10 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives In 2021

Grammarly is among the most popular and widely utilized software tools for grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism checking accounts. It features an AI-powered writing assistant that enables you to write clearly with no mistakes and take advantage of concise words at the ideal moment.

If you’re a writer and want to make sure your Writing procedure better, you may wish to receive a grammar checker, but maybe you have heard of the prevalent one on the market, Grammarly, and you weren’t pleased with it.

You do not need to quit grammar checkers as a Whole since there’s a plethora to pick from. However, here is a listing of 10 Grammarly options that are entirely free from 2021, and you also may come across some of them as a lot more attractive than Grammarly.

Greatest Free Grammarly Alternative

1. ProWritingAid


What makes this like Grammarly is That There’s a set of writing styles out there. You can select writing styles like website posting, instructional writing, company, or a basic general writing style.

The extension is completely free, but the desktop variant is paid. However, this ought to fulfill your needs WordPress, Mail, and Facebook. Additionally, there are some programmer tools available you desire to integrate the grammar checker into a program.

It’s possibly among the easiest to use grammar checkers available. There seems an icon above specific mistakes in any text editor. ProWritingAid makes sure the writing is not a hackneyed, refreshing, and proper use of words.

ProWritingAid is your editing, Plagiarism checker, Grammar Checker, and Design editor tool for improving your English and writing skills. In addition, the program functions as your mentor or personal writing mentor to ensure that you feel confident whenever you introduce yourself.

It also functions in Google Docs and all the other platforms. ProWritingAid applications are chiefly employed by Fiction & Non-fiction Writers, Bloggers & Content authors, Students, Business authors, etc.

The initial language editor within our lineup would be ProWritingAid. It is a feature-rich design editor and punctuation checker that beats Grammarly due to its affordable pricing programs. (This makes it one of the best Grammarly options on the market.)

ProWritingAid is an excellent Grammarly option when your Principal concern is that the pricing. It’s a feature-rich tool that’s available in both free and premium versions. In addition, you can integrate it easily into your browser to examine the deficiencies from the text when typing in Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What’s more, it could easily be integrated with MS Office and Google Docs. For programmers, they also provide API access so that programmers can incorporate it with their programs. But, unfortunately, there’s not any desktop program for free users.

If you do not need to perform any installment, then proceed to ProWritingAid and sign up. Why is this instrument a close alternate to Grammarly because it may execute 25 kinds of tests in your text like grammar, pronouns, sentence structure, and  

Their writing design feature is quite capable of revising words for enhancing readability.

The Thesaurus alternative highlights words by simply hovering the mouse cursor you can pick from the list of other words. The application is available at very affordable prices and only costs$60 to get a yearly subscription, as a lifetime subscription comes in $210.

The programs are encouraged using a 14-day money-back guarantee. They don’t incorporate any translator, but in our view, generally, it is not thought to be a mandatory part of a proofreading tool. 

Even though they give a plagiarism checker, it is going to cost you another quantity. However, ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool with a very long list of attributes and certainly worth your cash.

2. LanguageTool


LanguageTool is a multilingual writing helper used by vast numbers of individuals around the globe. It will help you test punctuation in various English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, making it an exceptionally versatile instrument.

Not only punctuation mistakes, but they may also indicate spelling Mistakes and fashion issues in various colors together with synonyms at only one click. LanguageTool is a proofreading software that supplies a grammar, style, and punctuation checker.

Besides the Internet tool, LanguageTool additionally includes a Desktop version for offline usage and plugins such as Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and LibreOffice. The tool checks articles in English and several different languages, including German, French, Greek, Japanese, Russian, and many others.

LanguageTool is simple to use with a straightforward user interface. All you need to do to use the tool’s attributes is copy and paste your content to the internet text box and then click the Check Text.

If you use this Chrome plugin, LanguageTool will assess your Grammar and punctuation as you type, identify mistakes, and suggest changes.

While LanguageTool finds fundamental grammar and spelling mistakes In English, it’s also perfect for people who wish to look at their grammar and spelling in different languages. However, the free subscription is somewhat restricted, as it merely permits you to assess 20,000 figures simultaneously and does not detect as many mistakes as the subscription.

3. Ginger


Ginger applications is a startup from Israel that utilizes Natural Language Processing, enhances written communication, develops English speaking abilities, and promotes composting productivity.

