The Foolproof Way To Find Your Blog Niche

Are you confused about how to find a profitable niche for your blog? 

You’ve probably landed upon the right page as we’ve compiled the foolproof ways that one can proceed with to find a legitimate niche for the blog. Make sure to stick with the post until the end; you can also find your niche.


Finding the right and profitable niche for your blog might be challenging because tons of blogs are available in the market belonging to several niches. If you’re a newbie, the chances are more that you’ll get a bit confused between stuff. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re want to set up an e-commerce store or just a personal blog; you will always need to look upon the profitable Niche that will help you maximize your blog authenticity and reach out to a larger audience. 

So with that being said, let’s get deep into finding a profitable niche for creating your blog. 

How To Find A Blog Niche?


Finding a niche is a crucial part of blogging, and it all begins with the passion, knowledge, interests, and skills you carry with you. Once you can examine, it’ll be easier for you to set an excellent profitable blog that’ll give you a name, fame, and money. 

Most of the people out there question, ‘what if I don’t have any skills? ‘ 

Don’t worry; we’re going to cover that portion too so that you’ll be able to examine what niche you would choose. 

Well, let’s say once you’ve examines the passion and acquired a certain amount of skills, then all you need to do is study the market that whether your passion and skills will be able to provide value to the market or not. And if the answer flows to be ‘Yes!’ You’re free to proceed.

We’ve compiled the foolproof ways that’ll give you an idea for finding the profitable niche for your blog, so let’s dive deep into it. 

Follow Your Passion

Most of the newbies used to underrate their passion, and that’s the huge mistake they’re making. 

If you do not mention enough about your niche, you will probably not create as much content regarding that specific niche. Several examples state that one needs to follow their passion throughout the entrepreneurial journey, listen to your heart, and examine what it says. 

If you just go and acquire any random niche, believe me, it’ll not serve you enough amount of profit. So one who’s not passionate about something, their motivation flows outside the window, which is a better thing. It’s been noticed that when you feel strong emotion about something, it’ll indeed serve you as much profit in various ways. 

When we define passion in the digital marketing medium, one more thing comes in the same way, i.e., knowledge. Undoubtedly the something which relates to your passion, about that you’ll be knowledgeable as well. If you have these two entities carrying with you, you will peace with success. 

For determining the passion, I will highly recommend you to control the things you like the most, which gives happiness and knowledge. Once you have a list of things, you can shortlist among them and select the top thing that belongs explicitly to your expertise. 

Start With Keyword Research 


Once you have a list of passion, the text, and the most critical thing are digging into the available data on the internet. Passion will give you an initial boost, but every individual research, and if you do so, it will give you an idea that you will proceed with the same. 

If your passion is in something that does not provide value to the audience, then there is no meaning that you will always need to look upon the other passion you have to give you enough profit. 

While doing keyword and competitor research, I’ll highly recommend you to look upon a couple of tools, i.e., UberSuggest & SEMRush. Once you proceed with so, it’ll be way more comfortable for you to do competitor analysis. 

Category wise they’ll showcase the keywords that have higher search volume. Even if you are just a newbie, it will be easier for you to acquire their services just because that not only helps you to select the better niche but along with that you can also proceed with the competitor analysis so that you will be able to know to whom you’re going to compete and what exactly they’re doing to make their content lucrative. 

You can collect the tracking data that you’ve discovered. So once you begin with that, you can even shortlist the data that serves value to you and the audience. 

Analyze The Competition

I have quickly introduced competitor analysis, which is a critical process in niche selection in the earlier parts. Before you go out and create your first blog on any random niche, make sure to look towards the potential competitors belonging to your industry.

You will find several competitions available out there in specific industries that you can take as a reference. As we told before, SEMRush is a great tool that searches a Keyword research feature. You can proceed with the competitor analysis that gives you a better idea about the competition present over there. 

