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Starting a blog is not a big deal in the present because there are so many bloggers out there who are already into the place where they used to create multiple blogs. But there are very few people out there who used to take their blog to the next level of expertise. 

Well, talking about the amateur bloggers out there, it’s essential to know all of the basics to make the book more intuitive in each aspect. After reaching out to the emerging bloggers, I know considerable controversy in enhancing the blog. 

Being a digital entrepreneur and a blogger, I consider blogging as a profession that can help budding entrepreneurs go through the process of building their own businesses. 

But to get started, it’s better to know about a few of the essential things like writing a compelling blog description that will help you grow your blog even if you are not known about the hardcore stuff like SEO and all that stuff that jay confuse you. 

To help you out, I have prepared this detailed post that will help you from scratch, and you’ll be able to write blog descriptions for any niches that you pick. If that makes any sense to you, then make sure to stick with the post till the end, and I assure you that by the end, you’ll have a decent knowledge about the blog description that may he’ll you write the more intuitive description. 

But before we dive deep into the process, you need to know the blog description is precise. 

What Is Blog Description? 

When it comes to website creation, the blog description is considered to be the most essential norm that one can’t ignore at any instance. It’s basically a short summary of your blog that defines what you serve to the audience. 

We are talking about meta descriptions that appear in search results and sharing on social networks in terms of SEO.

This can be described as the meta tag. Meta description tags an HTML meta-tag that informs computers, like Google, what the whole page’s content is.

If you consider it, a description can be similar to the summary for your website. As you’ve selected a theme for your website, it is essential to include a single-line tagline on your website. The tagline can be displayed as a top-level feature on your blog the same way I have used my blog’s tagline.

An SEO meta description offers the possibility of going beyond one line. It allows you to elaborate on the subject, who it is for, and the sub-topics you intend to address.

The description of your blog is independent of the content on your blog and is, in fact, meta-information. Writing a blog description will not be displayed anywhere on your blog; however, it will always be derived from original content.

There is a brief description of the blog’s main page,, the most critical meta-information we provide for the website.

Every blog post acts as an independent entity to Google; therefore, every blog article and page will be distinguished by their blog title.

There is no harm in having a customized blog description, but you stand better odds of success if you already have one.

Why You Need To Have Custom Blog Description?

With a personalized post description, you can define precisely what your blog is about and distinguish it from other blogs. This will allow you to get more traffic and a higher ranking in search results.

When we build the blog site, we promote it using Google search. Each time someone searches for the solution, Google will show hundreds of pages to the searcher. The user doesn’t need to visit them, but she looks for the website that answers the question.

If five pages provide the same information, If the user can find five similar pages, they will choose the first or one that offers the most convincing description.

If your blog description convinces the l, they will pick your blog instead of others, and that is when your website starts growing exponentially. While setting up the custom description, all you need is an excellent copywriting skill that may convince people and improve your traffic rate with the existing position. 

Is It Worth Spending Time Upon Optimising Blog Description?

If you’ve got several successful blog posts that bring you, consistent visitors, then it’s worth your time to alter the meta descriptions and then measure the outcomes. If you’ve got 30-50 or more blog posts, I’m not convinced you need to be concerned about it.

The impact will be more significant when you update the blog’s content instead of just improving the blog’s description.

However, it is more efficient to use your time to create new content. According to the BlogKori concept, we spend 80%  of our time writing fresh content and the remaining 20% updating and optimizing the content we have already registered. If you devote yourself to set up a blog’s custom description in the 20% category, you can modify them.

However, you could realize that a blog’s description in a custom format isn’t very efficient in the present.

How Google Pick Your Own Blog Description?

After several results, we know that Google usually picks the most appropriate blog with an organic snippet of text based upon the blog article. This is generally because most people use the exact search phrase to find the blog. Instead, the user is the most common search that signifies their blog identity. 