The program helps you write better and faster with its grammar checker and checker tools that automatically detect and fix grammar mistakes. What’s more, it works on different platforms such as a Mobile program, Desktop program, Internet program, etc.

It is an AI-powered writing assistant that assistances you fix your texts, enhance your personality and enhance your image.

In a glimpse, the Ginger Software website appears quite comparable to this Grammarly site, but if we examine the pricing of the software, it will cost you almost half as compared to Grammarly pricing. Ginger is a simple-to-use punctuation editor and spellchecker.

These Grammarly options come in two programs, Free and Premium, both with various capabilities. However, to get the majority of its innovative features, you will have to go for the Premium program.

  • This free Grammarly option enables alpha spelling correction
  • Correct Grammarly mistakes involving Subject, verb, and arrangement
  • Misused words correction
  • This instrument, like Grammarly, corrects written texts effortlessly
  • You may add the Ginger plugin for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox plugins for editing online content.
  • You’re able to keep a private thesaurus with industry-specific terminology, which you don’t need the instrument to flag.
  • If you do not need to load your system with Ginger plugins, visit their site and paste the text you need to edit. 
  • The utterly free program supports 40 languages for translation functions.
  • Assess and fix punctuation and punctuation.
  • Sentence rephrasing tool that will assist you in composing smoother-flowing sentences.
  • Personal trainer quality that analyzes your writing flaws and gives custom courses to enhance your English.
  • Text-to-Speech attribute, which allows you to listen to writing as a native speaker will say it.

The price differences between the two are minimal, and both churn out actual edits. Ginger, however, is much better suited to users writing in numerous languages. In addition, it gives you English grammar courses to hone your writing abilities.

Ginger applications will also provide sentence length and Construction tips for lines that don’t read well. The instrument immediately understands a paragraph and rearranges the phrases, which makes it simpler and more readable.

4. Hemingway App


Hemingway chiefly focuses on raising the readability of your articles. You can use their online version or get the background program. However, you need to pay $19.99 for your desktop version. Anyway, it may be utilized in WordPress or the Moderate editor. They also present the readability grade.

When you paste text, then It Is Going to highlight the phrases together with various colors. The tool lets you know which sentence is difficult to read, plus it provides hints to simplify the words. 

The Hemingway Editor also includes multiple choices such as dictionary, bold, italic, bullets, and adding the hyperlinks, etc. While on the flip side, the Grammarly editor doesn’t enable the user to add the hyperlinks or paste a text with links.

The tool also refers to the passive voice in the sentences. From our perspective, Hemingway isn’t an effective instrument for grammatical mistakes.

Although it is a fantastic tool for enhancing the readability of your posts, where does this fit? You may first use some innovative means such as Grammarly and pass this article throughout the Hemingway so your writing won’t just be free from grammatical mistakes but also written in a simple way to read.

If You Would like to improve the quality of your writing when it comes to readability afterward, Hemingway’s app is most likely the ideal software for this task now on the market.

The program gives your text a readability grade. The phrase which is emphasized red is incredibly dense and overly unnecessarily complicated for your reader to follow whatever when a term is highlighted in purple, then there’s most likely the choice to use a briefer and far simpler sentence in its place, words which are emphasized green reveal that a passive voice. 

The program is available at no cost on browsers, WordPress, or even the moderate editor.

  • The program highlights wordy and long paragraphs on your articles. In addition, it flags passive structures since they weaken the prose.
  • You receive a useful formatting toolbar to make adjustments inline, like employing italics, bold, bullets, and head designs.
  • It’s possible to utilize Hemingway’s one-click integration to publish your articles on WordPress and Medium.
  • If you are writing blog articles, Hemingway applies HTML heading Publish and formatting links mechanically. Just export as HTML and print on your site.
  • Hemingway is a boon for editors since they may send reviewed files with their markups complete.
  • The permit is priced at $19.99.

5. SlickWrite


The Wide Range of attributes makes SlickWrite a snug Alternate to Grammarly. To start with, utilize their editor for composing or paste the text. Now struck check out of the sidebar. 

The application will point out different elements like redundant paragraphs, passive voice, transition phrases, adverbs, frequent phrases, etc.

