Black Hat SEO Techniques Which One Should Definitely Avoid

The website security is really important and the market is filled with many such hackers. The SEO is a part of the marketing that make sure that your website is visible to every person. The SEO show direct results in the analytics of the website or blog.

Let us first realize the types of the SEO:

  • On page SEO
  • Blackhat SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Gray hat SEO

The black hat traffic can have an adverse effect on your website which will be seen as reduced analytics. Maybe the doubt raised in your minds would be that black SEO should help to boost the domain then how come we are asking to avoid black SEO. Let us discuss that in little detail.

The most common black hat SEO techniques to avoid:

1. Avoid low-quality content

The content is very much an important part of the website. The content tells it all about the services and information you want to offer. Hence, make sure that the content you are uploading is completely SEO friendly and up to the mark. The Google checks the content very strictly and hence can lead to a negative promotion of your website. Make sure the content you have finalized is pure in quality without any copy from any other source and also is engaging to the audience.

2. Avoid keyword stuffing

Nowadays even the keyword stuffing is categorized into the black hat SEO techniques. This technique has shown many great outcomes in the past but as the number of websites has increased on the internet this method is avoided. As a replacement in order to draw more traffic to your website, you can choose to avoid repeating the same keyword again and again and choose to have long tail keywords for your content.

3. Avoid link exchanges

In order to get positive and high domain authority, you must avoid using a number of backlink exchanges on your website. Maybe these links are a good way to attract more audience to the website but this method works only for a short span of time.

4. Avoid article spinning

There is software available that allows you to spin an entire article which is not suggested to be done if you like to avoid the black hat SEO.

5. Avoid doorway page

There are pages which are specially optimized in order to place some of the keywords at special criteria. These do not help you to attract traffic using SEO techniques rather push your website into the black hat SEO.

6. Avoid blog comment spam

Allow your users and bloggers in the market to comment. Reply positively to even the criticism you receive. Placing comment spam would end up on a non-interacting website and that harm your SEO possibilities.

7. Avoid small, invisible text links

You can make pages with great graphics and animations. Visual graphics always attract the users but the small or invisible links which are hidden are always a serious concern. They will end up with a negative promotion of your website.

8. Avoid paid links as much as possible

Beyond backlinks or hidden links, the paid links may be a serious concern for the black hat SEO techniques. These paid links may hinder the audience response to your website and will lower down the analytics of your website.

SEO takes a lot of dedication and time to be worked on hence it is very important that we prefer right techniques through right implementation.

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