Top 5 Text to Speech WordPress Plugins Compared

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WordPress is considered one of the top most leading blogging platforms that are being widely used all across the globe by so many bloggers out there. And there is a specific reason behind it that WordPress used to serve varieties of other plugin support that may help you in various ways.

Especially if you are a digital entrepreneur or a Marketer, there is a wide range of options available in plugins. This means you don’t even have to worry about using the word press in a full-fledged manner.

WordPress has more to say, and I have already covered it in the previous posts. Today I will be talking about one of the essential topics, i.e., text to a speech WordPress plugin. It helps you convert your voice into a text format without even typing manually. There are multiple ways to use the text-to-speech service, amongst which the Google assistant is the one that is being used by so many users out there.

But if you primarily use WordPress as a powerful platform for blogging, then it’s kind of challenging to opt for the one plugin as there are various plugin support that will surely get you confused. So make sure to stick with the post till the end, as I’ll be sharing the list of 5 different text-to-speech WordPress plugins that can be used as per convenience.

But before I hear the complete list, it is straightforward for you to know why you require a text-to-speech plugin. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How Does Text-To-Speech Work?

This might be the question that needs to get sorted before diving deep into the plugins list. It is a machine learning model trained from human speech regarding text to address. The human voice is being identified and converted into specific data that loan the fabric of a person’s voice. There are too many unique characters identified as per the convenience.

Due to constant growth in artificial intelligence assistants, most people believe that text to speech is one of the significant resources that may shortly e going to change future aspects. So if you’re a creator or a blogger who usually writes a script blog post, then it’s better to go with the text-to-speech that serves you better solutions.

Why You Need Text-To-Speech For WordPress?

The error is changing, and most manufacturers out there, including some of the bigger ones like Apple and Google, are constantly putting their efforts to evolve their product into AI, which is indeed possible. People are getting more attached to the improvements done by the innovators out there just because the task performed by humans are getting silenced with the significant development done by these companies.

The text to speech is a machine learning model that converts the human voice data to the reader. It usually helps you convert the clone for the human voice. Apart from that, it is being used to reduce the audio using the voice depending upon the unique characteristics. There are so many different use cases of text to speech, amongst which using it is no AI assistants is one of the major ones that is being widely used all across the globe with several uses, including Apple Maps.

When it comes to the WordPress plugin, there is an insane amount of text-to-speech plugins available in the market that are usually embedded using the audio player. Every time a post is published, it is generated using the text to speech system (like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.). Due to having most of the company’s support for the hosting, it is pretty easy to install the plugin and create an account as per the convenience.

Most of the content writers out there used to have a certain amount of Glitch while writing content in a text format manually, and this can be get started using the text to the speech where the efforts get low, and the output is insane.

So, for now, without any further ADO, let’s get deep into the list of the best text-to-speech WordPress plugin that you can Look upon.

What Are The Best Text-To-Speech WordPress Plugin?

Following is the list of Text-To-Speech WordPress plugins:-



BeyondWords lets you convert articles into audio content. You can find 200+ voices in 28 languages.

It includes almost all of the Play. ht features. It also offers programmatic ad placement options.

It is compatible with WordPress and Ghost plugins.

Let’s talk about the WordPress plugin.

BeyondWordss WordPress plugin offers good features but lacks customization capabilities compared to Play. ht. You can also use the optional audio shortcodes, which are very flexible. You can add articles and edit text.

The price of BeyondWords is much lower than that of. Play. It is a great way to save money if you are a beginner blogger or a news website owner.

BeyondWords may be worth the investment if you are looking for ad placement. Due to having multiple text-to-speech options, you can easily define the words as the AI support will quickly analyze what you’re saying.


Following are the features of BeyondWords:

  • Get access to over 28 different languages as per the convenience that can be used likewise.
  • The BeyondWords is the perfect platform for creators who have a time foundation.
  • You can even customize the whole BeyondWords in the way you like.
  • Get access to text editing and publishing.
  • It is ideal for the blogger’s digital entrepreneurs as it helps you cover the voice in a text format. offers one of the best text-to-speech options. It’s a great tool that I use in my blog posts.

This service is specifically designed for content creators who want to save money on professional voiceovers.

Play. ht gives you access to over 100+ authentic voices. It was amazing to me how accurate the voices were. It’s a cloud-based service that can be used with nearly all platforms that support HTML.

You also get a WordPress plugin to convert the articles to audio. You can also click the enable to listen to an icon at the bottom-right and left of your screen.

You can also adjust the voiceover text, choose narration style, modify tone and pronunciation, and add pauses. To make the audio more appealing, I prefer to keep it short.