The neat thing about SlickWrite Is It has integrated multiple choices. When you pick a phrase, a popup appears in the base where you can opt to locate associate words and the thesaurus or the dictionary definition. In addition, it contains Google and Wikipedia choices to acquire more details.

Readability things a lot because a post that is Terrible to see is virtually useless for its readers and data seekers. Using SlickWrite’s sentence structure attribute, you can increase the readability of your article. In addition, it’ll demonstrate the complicated and extended paragraphs. 

As a writer, you might not be conscious of “Flow.” SlickWrite presents graphical specifics about word length, sentence length, and structural leak so that users may change the flow speed readily.

You can configure SlickWrite within several minutes, visit its preferences and check the boxes for what kinds of topics you wish to find on your text. Among all of the attributes, the very best aspect of the online tutoring software is the data. 

It will present a comprehensive aggregate evaluation of your articles in addition to the number of words and phrases. Thus far, you may enjoy their services without any cost because now there’s no superior version.

SlickWrite is an incredible tool that includes numerous rules. That you can disable or enable at your own will. However, this lacks an advantage. Like in Grammarly, they let one-click correction in which you need to click on the proposal to the sentence. 

As a consequence, that you may use Slick Compose for just discovering mistakes. However, to get a non-native English speaker, we advise you to try a tool that delivers the simplicity of correction, such as Grammarly.

Slick Compose highlights mistakes made in your paragraphs, such as redundant phrases, passive voice, adverbs, frequent beginning words, repeated words, etc.

It is among those websites like Grammarly that provides integrated multiple choices. For example, when you pick a phrase, a popup appears in the base to discover associate words and the vocabulary or the dictionary definition.

6. Readable


Readable assesses your text to get its readability, spelling, and Grammar problems. Employing this Grammarly option, you may enhance the standard of your content bits.

Key attributes

  • Immediate evaluation of the readability score of your text, files, PDFs, as well as majority URLs
  • Content check for grammar and spelling problems as well as using adverbs, passive voice, and cliches
  • Recommended hints for improvement


  • ContentPro: $4/month
  • CommercePro: $24/month
  • Agency Pro: $69/month


  • Complete evaluation of your website content with its sitemap or RSS feed
  • Keyword density tracking for better rank content
  • Integration with your site’s CMS, Dropbox, Slack, along with other applications solutions using their robust API

7. Sapling


Sapling is an AI-powered Grammar Checker and Composing Assistant with a business focus. It grabs 60 percent more language quality problems than other grammar and grammar checkers with a machine learning system educated on countless English sentences.

It functions as a browser expansion across all of your text-based Web-apps and company platforms such as Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, and Zendesk. In addition, Autocomplete Everywhere and Snippets enhance writing productivity and efficiency.


  • Accessible as Browser expansion for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Extensions for Outlook, Google Docs, Google Slides.
  • Pop-up accessible to glue phrases for fast copy-editing.
  • Learns from your activities with time.
  • Team-based control and configuration.


  • Free plan
  • Premium: $25 month

8. Paper Rater


PaperRater operates on the personal computer algorithms that are affectionately called Grendel. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no expansion or desktop edition of the tool. Instead, just go to their Proofreader and Grammar Check and place your text in the box which appears before you and find the report. 

Their system underlines the words that are misspelled or have grammar issues. The below image lists the PaperRater attributes.

As There Are Plenty of data published Each Year by online Publishers, it will become essential to print the initial data. PaperRater additionally gives a plagiarism checker such as Grammarly. However, in a free version, the plagiarism checker tells the proportion of unoriginality. 

You can’t discover the plagiarized traces or articles without subscribing to a paid program. Additionally, it’s integrated with all the proofreader tools, which means that you have to paste the text from Plagiarism Checker individually.

In addition, they provide a Vocabulary builder. Put the word, and they define in addition to different example paragraphs so you can find the notion of using that phrase.

PaperRater is comparable to Grammarly, but its free variant has a variety of limitations. For example, you can’t import the documents, and the application is limited to 5 pages. In addition, their proofreader is somewhat complicated. 

To get a subscription, even though the program is cheap, it’s not the ultimate solution, and also, you can not only rely upon it.

Created by AI, Paper Rater supplies online proofreading, Grammar, and spelling checks without obtaining a program.

This instrument provides opportunities for consumers to enhance their writing through word choice, style, and language suggestions. The tool also provides a plagiarism checker, which is perfect for students that are submitting academic documents.

