15 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers to Monetize Your Blog

When you have found your site, and your traffic is growing, it is time to begin considering how to market your site.

Display advertisements are among the most frequent monetization Methods–for new bloggers. But how can you know which screen ad networks would be ideal?

Based on how much traffic your site brings, you need to opt for a display ad system. Unfortunately, not all networks operate precisely the same, let alone yield exactly the identical website earnings.

Thus, to help you save time and make more money, I will Show 15 top advertising networks you can begin using immediately to maximize your website revenue today.

And do not worry if you are only getting started with blogging. Though your advertisement income is modest at first, using screen advertisements means 100% passive income — even while you are asleep.

1. Media.net


Media.net delivers an attractive choice of contextual advertisements. The Finest thing about these is they’re powered by Yahoo! and Bing so that they have a seemingly unlimited number of advertisers to coincide with your website market.

Media.net is super simple to establish. But they might need a few days to assess and approve your blog. Following that, you can get your writer control panel and begin generating ad units to show on your site.

Remember that the ad components at Media.net look very different from another system. It is simple to customize their layout to match the look and feel of your site.

Media.net is an immediate AdSense competition run by Yahoo and Bing. It’s among the world’s most extensive contextual advertising networks and can be used by family names around the globe.

Its contextual ads permit you to market your content with Exclusive access to hunts in the Yahoo! Bing network. In addition, the market offers you access to content-driven publishers, which means that you may maximize your advertising revenue and make the most of a massive search marketplace.

Media.net was the first to develop a server-side header bidding system, which is entirely handled, letting you take advantage of the programmatic screen with minimal work.

Media.net does not possess a minimum traffic demand for publishers. Therefore, you can register even if you don’t have a lot of traffic just yet.

As soon as you’ve set up everything, it is possible to allow the ads to operate in the background and concentrate on generating new content for your readers.

Media.net is a pioneer in contextual advertisements. Bing and Yahoo conduct the support, and it’s widely regarded as the go-to AdSense substitute. Media.net provides multiple display advertisements and native advertisements for mobile and desktop, and you may expect to make about the same out of those advertisements as you want with AdSense.

Much like AdSense options, listen to Media.net’s acceptance requirements. To be approved, your site must provide high-quality articles and stick to a clean, professional layout. Your visitor’s origin also issues: Media.net demands that most of your customers are situated in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

If you’re looking for a service like AdSense in Features, quality, and payout rate, Media.net is a terrific starting point. The minimum payout is $100 through PayPal, and payouts happen yearly.

Media.net conducts advertisements from the Yahoo! Bing contextual advertising system, including many local and national advertisers. It guarantees that a 100% fill rate across all verticals and advertising formats. 

Several Media.net’s publishers include Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, and CNN.

The advertising system supports standard IAB ad dimensions and contains accessibility To high-quality advertisements from all significant DSPs. Additionally, Media.net supports screen units desktop interstitial, in-content native, contextual advertisements, and cellular ads.

Besides monetizing your articles, contextual advertisements enable you to get Exclusive entry to these Yahoo and Bing lookup webpages. Meaning, you can raise the organic traffic in your webpage using this system.

You’ll be amazed to know that technology giants like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Forbes are connected with media.net. But, most of all, the site is the initial ad system to bring into a server-side bidder system, which you may utilize to take advantage of your programmatic screen.

Moreover, There Are Lots of advertisement options to select from if you are using Media.net. These include in-content native advertisements, mobile-friendly advertisements, and background interstitials to increase your reach. 

Moreover, each of the platforms’ ads is high quality and won’t hinder user experience on your site.

2. Monumetric


Monumetric, formerly called the Blogger Network, is a Well-known ad system to maximize your site’s revenue. However, contrary to other blog advertising networks, Monumetric operates on earning your blogging site more exciting and productive instead of trafficking in irrelevant advertising.

Most of All, Monumetric Utilizes the CPM version to cover bloggers. It usually means the platform is much more rewarding for established bloggers using considerable traffic.

However, that does not mean it is a no-go for new bloggers. On the contrary, it possesses among the most excellent CPM rates on the current market. Therefore it is a superb option, even when you’re a newcomer.

To Begin earning Substantial income with Monumetric, you will need to have at least 10k views monthly in their ads. On the downside, the website charges some set up charges for bloggers, which may cut out a substantial amount from the earnings.

Monumetric runs a cost-per-impression version Rather than a Cost-per-click version, which means that you’re compensated when people see advertisements on your web pages, not click on them. 

While earnings from impressions are somewhat lower than clicks, Monumetric makes up for this with highly targeted advertising.

Monumetric’s minimum payout is $10 through PayPal or direct deposit.

