How To Become A Food Blogger In 2020 [Step By Step Guide]

The new era has begun in blogging and tons of niches available out there from which you can choose. Tremendous options are available out there. Blogging is all about sharing your expertise in a text format so that your visitors will get to know about the details that you’re showcasing in front of them.

Imagine that sharing your knowledge will help you to generate a huge amount of audience in certain instances. There is a huge scope of providing the food details in the blog format. I noticed that most of the food bloggers used to serve the details about teaching and fast food, and out of that, they earn a lot of revenue that is eventually a good thing.

Most of the people out there used to prefer online learning just because it’s a bit tough to purchase a specific Recipe book that will teach you how to cook the specific food. In such cases, food blogs are most helpful. If you want to know more about the food blogs can I will have recommended going on Google and search for the four blocks were there and you will see the tons of blogs available out there, and used to serve the content related to the recipes. Let me tell you that most of the food bloggers out there on a tremendous amount of money out of that by serving the knowledge.

Well, your primary goal might be any like serving the info and to sell your products related to the food, but in the, In, In the end, you will enjoy doing that just because you are interested in serving the details about the food and the recipes which are truly an interesting niche amongst all.

Through the journey, you will wait for several peoples and learn several skills out of that.

Here I am going to conclude the following things in this complete food blogging guide so that you will get to know that the knowledge about how, to begin with, the food blogging.

Following are the aspects which I am going to convey in this complete detailed guide about food blogging:

  • Selection of right content management system (CMS). 
  • Selection of domain name. 
  • Choosing the right hosting plans. 
  • Tips and tricks about food blogging. 

Although you might get confused by the info available on the internet, that’s not fair enough to get in-depth knowledge about the food blogging and so here we’ve shortlisted some of the essential factors. So without any further ado let’s dive deep into it.

Selection Of The Right Content Management System (CMS) 


Let me clarify to you the content management system. Basically for creating a blog you will always require a visual format that allows you to add content in the blog and also to customize it, along with that the interface pattern also works over here. You don’t require coding instead of that you can actually perform any of the activities like a drag, add, move, copy, etc.

Although the coding is there behind each activity it is done by the content management system so that asks to get much easier for you. There are tons of options available out there with the help of which you can create blogs like Blogger, Joomla, etc. That includes the CMS inbuilt. But most people liked WordPress which is one of the best but most people liked WordPress which is one of the most reliable platforms out there that consists of CMS.

I have been personally using the word press just because it’s one of the topmost login platforms all way around. Undoubtedly WordPress provides a great blog in experience and works finely even with a company that serves services and products. WordPress is even customizable as you want, also it provides you full control over the website so that you can manage all of the things manually.

Even if you don’t know anything about blogging you’ll be able to manage your website in a proper manner without even coding. It doesn’t matter in what language you are about to blog but make sure to choose the right platform like WordPress.

Selection Of Domain Name

whenever you visit your favorite website on the Google you enter the specific website domain name on the search, the link management system works over a year which allows you to search the specific result that you are looking for by entering the domain name on the specific website. It clearly shows how a domain name is a vital thing that cannot be ignored in any instance.

The web domain name which you use is a bit sandwiched in between which states the address name. ‘.com’ indicates the top-level domain, similarly, there are various domains are available through their from which you can choose that suits your choice but eventually, you will come across the ‘.com’ a domain that is managed properly. By using the domain name you have to pay an inexpensive price for the year.

While choosing a domain name you need to make sure that the domain name must be unique and simple to pronounce as the people will absorb it more often. To make you convenient I’ve shortlisted the entities that will help you to choose the domain name:

  • First thing you need to know that brevity is the crucial thing, let’s consider Facebook and Twitter who is to serve the short names like and which sound super easy and easy to remember and that’s what you need to consider while a selection of the domain name. 
  • Let’s say that is the name something like ‘food ideas and techniques’ that might sound awful to remember at any instance. Instead, you can choose the name something like which is pretty easy to Remember. Though there is not much information provided in the domain name it is easy to remember.

