Blog Description: Ultimate Guide [With Tips & Examples]

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If you’re supposed to attract more audience through your blog, you need to use proper description (meta description) to signify your blog identity. 

So I’d you’re the one who’s looking for the right strategies to fulfil the requirement of the blog description with tips, examples, and templates too then make sure to stick with the post till end as I’ll be covering all of the important aspects that plays a crucial role in blogging. 

Well, I’m not promoting any types of description generator tool over here as all of the entities are legitimate and manual, which will surely help you be flexible. 

I’ve noticed that most people out there (especially when it comes to the newbies), but let me conclude that they’re missing out on too many things just by missing this one entity. As most of the SEO factors are correlated with this. 

When you see anyone of the audiences used to type some of the keywords on Google, the first thing you notice is your blog’s description. 

Just with the description, they will fulfil all of the requirements mentioned below:- 

  • Topics that are being covered in the blog.
  • The niche identity. 
  • The benefits they will get by reading your blog etc.

World biggest reason you should focus on the blog description is that it’s directly connected with the SERPs, which is way important to stand on the top of the search engine.

But before I dive deep into the strategies, you need to know specifically the blog description. So with that being said, let’s dive deep into it. 

What Is A Blog Description? 

While visiting your website with an audience, type any of the keywords in the search box, the description of the blog appears on the top, which states about the blog entity. It’s specifically below the URL in SERPs. So make sure not to miss it out at any instance. 


Meta description and blog description are the same things that are positioned just below the blog name. 


Why The Blog Description Is Important?

I have noticed that most of the newbies used to get stuck in this question because they are unaware of the Blog’s description and its importance in blog creation. 

Well, that’s acceptable initially. But make sure not to ignore this at any instance, and if you’re doing so, probably, you’re making the biggest mistake that needs to be avoided to maximize the blog’s brand authenticity. 

But why the description of the blog is so important? 

Following are the couple of reasons I have found by researching a lot:- 

For Branding Purpose

Branding plays a crucial role in blogging, so if you want to maximize brand authenticity, it’s essential to write a good amount of blog description that will signify your brand value. Also, it’ll help you to make the blog even more attractive and simplified. 

For Attracting Maximum Traffic 

According to research, it’s been found that 80% of the audience used to see the blog description that what your blog is all about, so it needs to be attractive for better results. The blog description plays a crucial role in making it even more authentic in terms of look and feel, which will showcase your brand value to maximize the traffic rate.

Apart from the above-listed reason, there might be other reasons, but I usually focus upon the major ones that are why I’ve listed them accordingly. 

Types Of Blog Description 

The blog description is of various different types, so you need to be even more specific to opt accordingly. 

After going through research, I found that the blog description is two major types, which are listed below:

  • The blog description
  • The blog post description

So let’s see one bygone for the better commencement. 

Blog Description 

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, the block description is the piece of content created for showcasing your brand value below the blog. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the SERPs rate, you’re free to acquire it for gaining maximum values through it. 

Blog Post Description 

The blog post specifically showcases the post details. Let’s say someone types the keyword, a certain post will appear at the top, and below that, the description will be mentioned, which is termed to be the blog post description. Even if you’re just a beginner, you need to use the blog post description to maximize the brand value. 

How To Write A Blog Description 

WordPress is the best blogging platform widely used all across the globe at a higher instance, so it’s way essential for you to write an authentic blog description that’ll showcase the brand. 

The blog description showcases the brand value and that it also attracts the blog readers’ audience to be authentic at what they do, which is way important. Along with that, it showcases the niche and content of your blog, which plays a crucial role. 

Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO are the two Matrix in which is being available in the wordpress platform that plays a crucial role in optimizing your blog. Even if you’re not well familiar with them, let’s see them one by one. 

Yoast SEO 

The Yoast SEO is considered one of the authentic SEO plugins that’ll surely help you create a better description for your blog. So I’ve shortlisted a few of the steps that’ll guide you throughout, so here are they:

  • Visit the Yoast SEO settings.
  • The title and meta option will be available over there, so click on that. 
  • Now click on the homepage option.
  • Them go to meta description.
  • Write an edge give meta description for the blog. 