Monumetric is a full-time advertisement revenue associate, allowing you to boost your website’s revenue while maintaining the ideal user experience for the customers.

They utilize CPM instead of CPC, so you get paid for each Belief, and their pay rates are among the very best for CPM campaigns. In addition, revenue is frequently reported to be higher than AdSense, making this a fantastic selection for upping your passive income.

However, the minimum traffic demand is 10k monthly Views. In addition, there is a 99% installation fee for websites with between 10k and 80k perspectives, which means you will have to be confident you could drive enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile.

3. AdThrive


AdThrive is broadly known as the top CPM-based advertisement Community for bloggers. And it is true: I utilize AdThrive on a site with approximately 400-450k monthly subscribers and not one of the other advertising networks that I worked with coming close to AdThrive’s earnings potential.

But, this makes AdThrive discerning in regards to new bloggers that wish to combine. But do not let this frighten you off. Instead, register on their site and see if you get accepted.

If your site does not get accepted, do not hesitate to touch together to inquire why your application has been declined. They will most often supply you with actionable actions to take to enhance your odds of getting onboard.

Additionally, they offer classes that can help you enhance your RPM and earn much more passive income with your website.

But perhaps the best reason to combine AdThrive is its 75 percent Payout straight to publishers, in addition to its payment assurance — you are always going to be compensated in full, on time, even though AdThrive does not receive payment from its advertisers punctually.

It means that AdThrive is not for novice bloggers. It needs at least 100,000 monthly page views, the vast majority of which should be established from the U.S. But, based blogs should think about this well-respected support. The minimum payout is $25 for PayPal and lead deposit.

4. Mediavine


Mediavine is among the best advertising networks for bloggers considerably due to their earnings potential and private support.

And while their minimal traffic demand of 50,000 Sessions a month is relatively high, Mediavine is a fantastic long-term objective to strive for.

Using its 75% revenue share to bloggers and highly-tailored Ad-placements, Mediavine is similar to AdThrive, but merely requires half the quantity of monthly page views (50,000). 

This ad network attracts a big pool of lifestyle advertisers, which means that this support is oriented toward lifestyle bloggers — should you compose long-form articles in this market, definitely think about implementing it.

Mediavine also brings compassion to your venture, which can be surprisingly challenging to find in this area.

It had been launched by bloggers that understand the significance of fast-loading, high-quality advertisements, in addition to transparency: Your Company will answer any queries you have about ads on your site.

Mediavine’s minimum payout is $25 for PayPal and lead Residue (or $200 for global direct deposit).

Mediavine is a personal AdSense option that accepts High-quality websites and people with a minimum of 30,000 page views or even 25,000 sessions per month.

They handle your advertisement server, Assisting You to optimize placements of advertisements, placing in more excellent cost controls, eliminating intermediaries, and working directly with advertisers for your benefit.

Because they accept anybody, they Can Negotiate better prices, and many websites see again in earnings when utilizing Mediavine compared to AdSense.

5. Ezoic


Ezoic Is an Excellent alternative to large networks such as Mediavine and AdThrive. If your site visitors do not come mainly in the U.S., Ezoic will boost your advertisement income rather substantially.

Their advertiser community is much more diversified across Different geographical places and demographics. Therefore, if your visitors come from all over the planet, Ezoic can provide more relevant and exciting advertisements. 

Additionally, Ezoic Has a user-friendly dashboard and Fantastic staff to respond to your questions.

The Same as AdThrive, Ezoic is also a Google Accredited Publishing Partner. The most crucial distinction is that it is possible to join with Ezoic with approximately 10,000 monthly visitors.

If your long-term aim is to increase your visitors to get approved with AdThrive, Ezoic is a fantastic system to group up within the meantime.

And hey, you might enjoy them so much that you’ll adhere together when your visitors grow!

6. Google AdSense


Launched in mid-2003, Google’s marketing tool “AdSense” is among the most popular marketing programs online. From web admins into publishers, it gives ample opportunities to market their traffic very effectively.

Google also provides a high level of safety and Transparency to both the publishers and advertisers. Each day, it prohibits countless accounts simply because they haven’t matched Google’s coverage or missed among the conditions of Service from Google.

Google AdSense is your go-to and among the top choices among the best ad networks for bloggers.

It is among those most popular networks of its type and retains its place as the most reliable platform for website monetization. Over two million small publishers are earning money through AdSense as we talk.

Google AdSense is a dependable alternative because it provides its user’s complete access to its advertisers. You can decide on the advertisements and handle them based on your requirements.

The platform offers innovative features That Will Help You incorporate the most lucrative ads for your specialty. Additionally, the signup process is simple and straightforward.

