Swipe Pages Review: Best Landing Page Builder Software

Create professional-quality, fast-loading landing pages with no programming required. The Swipe Pages lite offer has finished. It is possible to acquire annual access to this starter plan for the wasted and locked cost of $149 per signal (retail value: $348). You will have the ability to renew annually around the Swipe Pages site at $149. Attempting to capture prospects on your landing page may feel just like playing dodge ball on stilts. (“It is a bold approach, Cotton. Let us see if it pays off.”) You have invested money and time into creating advertisements and constructing a web site, but you keep overlooking the conversions you desire.

  • Create immediately loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in moments, also track results and functionality with built-in analytics.
  • The choice to Unbounce, Instapage, and LeadPages
  • Utilize the drag-and-drop port to Develop and release landing pages, Where You Can sell products utilizing Stripe Checkout
  • Best for: Digital entrepreneurs and agencies that Wish to Improve the ROI of advertising campaigns together with high-converting landing pages

Swipe Pages is an AMP page builder that lets you produce beautiful, fast-loading landing pages optimized for most devices without writing any code. Swipe Pages provides you over 40 unique templates optimized for customizable and conversions using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Pick from over 20 advanced modules to flip some other landing page thought in reality and print it to your domain name with only one click. Whether you have to market a limited time deal, launching new products, educate prospective clients, or catch new prospects, Swipe Pages has you covered. In the intuitive interface into the superbly designed templates, Swipe Pages provides you with all of the tools you want to construct landing pages that convert.

All landing pages have been hosted in Swipe Pages’ robust and protected cloud, which means you don’t ever need to worry about losing information. Slow landing pages may lose your prospects (your website traffic does not want to sit in traffic), but the rate is not an issue with Swipe Pages. Each landing page operates through all of the performance optimizations before it is set up to a CDN, which means that your landing pages work at blazing fast speeds. Besides customizing your landing pages’ appearance and texture, it is easy to create forms to capture new prospects quicker than ever. Insert text areas, toggles, checkboxes, and much more to receive all of the info you want. Swipe Pages’ robust type builder tool enables you to alter longer or more complex forms into multi-step types to promote even more customers to develop into lifelong clients.

Additionally, using Zapier and native integrations, all of your prospects are readily moved to a CRM or email advertising program. Easily create forms to capture opportunities and move them to a CRM or email advertising applications with Zapier and native integrations. Quit wondering if your landing pages are working and test your theories instead! Swipe Pages presents built-in A/B testing to conduct experiments on landing page functionality. The built-in conversion tracking and analytics features make it simple to measure your campaign performance and realize the ROI in actions. Run A/B evaluations and track page functionality readily with built-in analytics and testing.

The Swipe Pages lively text feature lets you pass data from the advertisements to your landing pages to get a personalized experience. It is possible to store your guide magnets and easily send them to your prospects after completing the form. You will produce a more seamless experience for candidates by directing them from the advertisements to some personalized landing page, then into your earnings or foster campaigns. Plus, handle all of your organization or customer’s pages together with the sub-accounts attribute and supply role-based accessibility for your entire team. Produce sub-accounts and extend role-based accessibility to collaborate with your staff and customers. Do not compromise when it comes to landing page rank and layout. Proceed past the basics using analytics, lively text, and professional templates. Using Swipe Pages, you can create completely responsive, lightning-quick AMP landing pages with zero programmings required.

What Is Swipe Pages?


Swipe Pages convert more ad clicks into leads & sales by constructing quick loading Google AMP landing pages without writing any code. Utilize our drag & drop interface to make utterly responsive landing pages immediately. It comes with 40+ gorgeous conversion templates that are optimized. Run A/B evaluations and measure performance using in-built Analytics. Catch leads and sends them into CRM or email advertising applications with guide & Zapier integrations. Signup for a free trial, No credit card required. It’s ideal For Digital Marketers & Agencies, B2B SaaS, e-commerce businesses, and Startups seeking to create leads & sales from Google Advertising, Facebook advertisements & other online marketing campaigns.

Swipe Pages is an AMP page builder that lets you produce beautiful, fast-loading landing pages optimized for most devices without writing any code. Swipe Pages provides you over 40 unique templates optimized for conversions and customizable using a user-friendly unique-drop interface. Pick from over 20 advanced modules to turn some other landing page notion into reality and print it to your domain name with only one click. Whether you have to market a limited time deal, launching new products, educate prospective clients, or catch new prospects, Swipe Pages has you covered.

Swipe Pages Review: Swipe Pages is an AMP page builder that lets you create unique, fast-loading landing pages optimized for all devices without writing any code.