For better results, you’re free to use the keywords and the titles as well. 

Rankmath SEO 

The Rankmath plugin is used to another great WordPress plugin widely used worldwide for better SEO results. When it comes, sot, and blog description, the process is quite similar to the existing plugin. So here’s the detailed process:- 

  • Visit the plugin and login into it. 
  • Then go to the dashboard and then click on meta and title. 
  • You’re free to click on the homepage.
  • The homepage let’s description section will appear over there. 
  • Now you’re free to add the meta description as per the convenience. 

Try to use the keywords that’ll be better for SEO purposes. 

Examples Of Most Powerful Blog Description 

You need to know about the blog meta description generator that positively impacts the blog growth. 

To give you a quick overview, I have shortlisted a few of the major examples that show that you will write an effective blog description by yourself without any issue. So let’s begin with that. 


They usually describe the benefits of reading their blogs, which is very important, and add some LSI keywords into it, which has high search volume. ‘Next level SEO training and link building strategies’ grabs the attention of the audience. 

Lonely Planet 

The lonely planet is another great example over there, which is usually used as the most effective ‘love travelling, ‘ which attracted too many audiences to get into it. 

Nerd Fitness 

Nerd fitness describes a blog most simply. Even if you’re a beginner, it’ll be easier for you to grab the nerd fitness by getting a feel into it. As they’ve effectively simplified their word selection. 

Tech Radar 

The tech radar meta description includes ‘ the latest technology news and review,’ which attracts so much audience attention that makes true sense. Most people usually copy that by adding the same keyword into it. 


If you are into blogging for quite some time before, you might know about the ShoutMeLoud blog, which is considered the most efficient blog that teaches you how to blog. It consists of the long tail keywords like ‘ShoutMeLoud is an award-winning blog.’ 

So if you are the one who is still beginning with the first-ever blog, it’s way essential to Grab the idea from the above examples and create your own meta description that will surely help you to maximize your blog efficiency in a great manner. 

How To Write A Blog Post Description? 

As the blog description, the blog post description is another thing that you should not ignore if you want to blog for a higher instance. Well, it’s super easy to set up as you’re free to begin from scratch. 


Like the existing part, even if you’re using the Rankmath SEO or the most SEO, you can set up the blog post description for better results. In the WordPress editor, you can actually notice all of the aspects that will help you create it. 

The blog post description is nothing but the meta description you can add up according to the requirement. I will recommend adding some of the keywords to make it rank higher on the SERPs. 

If you are writing your first blog post description, it’s way essential for you to do that. The characters included in it must not be above 160, which is the standard form of writing an effective and good looking meta description for the blog post that’ll help you in the ranking. 

To let you know, I’ve shortlisted a few of the essential tips that’ll guide you throughout for writing an authentic and good-looking meta description for your blog. So here are they:

  • Make sure to use normal words.
  • The call to action must be there.
  • Make sure not to avoid LSI keywords that have a high volume.
  • Avoid using more than 160 characters, which is the standard rate. 
  • The description must be easy to understand, especially if you’re about to grab more audience. 
  • Optimization of keywords is necessary to get results faster.
  • Make sure to do some sort of competitive Research and theory will get to know more about writing an effective blog post description. 
  • Avoid using too many keywords that look irrelevant. 

The Process To Add Blog Description On Blogger 

As we all know,t blogger is one of Google’s most crucial product, widely used worldwide. It’s not the self-hosted blog because the hosting is available over there, and you don’t have to invest a single bit of a penny over there to acquire the services. 

Along with that,t it’s beginner-friendly too, so you don’t have a single knowledge about blogging and the stuff you’re free to use accordingly. 

But what if you are supposed to write the blog description on blogger? 

Well, it has a solution that is pretty simple and easier too. All you need to do is follow the steps which I have mentioned below, and you will be able to set up the complete blog description effectively:

  • Firstly you’ll need to open the dashboard of blogger you where you will come across various entities. You’ll notice that the ‘setting’ option will be available on the left side bare, so click on it.
  • Inside that, you’ll come across the ‘search preference options, so click on that. 
  • The page will appear in front of you, where you can add up the blog description/ meta description for better results. 
  • Also, in the option, you’ll notice that the ‘enable search description will be available that you need to on. And that’s it. 