Most novice bloggers do not go for Google AdSense because it is only rewarding when you’ve got heavy traffic on your web page.

You see, the system’s minimum payout threshold is 100. Therefore, before you get enough visitors to create that amount, you will receive little to no gain from this stage.

7. Amazon Associates


Most of Us know of Amazon, the largest e-commerce giant in the entire world. They’ve left their footprints in virtually all sorts of companies on the planet, and advertising networking programs are not anything new to them.

The advertisements they supply aren’t CPM established or Pay-per-click advertising. Should you promote a product that Amazon offers, then Amazon Associate is one of the very best AdSense options for you.

Since it is possible to make a tiny portion of a commission out of Amazon partners for every single material sold via your site’s connection.

Amazon partners are beneficial for promoting neighborhood Products for driving local visitors to your site. In addition, Amazon pays those publishers straight through wire transfer irrespective of their state of origin. Thereby making Amazon partners as popular AdSense options for smaller sites or neighborhood vendors.

Amazon Native Shopping Advertising, a branch of the Amazon Associates program, permits you to put native Amazon merchandise listings on your site pages. These advertisements are targeted based on the encompassing page material.

When a visitor clicks these ads then buys any merchandise on Amazon, you will get a commission on the purchase price. Due to Amazon’s unparalleled reputation in e-commerce, your customers are more inclined to generate a buy this manner than through rivals.

Amazon sends payments 60 days following the end of every month, Along with the minimum payout is reduced to $10 via direct deposit.

8. Taboola


Taboola, based in 2007 by Adam Singolda, is called the biggest detection platform in the market now. Publishers may use this stage for marketing their sites, develop new audiences, and enhance customer engagement. 

With a stage such as Taboola, publishers may efficiently market their sites through native advertisements.

Taboola essentially reveals users sponsored links’, also known As native advertisements, enabling them to detect new and related content. The stage is powered by Deep Learning, meaning that users are advocated content based on their interests and surfing behavior.

This stage can be beneficial for publishers searching for cellular web monetization, as it focuses primarily on native advertisements. Another notable characteristic of Taboola is that it permits users to filter and block content, ensuring that consumer experience remains a priority.

9. Outbrain


Outbrain Amplify is your Major performance-based native Advertising platform, used by affiliate marketers to advertise their best supplies and attain positive ROI. 

Outbrain system involves the world’s best publisher websites, providing your affiliate advertising campaigns vulnerability to the maximum quality traffic. Furthermore, with Outbrain’s intelligent targeting toolkit, you can market your affiliate advertising to the ideal audience.

Outbrain is a sponsored content system for publishers to market their content and earn revenue from sponsored articles hosted on their websites.

While sponsored articles are a relatively new and Distinctive form of monetization, compared to more conventional sources like affiliate or display marketing, earnings capacity in supported articles is deficient. 

However, with high enough visitors, a writer can make substantial incremental revenue with Outbrain’s site widget.

10. Infolinks


Infolinks‘ free section to utilize native advertisements perfectly mixes with the rest of this advertising style with no consumer user hazard. 

The prosperous video & bull advertising or exceptionally engaging screen banner ads, each item is completely customized. Therefore it’s one of those use Google AdSense options for you.

To increase your income, they also offer high-conversion advertisement positioning choices like banner advertisements. The maximum payout threshold for Infolinks is 50. You will receive secure payout choices through internet bank transfers, making it simple for you to get your earnings.

Infolinks comes with an automatic ad-generation system to allow the platform to determine which ads to put on your site. They will pick out the most critical services or products to maximize your profit.

The availability of such options results in more excellent SEO, less Intrusion for consumers, higher significance, and more significant space usage. Infolinks creates high monthly earnings for more than 350,000 publishers. In addition, they’re proven to function with the largest advertisers, namely Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay.

InfoLinks pays each 45 days through PayPal (the minimum payout is $50), Western Union, and Payoneer.

Infolinks is a worldwide advertising platform that aims to deliver new messages to users that are engaged.

The advertisements are fully customizable and offer a unique positioning to enhance the click-through rate without bothering the appearance and feel of the site. Furthermore, employing an intelligent algorithm to determine value and objectives allows them to deliver relevant ads at optimized minutes.

Infolinks supports a market of over 100,000 sites Running in 128 nations and could be incorporated into a website in only a couple of minutes.

11. Revcontent


Revcontent is a pioneer in native advertisements, which can be designed to match the appearance and feel of your site content. These advertisements are highly targeted to assist them in mixing in on your website’s pages. Revcontent also supplies advertisements in different formats such as screen, cellular, and movie.

