WP Coupons Review: Best WordPress Coupon Plugin

Hey, want to lift your CTR and Conversion speed? Of course, there may be one WordPress Plugin available. The Plugin name is known as WP Coupons. Among the essential items in affiliate marketing is that the coupon deals you offer your clients. Fortunately, for WordPress users, several businesses have produced a range of plugins for making these vouchers, and WP Codes is just one of these.

This one has stood from the audience relatively fast because of its extraordinary attributes and gained a great deal of clients’ trust. In this guide, we’re going to generate a brief WP Coupons review that will assist you in determining whether this plugin is right for you or not. There are a vast number of bloggers that write about WordPress tutorials. The significant objective for them would be to promote relevant products and make sales commission via internet affiliate advertising. Virtually every WordPress tutorial website out there offers coupons and deals associated with WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting solutions. There’s absolutely no dedicated plugin that provides all of the essential features for producing a coupon website. After searching and trying, we discovered the WP Coupons plugin, and here’s a real review after using the plugin for a while.

What are WP Coupons?


WP Coupons is a lightweight and simple to use plugin for generating coupons and bargains on your WordPress website. It permits you to make a list of vouchers utilizing custom article types and create an archive page with blockers. If you would like to add the bargains section to your website, then WP Coupons is a fantastic plugin it is possible to consider. 

The plugin is very lightweight, and also the zip download is simply 121 KB in size. Its design is appealing, with different customization options for you. You may love the only coupon card layout they offer that can get you a top click-through. What’s more, it’s quite simple to operate and includes easy documentation in addition to demonstration pages to make it much easier for you. Simply speaking, this plugin was providing extraordinary voucher services for the last 4years.

Consequently, if you’re an expanding affiliate marketer anticipating a plugin that can allow you to create bargains and offers more appealing to your clients, WP Coupons is the one that you should think about. A Plugin that helps to boost our Affiliate products Today Affiliate banners aren’t Give greater CTR, and Conversion speed so here is your new technique Followed by Top Affiliate marketers use Attractive Sidebar Coupon pops and using a Deal with Coupon Boxes.

A WordPress Plugin that having Wonderful Features Which Help us to boost our CTR and Conversion’s speed. You are going to learn about this today. Affiliate advertising provides Decent earnings. We have to place maximum Impact on Affiliate Marketing. In My view, Good Investment will Provide WOW Output, So Get Ready to Purchase Next-generation WordPress Coupons Plugin. After analyzing different plugins, we discovered WP Coupons stick out from the audience because of these reasons.

  • Adaptive plugin, the zip download is about 121KB in dimension.
  • Beautiful archive design with several choices to personalize the view.
  • Attractive only coupon cards which could easily enhance your click-through rate (and thus your affiliate earnings).
  • Nominal cost, in addition to a 30 percent reduction.
  • Decent documentation and demonstration pages.
  • The programmer’s Brain Jackson and Brett Jackson would be the brothers on the other side of the advertising blog woorkup.com that likewise employs the plugin. Additionally, they also have the functionality optimization plugin.
  • The plugin is currently present and always developed for the last 4years.

The Way WP Coupons Works

Before going to the point where you learn how to use the plugin, you need to have a great idea about how the plugin works.

  • The plugin can allow you to make a customized article type called “Coupons” on your website. Additionally, all of the only coupons will be submitted as standard WordPress articles.
  • You’ll choose to add classes in addition to tags to customize the voucher post types how you prefer.
  • The Shortcodes allow you to add the only coupons to any location on the website.
  • The classes will be connected automatically to an archive file using a filter.

In any case, you may even make your customized archive with Shortcodes or from preferences in the appearance menu.

Simple to Install

It is a light-weight WordPress plugin. You may put in it by uploading the plugin from the WordPress plugins or utilizing an FTP. After installing, activate it! That is all!

Frequent Upgrades

They’ll upgrade the plugin in line with the core WordPress upgrades. Maintaining the plugin and also your whole WordPress blog upgraded will enable you to be protected. All you have to do is, put in your license key and continue blogging. You’ll get all upgrades automatically! As an alternative, you may use a safety plugin such as Sucuri for procuring the site. Please look at our article on the best way you can configure the Sucuri Security free plugin.

Styling Option

The plugin got styling choices. It can allow you to configure the expression of the plugin. You may configure it according to your theme’s CSS. You do not have to add extra CSS for styling these components.

Priority Support

Each of their permit programs includes 1-year support. If you have a legal permit, the plugin writer can allow you to work out things and assist with your issues. For stretching help, you might choose to renew your pass.

Speed Optimized

We’ve stated that the plugin is more still lightweight. So it won’t impact your site rate. If you’re using a caching plugin such as WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, your site will load much quicker. We’ll always vote for WP Rocket. You can use our WP Rocket voucher to get a discount. Additionally, WordPress minify static documents as a marketing tip and compresses pictures using WP Smush or ShortPixel. In our instance, we’re big fans of ShortPixel.