So make sure to choose the eye-catchy domain name so that it’ll eat to remember.

  • You need to make sure that the topic of your blog must be clear and unique so that people will get attached to it more often. You can also use your name if you are a good cook. Instead, you can also use the description to showcase your blog if you are not an expert in cooking so that you can get started with it.
  • All of the food bloggers that we have interviewed are kind of interested in cooking and came to know that the information they were serving is genuine. It will attract the readers and feel them more comfortable while reading your blog post. Don’t hesitate by choosing a domain name as your name just because it will be the connection between you and the visitors out there.

Choosing The Right Hosting Plan


So once you figure out the best domain name of their the next step is to choose the correct hosting service provider so that your website will be perfect all way around. When you host your website with many of the hosting plans of their you allow the visitor to access your website 24/7 also the performance of your website depends upon it.

Most of the people out there who are the hosting plan and the domain name at a single place so that not to get confused. On the other hand, most of the people used to separate the domain account in the hosting account so that to get full fledge control over. But let me tell you that why choosing a hosting fan you will get an option of choosing a domain name too which will help you save a few amounts of bucks because most of the hosting providers used to serve the hosting for free.

Although there are tons of factors you need to know while choosing the right hosting plan but I have chosen some of the key factors that are essential in the early stage, so here they’ re:-

Money: Why choosing a hosting plan you need to make sure that not to go with the cheaper plans available on there that will slow down your website. Most of the hosting providers out there used to serve the best and high-quality hostings at cheaper prices, so check them out subsequently.

Uptime: Another big thing about hosting is uptime that must be maintained between 99.95 to 99.99 so that people will get access to your website 24/7 without any issue or error over there.

Loading time: Everyone likes or faster website and that’s what we are going to talk. Let’s say if your website is taking more than 2 seconds then it is considered to be the slowest website, delivery time is maintained in a millisecond so that you are a visitor will get a good experience when getting in touch with it.

Customer Support: Customer care support is one of the crucial things that you cannot ignore so make sure that the hosting which you are about to go with should provide 24/ 7 chat support. It will help you whenever there is an issue you’re facing while setting up your website with the hosting.

Features: Make sure that the hosting is providing decent features with it so that you will get access to their dashboard anytime you want.

Check the reviews: Before you choose any of the hosting provider’s plans I will highly recommend you go out on Google and make sure to check out the review so that you will get to know whether the hosting is providing a great value for the money you are paying or not. It’ll give you an idea about hosting. 

Aside from this if you ask me which hosting providers are the best I will highly recommend you to go with the Bluehost just because it provides you great support along with some of the impressive plans that are under budget. Their plan begins from $2.75/ month and so on. Along with that, you get eligible for the free domain name according to your choice which is the great thing about Bluehost. Bluehost is serving more than a million bloggers out there with their budget-friendly plans. So do check them out.

It is super simple to use the Bluehost for hosting your website, please visit their official website and select the subsequent plan that you need and it’s done, they also allow you to migrate your website from another hosting for free, which is the great thing out there. Instead, there are various website hosting providers available on their like hosting, A2 Hosting, SiteGround, etc. Accordingly, you can select that suits your budget.

Tips And Tricks About Food Blogging


When it comes to food blogging there are various different aspects that you need to know. I have shortlisted some of the tips which are mentioned below, and to make you sure I have introduced some of the successful food bloggers out there instantly I came across various things which I will be showing you furthermore. So let’s get started:-