Revcontent has a reputation for outstanding customers on both the writer and advertiser sides. In addition, it partners with publishers that are very likely to create many hits on advertisements, which brings advertisers prepared to pay high commissions.

The catch is that Revcontent is highly selective, even more In place of Google AdSense. To employ successfully, your website should report at least 50,000 monthly traffic and create valuable content frequently. 

There is a possibility of rejection, but it is worth a shot for Revcontent’s guarantee of more excellent involvement prices. Publishers are paid yearly, and also the minimum payout is $50.

They focus on providing powerful native advertisements. RevContent’s Native advertisements blend effortlessly with the site and also give away a sense of another material in the website. As a result, RevContent is an ideal AdSense option for bloggers and entertainment-oriented website owners.

They also offer appealing CPCs, which pay approximately 1-10 Pennies with every click with quick and straightforward approval.

RevContent is among the most used Google AdSense Choices because of its unique native advertising system.

12. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is among the best advertising networks for little Publishers now. It is primarily famous for the complete assortment of advertising formats it gives. You can pick advertisement banner ads, push notifications, and sponsored links to create money via your blog.

The stage will show you how well your advertisement placement is working through real-time operation charts. In this manner, you can make and polish your monetization strategies at precisely the exact moment.

If You Believe you cannot figure out where to put advertisements yourself, you can find an automatic advertisement optimization choice from PropellorAds.

They’ve 70,000 active campaigns globally and perform Manual checks to eliminate all dangerous and questionable advertisers, thus ensuring top advertisement quality. Moreover, publishers receive the advantage of a 100% Nominal stock, in-time payouts, a private account manager, and also comprehensive real-time coverage.

PropellerAds is available to established sites but is excellent for newer sites, too: There is no minimum requirement for website traffic, your account is activated instantly after production, and the payout threshold is only $5 via PayPal. These payouts happen yearly.

13. Adversal


Adversal is one of the best AdSense options for you if your site crosses over 50,000 page views each month. They prioritize your tastes first and allow you to decide the advertisement banner types and dimensions before publishing your advertisement.

At present, they cover no less than 20 USD through PayPal. It is also among the few advertising network programs to make available an affiliate program by which you have choices to make more. Therefore it’s among the popular Google AdSense choices among the site owners.

They also make acceptance extremely fast. But they are pretty strict about their principles. For example, they’ll reject any site if it does not reach the 50,000 viewpoints mark each month.

14. BuySellAds


BuySellAds is a stage that sells advertising space on your site for you. Even though you have control over exactly what your advertisement space is worth, it is vital to prevent pricing yourself from this marketplace.

With advertising channels like screen, native Functionality, sponsored articles, and mails, BuySellAds offers respectful, brand-safe placements rather than deflecting or intrusive ads. By viewing advertisements to their network of highly qualified viewers, you get the absolute most from each belief.

When you publish your site for acceptance, it’s assessed for quality. Only high-quality bookmarking websites using a minimum of 100,000 page views each month are approved.

If you can achieve this large pub, you’ll like a 75 percent commission per click. It is pretty competitive for the business and significantly greater than Google’s commission rate of 62 percent per click. As well as the minimum payout is only $20 with PayPal.

Ad formats include banner ads, text ads, native advertisements, RSS feed ads, email ads, and article sponsorships. Unlike other options, BuySellAds doesn’t exhibit automated or targeted advertisements. Instead, publishers sell the advertising space available on their websites to advertisers using a market.

15. Sovrn//Commerce (Previously VigLink)


Closing our listing is Sovrn //Commerce (previously VigLink), yet another alternative for novice publishers looking for an AdSense alternate. 

This choice provides sites with many different display ads, video ads, and affiliate links to add to their web pages. In addition, Sovrn//Commerce automates suitable ad choices according to your articles.

Sovrn //Commerce can be significant on insights — you will have a Reporting portal site in which you may monitor your ads’ performance and speech that your pages receive the maximum ad participation. 

You are also permitted to select between a cost-per-impression and even a cost-per-click model on the monetization strategy.


AdSense may be among the Most Famous Procedures for monetizing your site. There are loads of alternatives to Google AdSense. However, you would want to test if you are not getting the results you need or increasing your revenue streams.

The choice is broad for advertising networks, meaning that every writer can locate their perfect answer. Publishers have to consider their requirements and decide concerning an advertisement system or a range of advertising networks.

This listing has options for all Sorts of publishers, whether they’re small-sized, large-sized, or needing simple services. 

The Perfect advertisement Network helps publishers monetize their websites economically. However, we advise them to undergo trials for a few choices before placing them on an advertisement network.

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