Wordfence Review: Is It Really The Best Security Plugin For WordPress?

Are you seeking a WordPress security plugin? WordFence Security is among the most popular WordPress safety plugins in the marketplace. During this WordFence Security inspection, we’ll have a look at its features and functionality to learn whether it’s the very best WordPress safety plugin on the marketplace. WordPress is just one excellent piece of blogging computer software. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about WordPress is that we, as bloggers, possess the duty to maintain our websites quickly, securely, and protected. We keep the ability to make adjustments as we see fit.

A website is a blogger’s house. And it is our job to maintain our sites, such as our houses, safe and protected. Specifically, once you’re in charge of a multi-author WordPress site, your function to guarantee your site’s safety gets much more significant. Now, I’ll be sharing a single useful plugin known as WordFence Security. It is a WordPress safety plugin that performs multiple jobs.

Much like everything linked to the World Wide Web, security is a significant issue from the WordPress sphere. In actuality, the CMS has its dedicated safety team only for this reason, and it is why we publish articles such as this one. As a result, there are quite a few safety plugins from the WordPress directory. The hottest: WordFence. With over a thousand active installs, nearly all users appear to prefer this alternative to others.

Deservedly so? That is what we would like to discover. Within this in-depth WordFence inspection, we have a comprehensive look at the safety plugin concerning installation, attributes, and user-friendliness. Want to learn whether it truly is the ideal WordPress security plugin? Subsequently, tag along.

What is Wordfence?


Wordfence is a free WordPress safety plugin that comprises an endpoint firewall (WAF) and a malware scanner. It includes additional safety measures like login protection (2FA, login page CAPTCHA, restrict login attempts), Live Traffic, and innovative rules-based blocking. Wordfence is a localized firewall. It remains in your web server also isn’t cloud support. Consequently, it may perform server-side scans at a more profound level and supply complete end-to-end encryption.

However, this benefit comes at the expense of functionality. Why? Since your host’s resources will examine the visitors, check for any malicious purpose, and, if needed, drop the traffic. Should you host your site on a server using fewer tools (e.g., shared hosting and affordable managed-to-host programs), your website will come to your crawl quickly. WordPress is the planet’s most popular Content Management System. It forces over 25 percent of all sites online. This massive amount makes it a favorite target for malicious attacks, hacking efforts, code identification, etc.

Most WordPress users aren’t programmers or specialists in online security. There are a few security best practices which you could follow, like keeping regular copies, using strong passwords. You’ll require a WordPress safety plugin for innovative items like scanning for malware, blocking questionable activity, or tracking your site security. Having said this, let us take a peek at the way Wordfence Security safeguards your site against common dangers. Wordfence’s firewall is powered with its Threat Defense Feed, and it is a fancy word for its assortment of firewall rules, including malicious IP addresses and malware signatures.

The Threat Defense Feed is incorporated together with all the Wordfence plugins installed on your WordPress website. Your waiter powers it. Together with Wordfence Premium, you receive real-time upgrades into the Threat Defense Feed. It includes features like:

  1. Real-time IP Blacklist, Firewall Rule, and Malware Signature Updates.
  2. Premium Support.
  3. Site/IP Reputation Checks.
  4. Country-level Blocking.

Free users receive the mission-critical updates just after 30 days of going live. They also don’t acquire real-time IP blacklisting. While this looks like a fantastic alternative for personal sites, it may be quite a deal-breaker if you are hosting a company or an e-commerce site. There is one benefit an endpoint firewall has more than cloud firewalls. As it is powered entirely from your host, theoretically, it cannot flow any info, nor will it be bypassed. By comparison, a cloud firewall can flow data or be omitted when the attacker knows your server’s IP address.

The Way to Utilize WordFence

Alright, let’s get to work and prepare the safety plugin.