  1. First I need you to make sure to maintain sustainability and consistency so that your audience will stick with you for a longer time. It doesn’t matter whether you post twice a week or thrice a week, but one thing you need to know is a consistency that matters the most in each part of blogging. That doesn’t mean you will be posting a dummy content over there, you need to do several types of research before posting.
  2. Make sure to figure out your place and to deliver the content that is easy to remember, just because food blogging is all about the recipe is in the foodstuffs that you deliver. You need to read the post aloud before posting so that to know that it sounds natural or not. If they’re found to be an error then make sure to edit it properly so that to make it perfect.
  3. By posting the details about the recipe make sure to include the specific details that are related to the topic just because it will show that you are delivering the right content. Also, makes sure to add subsequent keyword to the title to make it short and simple, although you can add the other kinds of stuff in the content so don’t mix it up. Clean and clear titles help the reader to know much about the content.
  4. You need to be consistent at what you post along with that make sure that the content style must be the same so that people will get used to it while reading. And they’ll expect everything from you so do not change it.
  5. While writing on a recipe I will highly recommend you make your article at least 1000 words each so that people will get in-depth details about the specific topic that you’ve posted.
  6. While writing the content you can add bullet points to read so as to showcase the main highlights, it will make your content much user-friendly.
  7. Figure out the suitable pictures you need to add in the post. Pictures attract the visitors so that they will be capturing more out of the content that you have written. Also not to go with the copied images instead use the copyright-free images, will keep your content more unique.
  8. Use specific keywords to rank your post on the search engine, the keyword research is the best SEO strategy that you will ever come across. So do the proper research while adding the keyword in the post.
  9. You can refer to other websites as well but make sure not to copy the content on the pictures, make your own content to showcase instead of copying.

All You Need To Know About Topic Ideas

I’ve shortlisted some of the ways that will help you to choose the right topic specifically in food blogging. At the very beginning stage you will be not able to cover them all across but begin from the one and later onwards you can use them accordingly if you’re suitable for them.

Use the following ideas so that to find the topics related to the specific things:

  • Seasonal food is an important aspect. 
  • The food recipes and fast food recipes. 
  • You can write about a restaurant, QuickBooks, recipes book (eBook), etc.
  • Blog post on the kitchen layout and the design you can apply to make your kitchen more aesthetic.
  • Menus and the details of the festive meal. 
  • Tips and tricks about kitchen management. 
  • You can promote your cooking classes and online teachings.
  • You can provide the hot deals on the coupons of the specific fest.
  • A special food recipe that is made by you. 

Importance Of Taking Tasty Photos Of The Dishes


Delivering visual and best content is one of the best ways to enhance your growth in food blogging. Whenever you add some sort of great food photographs in your blog the people will get attracted to it and the chances of conversion increase. I will highly recommend you to add some sort of pictures that means the visual contact between you and the reader out there.

I will suggest you take the food photographs by yourself so that to deliver the unique visual effects to the visitors out there. so that they will stick with your website for a longer time.

How Much It Will Cost To Set Up a Food Blog? 

For setting up of food blog you will how to pay for the hosting and domain and everything you get is free of cost like the blogging platform and all. I will highly recommend you go with WordPress which is the great blogging platform out there. If you buy a decent hosting plan it will cost you about $2.76/ month. And if you buy it annually for sure you’ll save a few amounts of bucks on that. so I will highly recommend you to go with the annual option if available.

Check the Bluehost about which we have talked earlier in this post.

How To Get Paid In Food Blogging? 

Now, this is something which is essentially a big part of blogging whether it is food blogging or tech blogging it doesn’t matter, there are various different ways to monetize your website like affiliate marketing, E-Commerce Store, Google AdSense, serving the ebooks related to the recipes and the Essentials that a required to make healthy foods, setting the healthy diet recipes, etc. The ways are endless do you need to figure out which one work suits your choice. Once you do that the task gets even better.

Also, you can do food photography and sell the photos that you click. I came across various food photographers out there, and come to know that they’re getting paid in high revenue. So what makes you wait, just grab the camera and start clicking the pictures of the food that you made.

At the very early stage of food blogging, you might be not able to earn a subsequent amount of money but letter onwards when your blog goes on increasing in terms of audience rates you can monetize it properly.

Final Verdict

If you truly interested in the food blogging and wanted to serve the knowledge about the recipes and the food-related stuff then I will highly recommend you to get the hosting and domain and start writing the post. Don’t waste the time to working the process, the process is super simple that we already discussed earlier in this post. The more you read the more you get confused that’s why I’ve created the short and minimal post about the food blogging. I hope this post might have helped you in any part, so get started with the food blogging.

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