NOTE: if you are just a beginner, I recommend you start with the wordpress itself just because it has better performance. Around that, you get access to various different plugins that minimize your efforts efficiently.


How Will You Add The Blog Description To The Blogger?

Adding the blog description in a Blogspot platform is not a big deal. It won’t take more than a minute even if you are supposed to add keywords to it just because adding the keywords plays an essential role you want to rank higher on the search engine. 

All you need to do is open the blog post editor to come across the meta description in the sidebar. So make sure to add the detailed description that’ll help you throughout to get more results in a short amount of time.

5 Tips For Writing Blog Post Description 

We have seen why it is important to write an authentic blog post description, but most people might confuse writing a blog post description. 

Especially if you’re just a newbie, it’ll be way easier for you to resolve your query by thinking of the tips I’ll share. The value will come across tons of different types to write an effective blog post description for your blog posts. But as I have shortlisted the most genuine ones, you will start from scratch. 

Following are the tips that you can follow: 

Use Keywords 

Whether it comes to content writing or a blog post, a description writing the addition of keyword is essential that plays a crucial role to rank your post on the top of search results. Make sure to add the highly searched keywords that’ll help you maximize the blog’s overall authenticity. But try not to use more than a single keyword. 

Use LSI Keywords 

Apart from the main keyword, it will be essential for you to go through the LSI keywords to add to the blog post description for getting better results in terms of ranking and traffic. Especially if you are just a newbie, it will be easier for you to find the better LSI keyword to rank your post. Try to add up to 2-3 LSI keywords in the blog description. 

Limit Up To 160 Characters 

The research found that if you write a blog description over 160 characters, it seems to be spammy and does not provide as much value if you are supposed to maximize your blog post description’s authenticity. Make sure to limit the words you 160 characters, which is more than sufficient if you’re supposed to get the results faster.

Use of CTA 

If you are supposed to get more leads through the blog post description, it is essential to use call-to-action words that will signify your whole blog, and more audience will get attracted towards it, which is way important. It increases the CTRandh that you can maximize the overall search results through that, which is way important. 

Grabbing The Attention 

In the whole digital marketing industry, attention plays a crucial aspect, so if you are the one who wants to gain more attention towards the block its way important to add some sort of powerful words. So even if you’re just a beginner, it’ll be easier to rank your website if you use powerful words in the blog post description. 

Stuffing The Keywords 

Repeating the same keywords multiple times in the same blog post description is considered to be some and looks irrelevant. So I’ll recommend you to use LSI keywords properly so that to get results faster. 

So if you follow the above tips more effectively, it will be easier for you to rank your website on the top of the search engine. So be sure about that. 

How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post Description?

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing or fresh content for writing a blog post description keyword plays a crucial role in each of the entities just because it helps you in the ranking purpose. So if you are the one who’s struggling a lot to get the maximum of search results, you need to use the maximum amount of keywords and LSI keywords as well. 

So if you are the one who is using the keywords for more than a single time in a 1 blog post description, it will act as irrelevant. So make sure to avoid that and use the keyword just once. 

Before you use any of the keywords, make sure to do some sort of competitor research here, you’ll get to know about various kinds of keywords that you can use in the blog post description to get results more often. A similar pattern works with the LSI keywords usage, where you just need to use 2-3 keywords, and that’s it. 

So, if you’re supposed to maximize the search of your content, here are a few tips that you need to follow substantially:

  • Make sure to avoid the stuffing which might hold you to reach the top of the search engine.
  • Do competitor’s research and try to figure out effective keywords. 
  • Use the better LSI keywords that’ll serve you more results. 

For finding the keywords, you can sis the LSI graph that’ll serve you more keywords that one can use for better commencement. 

Final Verdict 

Writing content is a big thing but turning it into a profitable blog is another thing. Still, the meta description is considered the most underrated aspect that needs to be maintained properly for getting results at a higher instance.

Shruti detail post I have shared my opinion about meta description and blog post description by researching it. So if you are the one who is just getting started with the post on your blog, make sure to go through the above entities and create the most important and good-looking meta description that will help you in the SEO purpose. 

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