Consider the Dashboard


Our first stop is your Wordfence dashboard. Here, you may observe notifications about new versions and articles from the Wordfence site on all things security. Under this, you may keep the status of your safety system: empowered Wordfence attributes, blocked strikes for your day, month, and week both to your website and the Wordfence system, login attempts, blocked IPs, and leading states from which your website has been assaulted (if it had been ). The dash is a superb place to acquire an overview of exactly what happened to your website and the interest from the hacking community to make it down. This way, you can gauge the danger level and if you want to take extra action or be extra cautious.

Website Scan


One of the most significant segments is your scanning module. When you strike Start a Wordfence scanning here, your plugin may audit your website for possible safety issues so that you can address them. These include:

  • Backdoors, malware, and vulnerabilities
  • Altered heart files
  • malicious documents in WordPress folders
  • Outstanding upgrades
  • Opinions with dangerous URLs

It is notable because the manufacturers of Wordfence have a host with each WordPress variant and each plugin and motif in the directory. In this way, the plugin may compare your server’s documents by using their mirror and finding anything altered in the original. Additionally, it permits you to replace files with their originals even if you have not created a backup yourself. Now that is service! It also entails that the scan may take some time depending on the dimensions of your website.

After done, Wordfence provides you with a list of possible security problems and comprehensive recommendations about the best way to look after those. You may also look at files alongside one another to determine where the code was altered. Mark whatever you’ve cared for as repaired or, if you happen to know something isn’t a problem, decide to dismiss it. The Options panel on top permits you to pick what to include from the scans.

As an instance, you might have a plugin search for altered plugin or theme documents, expand the scan to forms out your WordPress directory or utilize a very low source scan for surroundings with minimal processing power. Apart from that, Wordfence may even automatically scan your website for issues once daily and notify you through email if it finds some.

Boost the Firewall

Aside from the website scan, Wordfence includes a firewall that retains risks at bay. You may find it below the Wordfence > Firewall. Its objective would be to filter strikes before they reach your website. The firewall rules have been upgraded in real-time from the superior version, while at the free version, they’re refreshed every 30 days. Initially, WordFence urges maintaining the firewall in learning style, which can be enabled by default. This way, it may better understand the way your website works and who’s assumed to be on the market, and that is not.

Following a week, it will automatically change to empowered. Thus there isn’t anything to do to help you right now. But you may want to click on the significant Optimize Wordfence Firewall button. It may permit Wordfence to bring some things to the .htaccess document to get a more effective running firewall.

Characteristics of WordFence Security Plugin

WordFence is a free plugin, and besides, it includes updated paid choices. The free edition, nevertheless, should manage all just fine. With more than + million active installations and 5/5 star ratings, speak to your plugin prevalence. However, There Are Lots of trendy paid attributes available:

  • Country Blocking
  • Remote Scanning
  • Scheduling Scans

The free version is pervasive and will offer loads of safety for your WordPress website.

Here is what you will receive from the free version:

  • Establish a one-click security amount. With one-click safety, it is possible to set what security level you need for your website. By way of instance, WordPress website owners that are under heavy assault can place their one-click security degree to “Crucial.”
  • Email alarms. Here it is possible to set your notification choices. You can usually set it to get a couple of situations like β€œAlert about the crucial problem,” “Alert on warnings,” and β€œAlert when an admin user hints in.”
  • Live visitor’s perspective. It is a handy alternative, but I would not advise that you enable this feature to get a busy website.
  • Virus scanner. WordFence scanner will scan all your present documents to get any malicious code. Also, it is going to permit the tracking of any newly added form.
  • Firewall principles. It is beneficial if you wish to restrain the accessibility of bots on your website.
  • Login safety attributes. Should you utilize any login protection plugin, then you can eliminate it! WordFence may be configured to automatically send you notifications for almost any user that logs to a WordPress dashboard and may trouble lock-outs from logging in after (x) failed login attempts. Another helpful feature here is that it will not show valid usernames from the login mistake.
  • Added WordPress safety Choices. You will find a couple more things to do to create your WordPress site protected. Using WordFence, you can conceal the WordPress variant, scan remarks for malicious URLs, and assess your customers’ password power.
  • Prevent DDoS attacks. Using WordFence, you may be sure that your site is protected from hackers.