Initially, I won’t recommend that you proceed with the niche where the competition is relatively higher. I focus on the micro-niches with high search volume, but the competition is quite low. This will surely provide you profit at a higher instance. 

Follow The Trends

follow the trends

Will it cost to the blog creation you always need to look upon it Trends, which ongoing to give you an idea of whether it will fulfill one’s requirement. The current trend is all about technology and stuff, so it’s always better to choose the niche belonging to these categories. 

But as soon as you know how important it is to grab trends that serve your profit at each instance. 

To do some research about trending niches, I will highly recommend you to get in touch with Google trends, a great tool that one can proceed with at no cost. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or a professional digital entrepreneur; if you go with eh traditional trend-long niches, you’ll not get enough traction. It’s because people usually follow the trending niches. 

These were some of the factors that each of the newbies needs to know to select the blog creation niche. 

Apart from this strategy, you’ll also help you authentically leverage the blog. If you have the right strategy, you’ll be having a decent niche that you can proceed with. 

Think Strategically While Selecting The Niche

While researching a lot, we have compiled some strategies that will help you select a profitable niche. So let’s dive deep into it. 

Your Market is Not your Niche

It’s always better to study the market more authentically to get to know which are the people who are willing to acquire your information and passion that you are interested in. And this is something you’ll find your own marketplace. 

If you can take better pictures and shoot the films, the chances are more than the filmmakers, and the other clients will flow in your direction if you serve them quality and authentic content.

If I don’t know how to create better pictures and put videos, then none of the use of attraction towards me just because I don’t have the specific skill and market requires it. Thanks, the reason why most successful bloggers used to prefer the niche at which they’ve some sort of knowledge and interest. 

Finding your Own Niche

A niche will give you profit and knowledge, but you’ll need to examine it well at first. If you know photography and if there is a need for a photographer in the market, you are proceeding in the right direction to continue.

Building a strong customer base and audios base is one of the crucial steps you take in blogging. If you create content that provides as much value to the audience, the chances are more that you’ll succeed more often without much issue.

The concept of blogging is super simple ‘The more you serve, the more you earn.’ 

Drilling Down The Sub-niche


When it comes to the selection of niche drilling is one of the most crucial methods that you should not ignore at any instance, even if you are just a newbie. Currently, if you opt for the specific niche, you’ll surely come across hundreds and thousands of the similar blog that you are trying to create, so the competition will be higher, which makes no sense for you if you just told you to be as it will take much amount of time to take you at that specific level. 

Instead, if you drill it down to the specific sub-niche, it’ll be better to get results faster without much issue. Let’s say if you are interested in photography to share knowledge based upon best cameras that do not stick each month, or you can even share the knowledge-based upon ‘how to click better pictures through the phone.’ Your niche is important, but it’ll surely help you grow more often if you opt for the sub-niche. 

It’s 2021, and the era of sub-niche selection has just begun, so if you want to put your hands into it, then it’s the best time you have that you can proceed with and get the most out of it. All you need to do is serve top-notch content through the post related to your sub-niche. If you do the same, it’ll be way easier for you to acquire as much organic traffic as flowing in your way. 


Choosing a profitable niche might be rocket science for most of the newbie. Still, if you proceed with the right process, it will be easier for you to acquire the specific niche that will not only help to grow your blog but, along with that, you can build up your own knowledge base as well. 

Once you learn new skills and specific ideas, you can turn it into a profitable and putative business format. Digital entrepreneur and blogger, you suggest something out of home works that each one of you needs to do to get the advantage of blogging and implement that homework in the field. 

So here’s what you can do.

Make a list of the following things:

  • Shortlist the non-fiction books that you have read.
  • List of posts that you have downloaded on your Kindle.
  • The number of magazines that you have already read.
  • The top websites that usually visit regularly.
  • The YouTube channel you have subscribed to. 

