Top 6 WordPress Migration Plugins to Move Your Website

Are you trying to find the ideal WordPress migration plugin to securely move your site to a different hosting company?

Migrating sites from 1 host to another is quite common nowadays. WordPress users frequently migrate their websites to another server. Though migration might be somewhat challenging, should you apply the ideal plugin, it will become effortless and straightforward.

Therefore, if you’re planning to migrate your WordPress website to some other server and searching for a WordPress migration plugin, then you need to come to the ideal location. In this guide, we’re likely to explore the best 6 WordPress migration plugins which can allow you to migrate a WordPress website without needing any previous understanding.

Top WordPress Migration Plugins

1. All-in-One WP Migration


With more than 3 million active installations, All-in-One WP Migration holds second place in our listing of high 6 WordPress migration plugins. Whenever it comes to deciding on a WordPress migration plugin, this is among the recommended alternatives. Unlike many other plugins used for backup purposes, All-in-One WP Migration specializes in site migrations. It supplies a vast selection of qualities that make site migration effortless and straightforward.

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin permits you to export a WordPress website such as the database, media files, motifs, and plugins. And it doesn’t need any prior programming knowledge. It’s a drag & drop interface, so you can easily upload your WordPress website to some other site. This WordPress migration plugin can be found in both free and premium versions.

Migrating your website can seem overwhelming if you do not have any technical understanding of how the procedure works. That is where the All-in-One WP Migration plugin is useful. This beginner-friendly tool allows you to complete all the required tasks with only a couple of clicks.

The plugin allows you to export your whole website as one file. Then, you put in the All-in-One WP Migration plugin in a new WordPress install in your destination host, upload that document, and along with your tabbed website, is prepared to go. It is also possible to use the ‘find and replace’ choice to ensure your website’s smooth transition free of serialization problems.

All-in-One WP Migration uses a few nifty techniques to make sure that it operates on all hosting providers. First, it exports/imports information in 3 next time chunks, allowing it to bypass some constraints placed by your server. 

Should you have to modify your domain name, All-in-One WP Migration allows you to perform boundless find/replace operations on your database. It will correct any possible serialization problems to make sure that everything functions smoothly.

The free version of the plugin supports transferring websites around 512MB in size. If your website is any more extensive, you will want to decide on the unlimited edition, eliminating the size limitation. Additionally, they have extensions that could help migrate your website to cloud storage suppliers such as Dropbox or even Google Drive.

The All-in-One WP Migration programmers have done some fantastic jobs in regards to partnering with hosting firms. In this manner, you typically do not need to consider whether conflicts or performance problems will happen.

Moreover, the plugin does a fantastic job of bypassing a few of their upload size constraints on WordPress. It does this by migrating your website in chunks, maintaining all those balls under 2MB. All-in-One WP Migration is an open-source program; however, an excellent plugin can be obtained for $69/lifetime.

All-in-One WP Migration has become the most common WordPress migration plugin easily in, in which it has been downloaded on more than 44 million occasions. It is possible to use it for cloning, migration, backups, and much more.

The plugin works by permitting you to export your current WordPress website as one file. You may either download the document to the community computer. The plugin also includes paid integrations using quite a few cloud storage places such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and many more. An FTP option lets you copy the document to any server through FTP, enabling you to transfer it straight to a destination server.

2. Migrate Guru


Migrate Pro is the newest kid on the block, being found in August 2017. It was generated by the BlogVault group (but operates on any server) and promised to be the speediest plugin for migrating your WordPress website, finishing migration around 80% quicker than other plugins.

The plugin is completely free without a “premium” variant or compensated add-ons and is acceptable for any WordPress website around 200GB in size.

There is built-in immediate migration for websites hosted on Bluehost, Siteground, HostGator, GoDaddy, WPEngine, and Flywheel, and you’re able to migrate to other hosts using cPanel or FTP. Migrate Guru has quite a distinctive way of WordPress migration, making it a perfect solution for moving big WordPress websites.

The majority of the additional plugins work by copying your website to one or two documents and then uploading these files to your server. Migrate Guru does not do this. Instead, all you want to do is set up the plugin to the website you need to migrate and then enter your brand new server’s credentials. Migrate Pro has built-in integrations with many favorite WordPress hosts, but a catch-all FTP alternative will work with any host.

After Migrate Guru verifies the link with your new server, Migrate Pro’s servers will deal with the job of transferring all your website’s files into the destination. You never have to upload any documents. You might also have Migrate Pro run a search/replace in your database, enabling you to change domains as part of this migration procedure.

Since there’s no manual uploading of documents, you can prevent many individuals’ issues when seeking to maneuver huge websites. Migrate Pro claims to operate for websites up to 200 GB in size, though I have never analyzed a website that big.

In general, if you would like something which will not get bombarded with a massive website, Migrate Pro is decidedly among the best choices. Migrate Pro has some benefits over the competition in regards to multisite and how big your documents. The plugin handles simplifying the migration procedure, even if you’ve got a sizeable multisite network. Additionally, websites with a size of around 200 GB are transferable.