If you’re concerned about the quantity of memory that this plugin may utilize, you may place the maximum amount of memory for use by this plugin. If you’re on shared hostings such as HostGator or even Bluehost, putting it to 256MB won’t cause any difficulties. When you download, install and activate the WordFence safety plugin in the WordPress dashboard, then you’ll want to find an API key from their website. That is 100% free, and you will get infinite API keys to your free account. As soon as you’ve your WordFence API key, go in the WordFence settings, then add your Wordfence API key, decide on a security amount, and choose the right choices to find the traffic.

Also, I suggest that you check out all of the features provided by this plugin and put it up based on your requirements. As soon as you’re done, click “Save Changes.”

Now, visit WordFence > Scan and Click “Start a WordFence Scan.”

It may run your very first safety scan, and it’ll assess your current site for almost any vulnerabilities. Determined by your website’s size, it might take hours to complete this original safety scan. After the scan is completed, you can see all of the mistakes on the scanning page. You could also have the results emailed to you. WordFence safety plugin is quite beneficial. It doesn’t just scan your current WordPress website for almost any vulnerabilities but also safeguards your website in real-time against hackers.

Establishing WordFence Security plugin

WordFence Security plugin is sold as either a Free or Paid variant. The paid version has additional features and premium service. The free version is also very usable, which is what we will use for your review. WordFence Security plugin functions from the box, and default settings should work for many sites. The plugin also offers a preferences page where you can set up the plugin to satisfy your requirements.

Just visit WordFence” Options webpage to configure plugin configurations.

WordFence Security is a powerful plugin and is accompanied by an extensive collection of attributes and choices. First, you will prepare the simple plugin choices, including allowing or disabling the heart plugin attributes and supplying the extra email address for alarms. The innovative options page is the place you can alter the way the plugin functions and works on your website. First, you’ve got warnings; it is possible to disable or enable events you need to get notified about. If you run a busy site, you’ll find many mails from WordFence safety as alarms. A good deal of those alerts isn’t harmful pursuits.

Then you will find Firewall rules and scan principles. It is where you can inform the plugin that directories and files scan and fix firewall behavior. Do not alter these options if you don’t understand what it is you do. Do not forget to click the Save changes button when you’re finished.

Scan Your Site for Risks with WordFence Security

WordFence Security includes a powerful scanning instrument. Just visit WordFence” Scan to start a scan. WordFence will assess your WordPress website for common dangers like backdoors, malicious and suspicious code, MySQL injection, etc. After the conclusion of this scan, it is going to demonstrate the variety of problems it found. With every issue, you’ll see detailed information about it using sensible suggestions for the best way best to repair it.

WordFence is among the most popular WordPress plugins used by over a million sites. They gather information from WordPress websites all around the world. It assists them inefficiently learn about new dangers and how to identify them. But, WordPress forums are filled with mixed reviews from customers that use the plugin. Occasionally it captures the backdoors and malicious code that other scanners will not catch. Sometimes it could fail to discover them. It’s the best strategy to not rely on just one tool should you suspect your website’s safety may be compromised.

Ease of Use

Setting up Wordfence is relatively straightforward. Immediately after installing the plugin, it will request that you deliver an email address at which you’d like to get security notifications. You would also have to concur with their Conditions of support. Following that, you will realize an onboarding wizard who can allow you to become knowledgeable about this Wordfence dashboard. It points out where you are going to see security alarms and scans. The plugin will turn to the website program firewall from the learning mode and conduct an automatic scan from the background. Based upon how big your site, you may observe notifications when the scanning is completed.

Clicking a notification will reveal its specifics with recommended actions that you have to take. By way of instance, here it showed us that our WordPress theme has a more recent version available. The firewall runs as a WordPress plugin that isn’t powerful. Wordfence does permit you to conduct it at the elongated mode for improved security, but you will need to set this up manually (more on this later). The fundamental Wordfence plugin installation is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of user input. The user interface is somewhat cluttered, making it hard for novices to come across specific settings/options.

