Elementor Review: The Best Drag & Drop Builder For WordPress

Want to create the best in class and highly valuable website?

You’ll always need to have a premium page builder that’ll surely help you create the best possible website.

Elementor was launched back in 2016, but throughout the years, they’ve added more than a million users worldwide, which is quite a growth in digital products. It’s considered to be the most convenient website page builder that is being widely used all across the globe. So if you’re a bit conscious about Elementor, make sure to stick with the post till the end just because through this complete review of Elementor, you’ll get the in-depth info about the tool and plugin being served to you. 

So with that being said, let’s being from scratch.

What Is Elementor?

Elementor Homepage

Elementor is the best in class and most authentic drag & drop website builder, which is being widely used all across the globe. It’s specifically designed for WordPress users because the drag and drop method is available to organize all of the stuff. 

If you are familiar with Squarespace, probably you might know that the arrangement of entities is damn good, making true sense to acquire their features from scratch. 

One of the useful things about Elementor is that you can even use their pre-designed templates to betterment; your website looks; there’s no need for coding knowledge, which makes true sense to acquire Elementor. 

If you’re still confused about what one can do with the Elementor, here are a few major aspects that you could perform:

  • You can create your own design and the templates to re-design your whole website. Apart from the pre-installed WordPress theme, you can make the best that fulfills your need.
  • Get access to a more intuitive user interface that looks pretty good; along with that, the editor is damn good so that you will be able to design the more efficient textures for the websites.
  • If you are using WordPress version 5.0, you are free to acquire the Elementor themes to make your website look good in each aspect.
  • You will be able to use their drag and drop method that gives overall a good experience. Even if you are just a beginner, it will be easier for you to use their services from scratch. 

Features Of Elementor?

As the features are concerned, Elementor is the best, but I’ve shortlisted a few of the key features that you need to know about the Elementor page builder, so here are they: 

  • A separate user interface is being provided to you for each post to create a new one that suits that specific post. It’s one of the efficient features which I like the most.
  • The element allows you to create a unique template for your website rather than following the same pattern offered by WordPress itself. 
  • There’s no requirement for coding skills such as HTTPS/PHP etc. Even if you are just a beginner, you will be able to build websites from scratch. 
  • You can use it for any type of layout that fulfill your need, along with that WordPress theme allows you to do so. It’ll be easier for you if you’re bored with the consistent use of preinstalled WordPress templates that might not look that good. 
  • The basic reason why most people use the Elementor page builder is just that it can be used with any of the WordPress themes. 
  • The drag and drop feature is available that will initialize your work and properly maintain your workflow, so even if you are beginning from scratch to build your website, it will be easier for you. So definitely check it out. 

Apart from the above features, one of the key features that I like about element is that you can create as many layouts for your website that looks damn professional, so in case if you are worried about the layouts of your website, it gets altered just within the vine by acquiring the Elementor plugin. 

For the last couple of years, I am consistently using Elementor for all of my websites. It serves me as many authentic good-looking templates that I can customize according to the requirement. Moreover, as it works with all of the themes served by WordPress, you don’t have to worry much about the stuff. 

You’ll also get access to various widgets, which surely improves your workflow’s overall authenticity in testimonials, text, social media icons, etc. If you’re a bit conscious about your website growth, check it out to better your work in each aspect. 

You get full control over the looks that can be maintained to maximize your website’s whole look. 

Plans Offered by Elementor


The pricing is one of the most important aspects of each of the digital products because if the product is not serving a good deal, there’s no point. When we talk about a page builder, most beginners might acquire their services from scratch just because they don’t have any coding knowledge. 

Surprisingly element allows you to acquire their features at no cost. However, it has certain limitations if you are supposed to try it out; it is damn good to hands on to their free version; later onwards, you can upgrade it to the premium ones that are quite affordable. 

