold out, the commissions are being charged depending upon the amount at which they’ve sold it.

Do check it out once.

How to begin?

If you’re supposed to sell out the website, the exchange is a great website that makes true sense. Apart from this, the website also allows you to buy an authentic domain depending upon the value.

6. Motion Invest


Here pops up another great website, but the overall working pattern of motion in the West is pretty different from the other ones, and that’s why we have listed it. If you are supposed to sell your website, you can directly contact the motion to invest and directly sell it to them at a certain cost.

So there is no rule of commission which visit science for the beginners who was supposed to convert their website into money.

What to expect?

The motion investment does not have any criteria, so you can list down any of the websites depending upon your need, whether it may be a blog or an e-commerce site. So your task gets easier; in case if you’re supposed to purchase a website, you can ahead of them and grab the monetized website.


The motion investor does not take any commission, but you must pay them accordingly while your website gets sold out. For $20,000 and above, you’ll have to pay 20%. And if the revenue is above that, then the commission taken is 15%.

How to begin?

To get started with the motion investment, you will have to fill-up the form served by the company and agree to their T&C for acquiring their services. So make sure to check it out.

7. BuySellEmpire


Due to the high demand for living websites, most companies are heading off to the service providers, and that’s where BuySellEmpire lies. It’s an all-new site that serves you to help you sell out your website or purchase a new website that will turn into a revenue source.

They’ve approximately 93% closing rate, which is a huge thing, so was listed on your website, the chances of selling out is way more.

What to expect?

There’s no compulsion of a specific website as you can list down any kind of website, whether it may be an e-commerce website, blog, services, SaaS business, etc. Additionally, you get the support of their customer service, which is a huge thing.


The commissions are concerned, so the company takes Commission was your website gets to sell. So you don’t have to pre-invest in the website while listing your blog/site. If that sounds great, definitely check it out once.

How to begin?

They serve you a free evaluation, but you have to fill out the form they used to serve to examine their terms and conditions. So make sure to visit their official website for more details.

8. SideProjectors



For those who are supposed to a quick start with the website flipping business, the slide projectors are the best, legitimate platform where you can list down your website free of cost, and they will Serve You the consumer so that to sell your website.

Apart from this, you also get the option of purchasing an authentic website that fulfills your requirement. They don’t charge a single penny as a Commission while listing on their platform.

What to expect?

In case if you are running any kind of business like SaaS, affiliate, services, e-commerce. The side projectors are the best way to start selling out your business at a higher instance.


The side projectors do not cost you a single penny to list the website on their platform, but once your website gets sold at a higher amount, they will ask you for a few amount of bucks, which might not bother you, as the output you get is kind of higher.

How to begin?

You can visit the official website of slide projectors, where you can browse all of the valid information. You will also find the website according to the requirement if you are supposed to purchase any of them.

9. Digital Point Forum


Through the digital point forums, you can create your own user base and create income by selling out the website at a certain amount.

What to expect?

Domains belonging to any of the categories can be used with the digital point forum without being a single amount, which is a good thing. So it doesn’t matter whether you are an E-Commerce store owner or a blog owner; it will be convenient for you to list into the digital point forum.


The digital point forum does not cost you a single penny to acquire their services, making it the authentic way to start your domain flipping business.

How to begin?

All you need to do, please register yourself to the digital point forum, and once your request gets approved, you will be able to sell out the website or purchase if you want from their listings.

10. Sedo


Sedo specifically acts as a broker to sell out your website or purchase the one you need. So if you are the one who is supposed to maximize the domain flipping exercises, this could be the one that you should Look upon.

What to expect?

The Sedo is specifically designed for the domain names to either sell out your own domain or purchase it from their listings.


Sedo’s commissions might vary between 10% to 15% depending upon the sale you make. So make sure to check it out once before you list out your website on their platform.

How to begin?

All you need to do is sign up for their services, and that’s it; there is no requirement for approval as well, which is a good thing to get started.

11. FreeMarket


And here comes the last in our list, i.e., FreeMarket, which is a great platform that allows you to list down the domain that you own; along with that, you can also purchase a website if you want that has a high amount of value in terms of revenue.

The free market’s working pattern is similar to The Empire flippers, which is a good thing to get complete control over it.

What to expect?

You can list down any website, whether it may be an E-Commerce Store or service store where you are supposed to add some services.


You can start it for free for the basic listing, but if you are supposed to purchase their premium services, you will have to pay approximately $25 to make it private. The advantage of a premium subscription is that your website will get sold out more quickly at a higher amount.

How to begin?

The free market works on a freelance basis, so you can listen on the website on, which is open source, and lots of consumer base has been acquired by freelancers. There are other websites as well, which is similar to the freelancer, so you can explore that too.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether you are supposed to buy or sell the website, but website flipping will play a crucial role in the online business. I have observed that most professional bloggers are heading off to the domain flipping just because the revenue generation is much higher. It’s a complete business model.

So I have shared the complete list of 11 platforms that you can start off with right now. If that sounds great, make sure to check them out substantially.

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