Custom Single-Article along with Archive Template

The plugin got an inbuilt single voucher and voucher archive! It is highly personalized, and we highly suggest using it. In case you know to code, then you may produce a customized library or solitary coupon template. Well, most novices do not require this. The inbuilt template functions best for many beginners and experts. We’re also using the inbuilt template using a few extra coding.


You may embed one coupon within WordPress. All you have to do is, copy the particular coupon shortcode. It may be located beneath the WP Coupons preferences. At this time, you can paste the code within your article, custom, or page article kinds. Here, an example of our very own vouchers.



They provide three different pricing & programs based on the number of websites you need this plugin. While the only site private strategy will cost you about $30 a year, the unlimited websites cost approximately $150 each year. Everyone these programs arrive with free one-year service and automated plugin upgrades. 

WP Coupons Plugin with 3 Different permits:

  • Personal – Single Website Usage – $34.95 annually.
  • Business – 3 Websites Usage – $84.95 annually.
  • Total Site License – Unlimited Website Usage – $174.95 annually.


It supports one Website with One year of free Upgrades and Supports.


It Supports 3 Websites this Strategy also with one year of Free Updates and Supports


They Also Give an Unlimited License Bundle you use on Unlimited WordPress sites with 1-year Supports and Updates.

How to Install and Activate WP Coupons?

Installing WP Coupons is very similar to any additional plugins in your WordPress website.

  • Visit the “Plugins > Insert New” part on your WordPress admin panel and then upload the zip file you’ve downloaded to the WP Coupons website. The zip file must be together with the title “wp-coupons.zip.”
  • As an alternative, you can unzip the file and upload the extracted folder within the”/ / wp-content/plugins/” directory. You can achieve it by using the File Manager program from your hosting accounts or logging in to your server with an FTP client.

After installing and activating the plugin, it will make a menu item called “Coupons” from the sidebar. The plugin also generates a product “WP Coupons” under the “Settings” menu. Employing these menu items, you can produce and handle all coupons on your website. The first thing you need is to trigger the plugin by entering the license key beneath “Coupons > Settings > Permit” settings. This activation will be connected instantly to your account on the WP Coupons website. If you would like to set up the plugin on another website after the trip, you can deactivate it and use it on a different website.

Plugin Settings

You may edit and view all of the plugin settings in the “Emails >Preferences.” Also, it can be performed by “Settings>WP Coupons.” You can’t just personalize the archives but also layout every one of the single coupons.

Screen Settings

You may guess from the title this is the area from where you can command all of the screen preferences of your voucher’s archives or solitary vouchers page and panel. It comes with several settings options mentioned below:

  • Coupon Archive Settings: Together with the choices here, you may use any custom template to your voucher site, or you may use the article which accompanies your theme. In the event you don’t enjoy the archive URL for “Coupons,” you can alter the slug to something like “Offers” or even “deals.”

These choices also let you modify the design or restrict the number of coupons you’re likely to use within an archive.

  • Single Coupon Display Options: it is possible to pick some post/page template or a customized voucher page from such options. Additionally, ensure you like your most favorite place to set the coupons to your customers. It’s possible to examine the rankings and decide which one of these goes well with your website. The very best thing is the breadcrumb configurations are also available from the WP Coupons plugin.
  • Single Coupon Panel Options: This setting is essential. You want to customize how the coupon panel will be displayed on the single pages and archives and occasionally even on a widget. Inside this part, you may immediately connect to the affiliate websites and establish expiration dates for your customers. Additionally, it is possible to customize every one of those coupons individually.

Configuration Options: you’re able to personalize the coupon page from the alteration of this padding, width, and widgets. This choice works excellent in regards to raising the affiliate.

Style Options

This plugin will be the one that permits you to personalize the general style of each one of those components of this voucher panel. A few of them might be utilized frequently, which might not seem so great on the archive.


It is where you can personalize the extra features that include the voucher, such as adding click to replicate choice, excluding the default lookup function.

Pros and Cons of WP Coupons


  • Simple to Setup.
  • Complete Control.
  • Frequent Upgrades.
  • No Coding Required.
  • Full Customization.
  • Coupon Expiry Function.
  • Great looking coupons.
  • Automatic archive with filters.
  • Shortcodes and widgets.
  • Custom Single-Article Template.
  • Custom Archive Template.
  • Great Service.
  • Rich Documentation.
  • WP Coupons plugin lets you utilize Yoast SEO breadcrumb. It is hugely beneficial to connect breadcrumb paths to the voucher catalog page using corresponding filters. Bear in mind, many plugins such as CM Tooltip Glossary don’t link glossary index in the breadcrumb. It would help if you employed their programmers to construct the breadcrumb even though the plugin is excellent.
  • Likewise, it is possible to include coupon/archive URLs in XML Sitemap for indexing at Google.
  • In case you don’t have articles to make a coupon site, it’s likely to utilize direct links. It will aid the voucher by connecting the affiliate URL directly rather than your voucher page.
  • You’ll be able to induce or randomize the voucher on the sidebar widget on every blog post. It can be helpful once you have testimonials about the item and reveal an affiliate on the website.