Even though the Business promises real-time investigation in under 10 minutes, the application takes a large quantity of time to analyze text, mainly if you’re using the plagiarism checker. The plan is somewhat obsolete, and the port isn’t the most user-friendly.

But, Paper Rater does provide exceptional attributes, such as Word choice and style, to help elevate the consumer’s writing. Given that hints are phrased in the study department, this instrument is designed with students. It offers a letter grade score based on distinct elements of their writing.

A number of the features of Paper Rater are restricted from the Fundamental Subscription, so users that need access to the complete capabilities of this tool will have to upgrade to a paid subscription, which is now more expensive than Grammarly.

The tool is a superb resource for students who need a complimentary plagiarism and grammar check before submitting a paper. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to be aware there is a five-page limitation for your free subscription.

9. GradeProof


GradeProof is just another Grammarly competitor. If you’re looking for an alternate to Grammarly, subsequently, GradeProof applications won’t disappoint you.

This program is top-rated on the Apple App Store and has got a handsome 3.7/5 Stars score on the stage.

The grammar checker and rephrasing tools are reasonably practical. After switching to GradeProof out of Grammarly, you can observe a considerable improvement in your writing. Rephrasing hints are great, and it could block you from using embarrassing phrases that Grammarly may miss.

While the Free program comprises a grammar and spelling checker and a customized dictionary, the pro program includes an advanced grammar checker, an eloquence motor, and a plagiarism detector.

10. 1Checker


A group from the University of Cambridge made 1Checker as an instrument for non-native speakers. The tool assesses various composing components, such as punctuation, grammar, style, language, and context-related mistakes utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

1Checker Intends to capture the most frequent mistakes made by Non-native English speakers, which are frequently overlooked by other tools, for example:

  • Incorrect use of prepositions and pronouns
  • Confused words
  • Incorrect use of posts
  • Wrong tenses and adjective Purchase
  • Subject-verb arrangement

The platform is currently available as an Internet tool, a Word Plugin, an Outlook plugin, or to download for Windows or Mac iOS.

At First, 1Checker includes a straightforward layout that feels a Bit obsolete compared to similar tools. But, on the other hand, the research results are clear and specific to comprehend.

Once you run the content through investigation, 1Checker provides a summary, which details the amount of grammar, punctuation, and other errors. The mistakes are marked in red and blue, along with the hints that appear to the right and examples and explanations.

In comparison to Grammarly, 1Checker is a limited instrument, as it does not identify all of the mistakes or nuances which Grammarly does. But, 1Checker does supply many great features to get a completely free tool.

Since 1Checker is designed to identify mistakes that Non-native English speakers frequently make, this is only one of Grammarly’s choices that are best suited for people who are still learning how to write in English.

When researching the very best top 10 Grammarly options, 1Checker ranked in a fantastic position because of the flexible nature. You may either use the online version or install it in your Windows or Mac apparatus. Additionally, it may be integrated with Outlook and Word. 

The application works on the pure language processing system, a mixture of computer science and Artificial language.

After a while, when you click “Review, it will reveal the Stats, which are the proportions of Grammar, Spelling, and other errors. Close it and begin editing. The tool only highlights the mistakes and presents the hints below words. 

They also exhibit the explanation of these flagged words on the sidebar. If you do not need to review every mistake, hit “Apply all” to get an automated correction.

1Checker also provides a Lot of templates associated with the company and communications. Pick the “Document Template,” then fill in the blanks that appear on the left side. They automatically create an excellent replica of the document. 

1Checker also integrates the translator powered by Google and Bing to interpret obscure phrases and words quickly.

It’s a free app like the Grammarly complimentary variant to Detect fundamental mistakes. It may help remove the wordiness, spelling mistakes, and structural alterations. Overall, it’s worthy of utilizing this program as it costs nothing.


As you can see overhead, there’re many choices for Grammarly. A number is more or less like Grammarly, discovering the same mistakes and supplying equal alterations. 

The most crucial distinction is in the truth of corrections, and, as you may have discovered, a number of them have added features like a translator.

Everyone Wants a Grammar checker, Proofreader, or Plagiarism checker tool to compose professional and interrogate articles. Such Tools also help the authors grow their efficiency, save time, and be more effective. These tools also save the cash required to employ an editor for proofreading.

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