If you’re writing a blog post, then make sure to directly post it, don’t get involved in writing a custom blog description unless and until you test out a few things like blog ranking and all those stuff that makes your website more intuitive in each aspect. 

How Your Custom Blog Description Looks Like In Google Search? 

You might have come upon this page by making a Google search, probably the most people do. So you might know what search listing looks like. To take complete control over the title and description for your own website, it’s essential to write a good report that will help you rank. 

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of writing a good description. 

What’s Good About Custom Blog Description? 

  • You can let people know what your blog is all about, and eventually, your website will grow. 
  • Due to more clicks, your website can rank higher on the search engine. 
  • You can even get the entice on every search result. 

But what if someone does not provide a custom blog description? 

In that case, Google will directly pick the description from your website and leave it as a description field blank. 

What’s Bad About Custom Blog Description? 

  • One of the significant drawbacks of the custom blog description is that the searchers will not know what the blog is about, and eventually, people will click less. 
  • With the significantly fewer clicks, Google will surely put the listing down. 
  • You’ll be leaving the valuable traffic on the table itself. 

So I think this information is genuinely valid if you are supposed to create a blog description for the website. So, for now, let’s get directly into writing a compelling blog description for the website. 

How To Write An Compelling Blog Description? 

The best method to create the best description for the blog you are writing about is to imagine your blog like your elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a business’s message written in just a couple of lines. The name is derived from the concept that you can pitch your company when you’re in an elevator.

While I’m not a copywriter, here are some tips I can offer you based on the descriptions that are well-written we have seen so far:

Make sure to add main blog topics & keywords

Having the blog topics is very important and will eventually help you write compelling blog destruction. The many categories in the description will help you find your blog or even if people don’t know the blog’s name. Apart from this, the primary keywords are also being mentioned in the blog, which can help you maximize the blog traffic. 

Make sure to include the blog name & author name in the description

Many popular blogs are operated by one person, making the blog’s Author famous. Make sure to include the name of the Author in your report for anyone who searches for your name to locate your blog. The addition of your name will also show the human aspect of the blog.

Make sure to add credentials to stand out of the box 

An excellent method of standing above other blog listings on Google search results is to include your credentials in the description of your blog. Include any awards or accomplishments which prove that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter you’re talking about.

Using the psychological power words

The process of writing a blog’s description is akin to copywriting, and some strategies can aid you in writing a compelling copy. You can use the power words to write the meta description.

Begin your description by engaging them in:

  • Learn you can…
  • Let’s look at the results…
  • What happens what happens…

The description should be concluded with an invitation to action

  • Click here to go to the site
  • Learn more about the case study
  • Find out more
  • Check out the report

Make use of words that move the reader emotionally, such as:

  • killed
  • Effective
  • bulletproof
  • Free
  • outperform

The description must be in between 150-155 characters

The last tip I’d like to share is keeping your blog’s description to 150-155 characters. Google doesn’t have a set limit at present, as depending on the kind of search result, the quantity of text could be much more significant. However, a standard guideline that blogs should follow is to retain characters’ length within this range.

If you’re planning to sit down to write the blog’s description, you might not know how many words you’ve entered, so always verify the number of characters by using

Once you’ve all these ideas, now it’s time for something more innovative and relevant. So let’s get into how one could set up the killer blog description inside the WordPress blog itself. 

How One Can Set Custom Blog Description In WordPress?

You’ve written an excellent description of your blog. It’s time to integrate it into your website’s code. For the most part, it’s straightforward to do this without touching the code for a single line to WordPress users.

The most efficient method of setting the meta description of your blog to be unique is to use a popular WordPress plugin known as Yoast SEO. Install and enable Yoast SEO. Then go for the SEO and then search appearance in the backend of your site. Enter your new blog’s description in the Meta description textbox and save the changes.

This option will set the blog’s description of your blog so that it is visible to anyone who seeks the blog’s name in a Google search.

To alter the description for specific pages or posts, you must modify the particular position. Let’s say that I want to update an older article on my blog. I’ll navigate to posts > All Posts, Highlight the center, and click edit.