Wordfence Website Program Firewall

Wordfence provides a site application firewall that tracks and blocks malicious site traffic. It can be an application-level firewall, meaning that it runs on your server and is less effective than the usual cloud-based firewall. By default, Wordfence turns it on together in a simple manner. In other words, the firewall functions as a WordPress plugin, so before an attack could be obstructed, WordPress must load. It can occupy plenty of server resources, and it is not efficient. To alter, you’ll have to install the Wordfence firewall from the elongated mode manually. It will permit the Wordfence firewall to track traffic until it reaches your WordPress setup.

As it is an endpoint firewall, Wordfence can block traffic after it’s reached your hosting host. In the event of a DDOS attack or brute force effort, your server tools will nevertheless be affected, along your site performance will probably be down. It can even crash. When you activate Wordfence, their firewall is in learning style. It learns how you and other users get your WordPress site. Many firewall rules aren’t applied to be certain legitimate site users aren’t accidentally blocked in this period.

Wordfence Tracking and Alerts

Wordfence has a superb telling and alerts program. First, notifications will be highlighted near the Wordfence menu at the WordPress admin sidebar and dash. They’re highlighted based on their severity. It is possible to click on a telling to find out more about it and repair it. But you’d see this only once you log into the WordPress dashboard. Wordfence again will come with instant notifications through email. To configure email alerts, visit Wordfence’s” All Choices webpage and scroll down to the Mail Alert Preferences section. From here, you can turn e-mail alerts. You might even select the intensity level to send an email alert.

Monitor Your Live Traffic with WordFence Security

A high number of any website’s traffic comes from automatic bots such as search engine crawlers, data mining robots, and automated spambots. It is very typical and nothing to be panicked about. But if your website is under a DDOS attack, you’d observe a bombardment of strikes from particular IPs to your site. Utilizing the live traffic tool at WordFence Security, you can track these IPs in real-time and prevent them. While the data collected via this instrument can be quite helpful, it doesn’t assist a website owner much. Most assault bots utilize several IP ranges spread across various networks across the world. It’s quite tough to block IP addresses effectively. The moment you secure an IP system, the botnet switches into some other network. It can be a never-ending sport where you can’t win by manually tracking and blocking things all on your own.



It is possible to download Wordfence’s safety plugin at no cost. As of this moment, it is the highest-rated and many installed safety plugins to the WordPress plugin. Wordfence Premium begins at $99/year for one website. You receive a discount if you tack on other sites to your purchase. The more websites you include, the larger the deal! The essential WordFence Security plugin can be obtained at no cost. The pricing to the superior version starts from $39 each year. There are various pricing options for bulk accreditation. The official WordPress.org forums offer support to your free version of the plugin. Free service is limited and not guaranteed. The email-based ticketing system supplies premium service. There’s documentation on how to use unique programs in WordFence Security plugin to the official site.


WordFence Security plugin is an excellent alternative for a basic WordPress safety setup. But, it isn’t the very best WordPress safety plugin. It places a substantial quantity of load on your server. It may influence your website’s functionality if you’re in a shared hosting environment.

It messes up with your WordPress information and stores a great deal of info in your database. The user interface of this plugin isn’t so great. We believe it could be cleaned up a bit. The options page is overpowering, and there are just too many alternatives. Wordfence is the hottest WordPress safety plugin, and deservedly so. The free version offers plenty of features to maintain WordPress websites safe and away from spam lists. From a comprehensive security audit on a full-featured firewall for heaps of other choices, the plugin will do its very best to keep hackers and other dishonest people at bay.

From an individual perspective, you can discover where dangers to your website appear and have tons of alternatives to make the plugin work depending on their requirements. That does not deny that safety is an intricate topic. Even though Wordfence is quite much “set it and forget it,” users might need to do a little bit of work to get the maximum from the plugin.

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