Following are the premium Elementor plans which are being served to you, amongst which you can opt for the one that fulfills your lead:

  1. The professional plan is available at just $49/ month, which can only be used for a single website. It’s the best version for beginners. 
  2. The Plus plan is available at just $99/ month, which can be used for the 3 websites. 
  3. The expert plan is available at $199/ month, which is the most premium plan served by the Elementor. 

With all of the above plans, you’ll get the following features that you’ll get:- 

  • Get access to the 50+ templates and modules.
  • The template builder will help you to customize the header and footer of your WordPress theme.
  • Get access to more than 300+ additional templates amongst which you can opt. 
  • Woocommerce website setup modules will minimize your job at a certain instance. 
  • You’re free to add custom CSS to their features that’ll surely maximize your website authenticity and workflow.

Who can use the Elementor?

One of the biggest reason why the Elementor get succeed just within few years is that if their easiness factor, so even if you’re just a beginner, it’ll be way essential for you to acquire their features from scratch. It’s the major page builder plugin that one can acquire to maximize the website authenticity. 

Most people use their features just because most of the starter feature you get for free, so you don’t have to invest a single amount on that. There are jot requirements of coding skills just because the drag and drop services are being served. 

It’s the perfect tool for those who are supposed to create the website’s best possible landing pages. With the help of block editor in the Elementor plugin, all of your tasks get even easier, so even if you’re a bit conscious about your website, make sure to acquire the Elementor features from scratch. 

Whether you’re about to align the line of the themes or customize the theme, it becomes easier for you because Elementor gets your job done just within a few minutes. I’ve noticed that the list of the graphics designers and website creators users their features to maximize the website’s look and feel and maximize the site’s value. Even if you’re just a beginner out there, it’s way easier for you to use their features. 

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing a website for your client or for your own business; it’s way easier for you to acquire their features. So definitely visit their official website. So do check it out accordingly. 

Pros and Cons of Elementor

As the plans are concerned, if you’re a bit conscious about the website growth it’s way essential for you to know the pros and cons of Elementor, so here’s I’ve shortlisted a few of them that might let you know whether you should buy Elementor or not. 

So let’s dive deep into it. 

  • Most for the feature you get is for free, so for the beginners, it’s the perfect plugin where you don’t have to invest a single penny until and unless you want to get more features for your website growth.
  • You’ll get access to a wide variety of features, which, along with that, it’s way easier for you to use the tool.
  • The plugin’s user interface is quite subjective and easy to use, so even if you are a newbie, it will be easy to understand their features from scratch.
  • You can use it from your tablet or desktop itself. As it’s a flexible plugin, you can handle it from any device you use.
  • You will come across various detail settings, from alignments to the margins and weddings, to customize the page as per the requirement.
  • There are several drawbacks like the free plan has certain limitations that might bother you a lot if you are not about to invest much of a penny to acquire their features.
  • If you notice that something is unaligned, then it becomes difficult to manage it accordingly.
  • Quite higher pricing if you’re a newbie. 

Would you use Elementor or not?

It’s totally up to you that if you want to make the website good looking or not because Elementor allows you to maximize your website’s value by creating amazing design and templates. 

It is no matter whether you are good at coding or not, just as the drag and drop method is available that will get your job done just within a while. Even if you are a beginner, it’ll be way easier for you to acquire their features from scratch. 

I personally recommend you use their free plans initially. Later on, you can get their premium subscription that serves you as many features that will maximize your website’s overall design. So if your bit conscious about looks and feel, do check it out subsequently. 

Final Verdict

As we’ll know how the page builder and animation tools are about to set up their own business all the way across in the online medium, and that’s where Elementor comes. The plugin for WordPress will surely maximize the website’s overall look and feel prominent. 

Through this complete post, I have introduced you to the best in class and most authentic page builder that is being widely used worldwide. It is effortless to use, and the drag and drop method is quite significant, so even if you don’t have a single knowledge about coding, it’s way easier to acquire their features from scratch. 

If that some great for you, make sure to visit the Elementor official website; you will get to know a lot of features and know more about the pricing details. 

Elementor Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money

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