Once you have this list, you’ll also need to proceed further and make another list of the following things:

  • The number of skills you have learned and developed.
  • The hobbies you’ve and developed throughout the years.
  • The thing you like the most and enjoy doing during the share time.
  • What is the thing you usually do in your state time?
  • What’s your job/what are the carrier options you’ve?

This homework will help you select the profitable niche, but along with that, you can create a create user base that will take with you in the long run and set up your own business. Blogging is not just a casual entity; it has a vast potential to acquire to set up your own business at a higher instance. 

A Word of Caution

In most cases, even if you read so many contents for watches, many YouTube channel videos related to digital marketing and entrepreneurship but though most of the people end of my not getting so many valuable resources and skills out of that. I will highly recommend you to do something tangible that will showcase to people you and your work.

You can go through the research and select the best possible interesting niche with future scope. Finding an authentic niche is a major aspect of blogging that each user needs to know about. 

In most cases, I have observed that the people who support interest in the specific topic end up not getting anything out of that just because it is not profitable. So don’t underestimate yourself even if you’re not having any kind of skills. There are too many resources available out there through which you can acquire it as per the commencement. 

The results are only shown if you be able to deliver the right content to the users. 

Some of the strategies and have that one can apply to find a profitable niche belonging to the industry with some interest. For freshers, the best way to enhance blogging’s capability is to select the profitable and convenient much that always makes you happy even if you work 24/7 non-stop. 


Do You Always Need To Be An Expert?


Most of the newbies used to think that it is essential to be an expert at something to become a successful blogger. But let me tell you, it’s totally false. The results flow in your way; it does not flow just because you’re an expert at something. 

Let’s say if you’re a photographer who just begins to shoot better pictures a few days back or a few months back, it’s fair enough. All you need to know is the idea that you carry into the mind. The designing of thoughts is way important so that to get results faster. 

You don’t have to be a world-class photographer; the small idea can change the whole perspective you’ve. Also, during the photography journey, you’ll gain many learnings, which is a good thing. 

What If You Don’t Have Any Skills?

This might be the question that might pop up in one’s mind, especially if he/ she’s a beginner. And that’s fair enough just because there are too many bloggers who have successfully created the blog in a great way and earning a decent amount of money out of it.

All you need to do is go at research a lot about the niche as you can. You came across several tutors and knowledge-based content that you can consume to know the specific category’s most valuable concept. The platforms that you can go through, amongst which YouTube is the free source, will help you gain some knowledge. 

One of the major secrets of blogging is that you don’t have to produce content by yourself just because they are hundreds and thousands of block available that you can follow at creating the same content uniquely. 

Once you get an idea a few months later, you can start generating ideas and convert them into content, and it’s the best way to enhance your blog’s capability in a great way. 

Research about your Niche

You might have been heard about Wikipedia, which is the best source and a gold mine of niches that one can go through to find the best possible niche belonging to the specific category. 

There are thousands and millions of blog posts available on Wikipedia that you can go through and search for the best possible category that you like the most and found interested in being. Similarly, you can explore the internet and go through the blocks belonging to the category you are supposed to create your blog. 

The chances are that you will also come across several sub-niches to give you an idea to process with. 

Validation of Niche 

Validation of niche is one of the crucial concepts that you need to know about. All you need to do is go to the websites that are being trended nowadays, amongst which Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the three major websites that will help you a lot to validate the specific niche. 

If you want to check out the future of the specific niche, social media is the best shoe to grab to give you an idea that whether you are category will serve more money your way. And distances are more that the specific niche you have selected will surely be profitable in the future. 

Final Verdict

2021 has begun, and most of the people are looking forward to creating their first-ever blog. But to create a blog, you will always need to go through finding the best possible niche. So if you are a bit confused about finding an authentic and profitable niche, you will always need to go through certain stuff that will give you an idea about it. 

We have compiled a list of foolproof ways that might help you select a highly profitable niche that you can grab to create content for it through this detailed post. So definitely check them out. 

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