  • Documentation could be clear and comprehensive.
  • Premium.
  • Plugin upgrades — you need to delete the older plugin on your website and reinstall if there’s a brand new edition. It can be a tedious procedure and may be prevented by upgrading from the admin panel.
  • Documentation is relatively easy with few paragraphs and graphics. It isn’t enough for most users to comprehend the extensive features of this plugin.
  • A few demos for immediate linking or divide linking may help users acquire significance rather than describing with text.
  • The custom page design can have more choices to add coupons like the following name, after articles, etc. The available three options (top, left, and right) aren’t sufficient for all situations.
  • By default, you cannot use a sticky widget to correct it if scrolling the material. You will need a different plugin for this goal. Since the plugin includes a custom template, likely this alternative can be a part of the configurations to avoid using the extra plugin.
  • Coupon shortcode is only accessible person page rather than on the admin department’s listing page “Coupons > Coupons.” Every time you need to edit the vouchers page and receive the shortcode, that’s hassle-free.

WP Coupons Customization

  • Change background for your Custom deals archive webpages
  • Visit WP Coupons Plugin Configuration webpage.
  • Open Extra’s add this under CSS about the Custom CSS BOX
  • #wp-coupons-outer-wrapper undefined
  • Replace #ffffff along with your Custom Background Color code.’

WP Coupons Affiliate

WP Coupons WordPress Plugin gets the Affiliate program you can make from WP Coupons Plugin Affiliate promotions.

  • You receive a 20% commission per sale
  • Custom Affiliate marketing URL
  • Track your Clicks and Revenue
  • Payout your payments from PayPal
  • receive an Affiliate revenue alert to your Mail

Single Coupon Screen Options

  • Like the archive, You May Also personalize the only coupon page:
  • Select custom or post/page template for voucher page.
  • Pick where you need to reveal the voucher card. There are three choices available — shirt left and right. We advise you to examine these rankings and pick the best design for your website. But, you can alter the design per coupon in the editor when making a voucher.
  • Display or hide name and breadcrumb. You might even utilize the Yoast breadcrumb using the WP Coupons plugin. It is an excellent alternative. The breadcrumb will automatically connect to the archive index page with filters.

Single Coupon Panel Options

That is an important part; you need to personalize correctly as the voucher code is displayed on a single page, archives, and the widget. It is possible to hide or show unique segments like the expiry date and place the hyperlink behavior. It’s likely to immediately link to the affiliate product page or your voucher page or join both from the coupons. You might even alter the behavior of every coupon and personalize it so in the editor.

Establishing Single Coupon

Each of the above configurations is implemented globally, and you’ll be able to customize one voucher’s behavior when generating in the editor.

  • Go into the “Coupons > Insert New” menu and generate a new voucher page.
  • Produce your articles and assign a class (Sort), tags included pictures.
  • Insert details about the “Coupons Panel” Meta box. Bear in mind; the settings will magnify the international settings, as explained previously.
  • Preview and print your voucher page.

It’s possible to find the shortcode to get one coupon and add it anywhere on your website. The plugin may also cause a sample coupon code webpage, be sure that you delete or update the webpage with appropriate content.

How to Use The WP Coupons Plugin?

You can locate the Coupons Admin tab under remarks from the WordPress dashboard include a Coupon much like developing a brand new Blog Post

  • Give Custom Title
  • Pick the Sort of Merchandise
  • featured picture for Coupon box
  • Custom article texts will exhibit about the Coupon Archive webpages
  • Custom Coupon Form for Screen Supply codes in Widgets
  • from the Custom WP Coupon Offer type, fill you Discount, Discount code, URL, and Description
  • It is using the Custom Shortcode for Screen the Coupon Widget at sidebars, articles, and webpages

The Best Way To Exhibit This Voucher on Pages and Posts?

While Making the New Coupon, it reveals the Shortcode on Coupons new article page checks the Images mentioned above.

  • 30% OFF – Black Friday
  • WP Coupons
  • Boost your Affiliate Product revenue

How To Display This WP Coupons Widget On Sidebar?

  • Open your WordPress dash.
  • Visit Look > Widgets
  • Pick WP Coupons Widget and Set it onto Sidebar.
  • By Default, it revealed random vouchers on Each page.
  • If You Would like to exhibit a Specific voucher in your article sidebar, select the particular one from the Article Editor. For demonstration, assess our website sidebar.

Does This Plugin Have a Custom Deals Page?

Yes, this is the largest point of the plugin that you place your customized URL slug on your archive on the WP Coupons Plugin Configuration page. And one more critical issue is having a custom library for vouchers. You may add your customized article content and graphics on this page.


In the end, This Plugin Completely with a Pure CSS will impact your site loading speed using a 100% Fluid responsive WordPress Coupon Plugin. The largest point of the plugin that you place your custom URL slug on your archive on the WP Coupons Plugin Configuration web page, and another important thing is using the habit archive for vouchers. You can add your custom article content and pictures on that page. If it comes to your affiliate advertising Coupons, there’s hardly any choice to these WP Coupons. This plugin will supply you with everything you’ll have to cultivate your clients and enable you to showcase your deals and offers. Thus, we advise you to use this plugin. I hope this article was useful to you, and you may find a fantastic idea about this beautiful plugin.

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