Swipe Pages gives you over 40 beautiful templates optimized for conversions and customizable with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Choose from over 20 advanced modules to turn any landing page idea into reality and publish it to your domain with just one click. Use Swipe Pages to convert more ad clicks to leads & sales by building instant loading Google AMP landing pages without writing any code. Use our drag & drop interface to create fully responsive landing pages quickly. Comes with 40+ beautiful conversion-optimized templates. Run A/B tests and measure performance using in-built Analytics. Capture leads and sends them to your CRM or email marketing software with direct & Zapier integrations. Signup for a free trial, No credit card required.

Why Swipe Pages?

Before focusing on Swipe Pages, I had been from the WordPress theme & plug-in firm catering to 35K+ clients. I discovered that many websites were bloated, and the cellular encounter was an afterthought. Given that a vast majority of online traffic comes from cellular devices and is only expected to increase, offering a fantastic mobile experience is vital to turn buyers. It’s even more significant in the context of electronic marketing, in which you invest money to drive visitors to land pages. Google AMP solves those problems, and its own instantaneous loading experience is excellent. Nevertheless, AMP enforces plenty of limitations on which programmers can do, and studying a new frame is a nuisance. Many AMP pages appeared bare bones and hideous creating some questions about its value. I thought, “What if we could provide a no-code approach to construct AMP landing pages which seemed beautiful and functioned nicely across apparatus?” And Swipe Pages has been born.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swipe Pages


  • Perfect effect on my company with persuasive designs to boot.
  • Lots of templates to jump-start. The user interface of this program is super simple with natural designs.
  • Swipe pages matched the standards and exceeded my expectations. The templates are extremely nice, and overall, I’d recommend Swipe pages over some other present landing page builders on the marketplace.
  • To get a brand new Software is your encounter quite right and you will find in the beginning. I would suggest it to everybody.


  • That I don’t doubt that these will be added into the Swipe Pages aid documentation soon.
  • Considering that Swipe pages remain in their early phases, some attributes are obviously missing – e.g., copying landing pages through subaccounts or construction funnel-style sequences.
  • Together with different programs, we are stuck with more basic choices for linking our third-party info systems.
  • Swipe Pages isn’t any exception to this rule. Nevertheless, I cannot say there are no “cons.

Specifications of Swipe Pages

  • Make and publish lightning Quickly AMP landing pages to convert Advertisement clicks to Clients
  • Cloud hosting
  • 40+ Gorgeous Templates
  • A/B Testing & Analytics
  • Sub-accounts & Teams
  • Ecommerce – Stripe Checkouts
  • Zapier & Direct Integrations
  • Drop & Drop builder

AMP-up Conversions With Swipe Pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are served in Google’s cache and therefore are pre-loaded to supply an instantaneous loading experience for consumers. Get yourself in front of people and improve your conversions utilizing the most innovative AMP landing webpage builder.

Reduced Bounce Rates

AMP landing pages load in under 2s and have relatively low bounce prices.

Much Better Conversions

Deliver a Fantastic mobile experience and also be rewarded with a reduced price per click

Reputable by Critics

AMP is advocated by Google and can be used by top firms like BMW


The prices for Swipe Pages begins at $29.00 a month. Swipe Pages includes 3 distinct strategies:

  1. Startup at $29.00 a month.
  2. Marketer at $79.00 a month.
  3. Agency at $129.00 a month.

Startup Plan

  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Zapier Pairing
  • Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Multi-step Types
  • Online Sales & Upgrades
  • Unsplash Pictures
  • Conversion Optimized Templates
  • Custom Domains – 1
  • AMP Conversions – Endless
  • Traffic – 20000
  • Landing Pages – Endless
  • Lead Notifications
  • Total Chat and Email Service
  • Hosting with SSL & CDN
  • Immediate Integrations

Marketer Plan

  • Unsplash Pictures
  • Zapier Pairing
  • Conversion Optimized Templates
  • Team Members – 5
  • Lead Notifications
  • Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Landing Pages – Endless
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Traffic – 50000
  • Multi-step Types
  • Complete Chat & Mail Support
  • Custom Domains – 5
  • Immediate Integrations Conversions – Endless
  • Client Subaccounts – 5
  • Online Sales & Upgrades
  • AMP
  • Hosting with SSL & CDN
  • Server Side A/B Testing

Agency Plan

  • AMP
  • Hosting with SSL CDN
  • Multi-step Types
  • Client Sub Accounts – Unlimited
  • Total Chat & Email Service
  • Landing Pages – Endless
  • 30 minutes CRO consultation
  • Online Sales & Upgrades
  • Traffic -200000
  • Team Members – Endless
  • Custom Domains – 10
  • Immediate Integrations
  • 1:1 Onboarding
  • Conversions – Endless
  • Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Unsplash Pictures
  • Server Side A/B Testing
  • Zapier Pairing
  • Lead Notifications
  • Analytics & Conversion Tracking
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Conversion Optimized Templates


Pictures are super important for your landing page’s look and a large bottleneck regarding page ranking. Using Swipe Pages, you can design with no constraints.