The plugin provides what requires a real one-click integration. It makes it among the quicker solutions in regards to moving websites to other servers. What is more, is that each website transfer is handled on the Migrate Pro servers. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about the transfer placing too much strain on your website or even crashing it.

Migrate Pro does not need any storage area or electricity out of your server. It is a fantastic, easy procedure, clearing out the stress that could come about if your website is too large or littered with documents. There is no demand for add-ons, and it seems that just about every hosting company can encourage the Migrate Guru plugin.

Migrate Pro can be beginner-friendly and super quick to use due to its one-click migration attribute. It means that you can transfer a complicated 1 GB website to some other server in under 30 minutes. Additionally, you should not need to install any extra tools as all significant suppliers support this plugin.

3. Your Host’s Migration Plugin

Recently, popular WordPress hosts have tended to supply their very own dedicated migration plugins to simplify the procedure for moving into their stage. If you’re moving into a server that provides such a plugin, the committed plugin typically gives the most effortless process since it is tailor-made to this server.

If you are moving into another server, you may want to check whether this server delivers a dedicated migration plug for plenty of hosts.

4. Duplicator Pro


Duplicator is undoubtedly among the most well-known plugins for migrating WordPress website files into a new site. A few of the plugin choices involve moving, copying, and cloning, together with a whole site’s conventional migration. It is a superb alternative for backing up your files onto a local system, mainly since it only takes one click to choose the things you need to download.

Following that, Duplicator has many simple steps for transferring all those files on a brand new server/host. You may take a live website and pull it into a neighborhood environment for additional improvement. Backups are also a part of this equation, with automatic and manual alternatives for ensuring that your documents are always protected.

In addition to attributes for staging, motif reuse, and also the elimination of cluttered importing/exporting, Duplicator stands among the ideal migration and backup plugins for many ability levels.

A number of the principal attributes are contained in the free plugin; however, you have the choice to upgrade for more outstanding performance. By way of instance, scheduled copies are held with the premium program and cloud storage and email notifications. Also, we enjoy the multisite migration choices. Duplicator Pro includes a private license for $59. It gets you three website permits. You might even pay more if you require support for more websites.

If you are backing up your website, all you want to do is maintain these files in a secure place. But if you would like to migrate your website (which I am guessing that you do!), you need to upload the two files to a server and adhere to a straightforward installation procedure.

Duplicator automatically sets up everything on your server. You may even alter your domain name and also have Duplicator upgrade each of the URLs!

The free version of Duplicator is excellent for small to medium websites. But if you’ve got a tremendous website, you might have to buy the Pro version as it is set up to manage massive websites. The Pro version also adds a few other useful features like automatic copies.

However, there’s somewhat technical understanding required to set this up and get it working correctly. If you want more of a visual step port to help you through the entire procedure, you may get together with another plugin.

Duplicator requires one to manually enter information on your database and host and conduct several checks before creating the website’s archive. In case you’ve got a vast database or massive documents on your website, you might have to do some trivial before the website backs up correctly.

Duplicator enables you to export your whole set up as two separate files. Then, you only have to upload these files to your destination server utilizing FTP or cPanel File Manager. From that point, you can follow the easy wizard to migrate your website completely. Additionally, it may enable you to conduct a find and replace in your database to modify domains and fix serialization problems.

5. UpdraftPlus


UpdraftPlus is a favorite free WordPress copy plugin. The free version is just one of the best choices available for backing up your website. However, you might even utilize UpdraftPlus to migrate your website to some other site with the full version.

You will produce a “backup” of your current website and import which backup to a new WordPress install in your destination. Afterward, the UpdraftPlus Migrator part can allow you to alter your database if desired during the migration procedure.

Aside from that, it functions exactly like restoring your website from a backup.

UpdraftPlus can be obtained at no cost at But to get the migration part, you will want to buy UpdraftPlus Premium that begins at $70. UpdraftPlus is a feature plugin with strong copy, recovery, and communication capacities. This tool’s main objective is backing up your WordPress website; therefore, it is not a standard WordPress migration plugin. But, it will come with various additional features, such as a dedicated migration extension.

UpdraftPlus makes backing up your website easy. As an example, you can safeguard your documents, copy, and restore them at the same or a new place in a matter of a single click, with no necessity for any extra tools. Besides, you may save your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a range of other cloud storage solutions.

What’s more, UpdraftPlus can help you transfer files from neighborhood to reside surroundings, which can be handy if you are testing new features for your website. You may even migrate your WordPress files into some other domain employing an intuitive dashboard, allowing even novices to alter their internet addresses successfully.

UpdraftPlus is primarily employed as a backup tool. But certainly can do much more: it’s the capacity not just to revive the files to some other place, but it simplifies the whole procedure. For example, it merely requires you to utilize a one-click button for backing up your website files. Following that, a restore can be carried out either on precisely the same website or elsewhere. And it is all done with a single button.

Automated backup programs are potential with UpdraftPlus. This typical backup process is supplied in the free edition. Updating to the top solution offers more performance like incremental backups, copies, and rapid migrations.