Developers are swift in rolling out updates. They have great features such as voice cloning and background music. You can either create audio from text or URL or add your own audio to the interface!

You can also modify some global settings for the page and audio players and access audio analytics.

The blogger plan is suitable for individuals who are bloggers. You can also choose their second and third plans if you are a publication.

The best thing about was:

  • The WordPress plugin offers superior customization options
  • This app is very affordable compared to other ones
  • Willingness to incorporate new features using a public roadmap.


Following are the characteristics of Play. ht:-

  • Get access to over 100+ realistic voices that can be used without any lag in analysis.
  • You can even convert the text format into the voice that signifies its authenticity.
  • You can easily embed the first paragraph wherever you want.
  • You get access to the tweak voiceover text.
  • Developers used to serve multiple updates every single time with a considerable improvement.
  • You can even create the audio using the front of the text audio file.

Responsive Voice


It currently supports 51 languages and more than 160 voices. The shortcode “Listen Button” can be embedded anywhere on your page. To hear the voiceover, upload your MP4 file or give the YouTube URL.

You can change the parameters of the voice and text. You can adjust the pitch, volume, and rate with the shortcodes.

This plugin will allow you to create voice-enabled sites. The plugin displays page messages like the welcome message, exit message, and message after 30 seconds.

ResponsiveVoice is free for all non-commercial websites.

These features are available to you if your website is a commercial one. Premium plans start at $39/mo


Following are the features of responsive voice:-

  • You can easily make everything from the web page just by speaking and hovering the mouse.
  • It can help you in multiple ways that can automatically talk about the text when the webpage is loaded.
  • You can access the keyboard accessibility to any website with proper navigation support.
  • When the user selects the text, you can speak conveniently.
  • Get access to the multiple messages using the web page and access the news within 30 seconds.



Remixd voice plugin assists media firms, high-quality content creators, publishers, and other quality in increasing their revenue by delivering audio content. The AI is based on proprietary technology and offers natural-sounding voices that resemble human ones, increasing users’ engagement on web pages.

You can pick from several voices, control how users are required to hear the sound, and increase accessibility for mobile devices. Similar to BeyondWords, It also allows dynamic ad placement and monetization for your business.

Based on the level of interaction and behavior on the website, This plugin allows you to create ad campaigns to maximize the impact.

Like Trinity Audio, you can provide the audio content for listening to via smart speakers such as Alexa. They haven’t revealed the prices on their website. Contact support for price information.

Remixd also provides access to reports and analytics to analyze the results, insights, and monetization outcomes.


Following are the parts served by Remixd:

  • Get access to the multiple voices that can be used to serve as demands.
  • Provides you complete support that’ll surely help you monetize the brand.
  • One of the legit alternatives of the Trinity audio platform.
  • You can quickly contact their customer care support for the ricin details analysis.
  • There’s the proper use of AI for better alignment.



WebsiteVoice WordPress plugin is ideal for publishers and bloggers to convert web-based content to high-quality audio. Through Automatic Content Recognition technology, this plugin can automatically recognize the content on your website.

They have developed their voice algorithm using AI and machine learning to help your benefit to remove robotic voices. The intelligent adaptive agent can make speech sound like a natural human voice.

Users can adjust and regulate the volume of their voices according to their preferences.

The customization options are accessible. You have to add the script on the website and then modify the player to fit your company’s image.

The starting plan is adequate for bloggers with small blogs to get you started. It costs $9 per month; however, it does not have advanced features. If you’re serious about your blog and want to be a professional, you can choose the premium plan, which costs $29/month.

Suppose you require features such as speedier audio conversion, customized texts at both the start and the end, and MP3 audio downloads the ability to control voice speed UVT. In that case, you should consider their professional plan, which is priced at $49 per month. This plan is recommended for sites with a high volume of traffic.


Following are the features served by Website Voice:-

  • The customization options are so easy that they can be used conveniently.
  • Get access to the multiple voice support used as the text-to-speech.
  • Pretty affordable in terms of pricing, which is a good thing.
  • Comes with an AI that regulates the exact form of content.

Final Verdict

Text to speech is one of the outstanding services that help you create a good form of content. So. If you’re a bit conscious of the creative content and saving time, it’s better to go with the text-to-speech service. Also, there are multiple ways of adopting the text to speech, whereas if you’re a WordPress user, you’ll indeed come across tons of text to speech plugins that can be used likewise; through this detailed post, I’ve shared the list of the 5 best texts to speech plugins that one could consider using. So definitely check them out.

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