Then, you can scroll down until you locate an SEO option called Yoast on your next page. Press the arrow that will reveal opportunities for Yoast’s SEO options. You will now see the preview of your blog post on Google search. Click Edit Snippet to display the editor for snippets.

Write your own description into the Meta description box. While you type, you will notice the preview appearing on the right-hand side of the Snippet Preview area. There is also an orange bar beneath that text box.

It is okay to get carried away and write more than you want, but as you can see, a lengthy blog post will disappear from the preview, which is an absolute wasted time and effort.

When you are satisfied with your customized blog description, Make sure to click the update button at the top of the page and save the modifications. The exact process is applied to the rest of your essential blog articles.

Tips For Writing Blog Description

Here I’ve shortlisted a few of the proven tips that can eventually help you to write an adequate blog description:- 

  • Make sure to highlight the blogging expertise at a higher instance. 
  • Make sure to explain the niche of your blog very well.
  • Make sure to promote the blog like a brand. 
  • Using striking words could be an excellent solution for visitors who can solve the queries. 

So these were some of the tips that can make your blog more intuitive in each aspect. But that’s not enough, just because the same example will help you to know how to write a compelling blog description. So let’s get deep into it. 

Blog Description Examples

It truly doesn’t matter what niche YouTube writes a blog on, but an adequate blog description is a must to rank your blog at higher SERPs. As it helps you quickly summarise the blog. 

Here are some examples of how to write a compelling blog description. 

Travel Blog Description

Nomadic Matt is considered one of the top bloggers in the travel category, and they have described their blog more effectively. So I highly recommend you go through it to form your own blog description. 

What makes this blog description effective? 

  • The budget travel tips help the searchers to get involved. 
  • The block is designed explicitly for the Travellers looking for the roam. 
  • They used to represent their brand by the #1 budget travel blog, which is good. 

Food blog description

PinchOfYum is considered the most exciting food blog for all food lovers. You can relate to this blog if you have a food blog. 

What makes this blog description more effective? 

  • This blog is all about tasty recipes along with simplicity. 
  • Dev represents their grandfather’s Wedding tips, and eventually, it can monetize a blog. 
  • Get access to multiple resources for photography. 

Tech blog description

TechRadar is considered the top Tech blog that serves varieties of information related to technology and stuff. The latest technology news helps readers stick with the blog for a long time. 

What makes this blog description more effective? 

  • This blog is specifically for the techies that serve detailed knowledge about technology and the news.
  • It directly represents the brand using the words like reviews. 
  • You can find the best content in terms of reading that may he’ll readers stay updated all the time. 

Health blog description

WellnessMama is considered to be the most excellent blog when it comes to physical wellness. It’s been known that the WellnessMama is the award-winning blog owned by Katie Well. 

What makes this blog description more effective? 

  • It clearly signifies the healthy recipes for health benefits.
  • Beauty products are being reviewed. 
  • They used to represent the brand value using the words like natural remedies organization tips for moms and families.

Finance blog description

IWillTeachYouToBeRich is considered to be the most wanted blog when it comes to the finance category. The blog is owned by Ramit Sethi, the Finance author and the best-selling author in the industry. 

What makes this blog description more effective? 

  • It directly specifies how you can manage personal finances effectively and become rich. 
  • It represents the brand value by using powerful words like bestselling Author and thousands of other followers in the best description itself, which is a good thing. 

Now I am sure you probably get to know about writing a description for your blog effectively. So make sure to find the best one that suits your blog category and write it accordingly to help you grow the blog in terms of ranking. 

Final Verdict

Writing an appealing blog description is essential because people cannot rank their blog due to not having a written blog description. To help you out from scratch, I have prepared this detailed blog post that may help you to write an appealing block description that can help you in writing. 

So make sure to follow the step-by-step process and prepare an accurate blog description based upon the blog niche as per the convenience. 

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