You also get access to an enormous listing of cloud storage choices like Azure and OneDrive. UpdraftPlus Premium is recorded as $70 for two permits. It’s possible to update to ten licenses for $95 and move up from there. Plugins for items like more straightforward migrations and several storage destinations are offered on the site.

There’s both a free and a special edition of the plugin accessible. The definitive version allows cloud copy to an extra service (Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV). UpdraftPremium presents added support and free updates for a year, together with 1GB of all UpdraftVault cloud storage for copies.

UpDraftPlus is your best choice for its WordPress migration plugins according to a range of variables. The plugin is famous for its simplicity, with which it allows users (even free ones) to backup and restore their sites after a calamity occurs. You can save to remote storage, inside your server, or perhaps download the website copies to the regional machine for partitioning.

Free consumers have the right to use some of the most popular migration applications on the market, but users also receive a massive quality-of-life improvement package. If you require a fast play, then the free version will work for you. But should you have to keep the integrity of the migration and efficiently purge any snags that arise, the superior update is the thing to do.

6. WP Migrate DB


If you’re seeking an easy and immediate way to export or migrate your WordPress database, then WP Migrate DB is just one of the best alternatives for you. With more than 300k active installments, this WordPress migration plugin may easily migrate huge sites, even if you’ve got complex hosting installations with numerous environments. It exports your site database, replaces document paths and URLs, and handles serialized data. And finally, it generates an SQL file that will be stored on your PC.

WP Migrate DB is thought to be among the most bonded WordPress migration plugins. Even though it isn’t beginner-friendly, it’s an excellent plugin for advanced users that want more control over website migration. The expert version of WP Migrate DB is much more user-friendly; also, it has plenty of advanced features.

WP Migrate DB is an exceptional choice on this list since it is not a complete WordPress migration plugin using the free version. Instead, as its name implies, the free version is focused on transferring a single part of your website — the database itself.

On the other hand, the database is the most complex part of transferring a WordPress site, so this remains a beneficial instrument to get. With your website’s documents, all you want to do is share them with the new server. You cannot just replicate your database, however, since you could encounter database serialization problems.

However, after you use WP Migrate DB, it manages those problems that you create migrating your WordPress site’s database as straightforward as clicking on a button. If you are prepared to upgrade to the superior version, WP Migrate DB will even allow you to transfer all of your website’s files, making it more of a whole migration plugin.

Additionally, it enables you to push/pull your connection between different places. This attribute is particularly beneficial when you would like to produce a WordPress staging website instead of migrating your production website.

WP Migrate DB markets more towards WordPress programmers, but casual users may benefit from it.

The simple version is available at no cost in — keep in mind that the free version only works for your website’s database. If you’d like the full version, WP Migrate DB Pro starts at only $49. WP Migrate DB includes a more complex solution for migrating a website, but it is a fantastic solution for people who need more control over how the move goes. Simply speaking, WP Migrate DB does the trick for several innovative users.

The center plugin finishes a MySQL information ditch, which exports your site database. The plugin ensures most of the work for you by substituting file paths and URLs and handling serialized data. After the procedure, you receive an SQL file on your PC.

For the migration to happen, you have to use phpMyAdmin to acquire that SQL file imported to the ideal database. These measures ensure that programmers have an excellent way of moving live and local websites back and forth based on their particular needs.

Everything we have talked about so much is offered from the free plugin. If you would like, $139 gives you access to this special plugin. It allows for four active websites and a single user.

Upon updating, you become a superior email service and a vast assortment of qualities vital for pulling syncing and databases media between two websites. Some of our favorite tools incorporate the capability to exclude article types, migrate out of a multisite to one website, and alternatives for copying and canceling migrations.

WP Migrate DB operates by exporting your WordPress database as a MySQL information ditch, using a find and replace work on URLs and file paths, and manages serialized information before saving it as a SQL file. You will then have to manually import this SQL file using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin

Since using this plugin is much more specialized and “hands-on” than other migration plugins, it is best suited to programmers and the ones that are comfortable working from the backend of WordPress. It is a fantastic solution for people who want finer control over migration and copies instead of simply creating a specific replica of the original website.

There’s also a pro version of the plugin available, which has added features like the ability to drive and pull databases such as staging and setup, database backup before migration, the capability to recess and resume a migration, and filtering from tables, article types, along with other unnecessary data.

The expert plugin can be bought for $89 for a private license supporting up to 12 installs up to $999 for a service permit with unlimited websites and customer support. WP Migrate DB is not a self-indulgent migration plugin such as others on this listing. Since you may have the ability to glean in the title, it is focused entirely on your WordPress database.

With that said, if you have tried to migrate into a WordPress site manually, you understand that the database is easily the most annoying part. Transferring your other documents is essentially an issue of copying and pasting.


Migrating sites is not a simple job. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, moving your website files manually could lead to mistakes or other serious issues. Luckily, you may use a WordPress migration plugin even if you don’t have complex technical abilities.

Managing a host migration from your WordPress website can be frightening. Several things can go wrong that many users leave at the hosts’ palms and wind up paying exorbitant rates for somebody else to manage it. But with some of those plugins on our listing, you can make sure that your website can move from Server A to Host B with as few snags as you can. And that is if you are a superior user or a free one.

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