Pictures are Resized & compressed. Compressed with no reduction & resized for various monitor sizes, even for retina screens. Lazy loading & adaptive serving just the nearest picture size necessary for a specific display size is served only when necessary.

Code has compressed smartly by our calculations, eliminating all of the fresh code and joining the redundant ones. We utilize exactly the identical degree of compression in our regular responsive landing pages, making them nearly as light & quickly as AMP pages.

Landing Page Cached & Functioned by a CDN

Page and its resources such as pictures & additional scripts served by a host situated quite near the end-user seeing it. Less space to travel, faster shipping.

  1. Minify CSS & JavaScript
  2. Gzip/Brotli text compression
  3. Asynchronously load JavaScript
  4. Defer off-screen pictures
  5. Reconnect to necessary sources
  6. Eliminate prevent blocking tools

With a complete stack of 5 guidelines, this is a no-brainer bargain to receive a life of support for constructing pages to cultivate your audience. Bought five codes full-stack. Super satisfied with this choice. The first testing, first impressions are all passed! Their dev. The roadmap appears to be promising. Hoping to employ a great funnel at the coming times — particularly significant for men and women that wish to construct email lists, sell things, and keep people with super-fast loading webpages.

What can I say about Swipe Pages? I have worked and owned many digital agencies but have not employed a landing page service that comes anywhere near Swipe Pages. Having recently used Instapages and Unbounce broadly, I tried to find a platform that could give me exactly what I wanted – a fast and painless means of publishing new pages quickly. Read some testimonials about Swipe Pages and chose to give it a try. The ease at which I could certainly build professional-looking webpages was astonishing. In reality, I constructed a landing page, additional monitoring coding, printed it received three conversions in about forty-minutes! You will find features missing that I’d used in both Instapages and Unbounce; however, the service team appears quite interested in recommendations and always answered all of my questions immediately. According to my early adventures with Swipe Pages, I cannot find myself returning to the priciest Instapages or the somewhat obsolete Unbounce templates. Among the vital tools for any material founder, company owner nowadays. I enjoyed the simple fact of how simple it’s to construct landing pages. I will be analyzing it further in the forthcoming days; the first impressions are pretty good. I heard in the service team they are working on the domain mapping at the moment that you can map out a www subdomain rather than your root domain name; thankful it’s coming shortly. Support was fantastic; I got in contact and obtained fast answers. Among the vital tools for any material founder, company owner nowadays.

What Do You Enjoy Best?

It is relatively simple to make AMP-compatible quick loading Landing Pages using Swipe Pages. It is effortless to create pages using GTmetrix scores of 95+ utilizing Swipe Pages without perspiration. Using AMP Permits the landing page to load quicker than ever and undoubtedly enhances our conversion when combined with Facebook Ads, Google advertisements, etc. Over 40 templates are readily available in swipe webpages, which may be utilized as the foundation to make landing pages of your liking. Additionally, you will find more than 60 added content cubes available to boost your landing page further. It is easy to add your custom HTML. We can use dynamic text replacement to personalize our landing page and map it into Google Lookup Query – something such as Greatest Landing Page (Town). Native Integration with Stripe payment gateway and PayPal shortly is a wonderful feature for individuals planning to utilize landing pages to directly market their goods.

You will find integrations available with different CRM and Email Marketing Offers ESP such as Moosend, Sendfox, Mailchimp, Zoho, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Convertkit, and much more. It’s integration with Zapier, Integromat too. Together with a webhooks introduction, it’s now possible to link a variety of programs to transfer prospects from Swipe Page types to the myriad of programs. It helps server-side A/B testing. Therefore, it may be used to check different landing pages’ variants to understand that replicating / variation works nicely. You may produce a distinct sub-account and invite your group members/stakeholders and assign them different permissions to view/edit / manage your landing pages—review accumulated by and hosted on G2.com.

What Do You Dislike?

They do not have popups, notifications pubs at this time. It does not have an International Blocks alternative for the header, footer. There is not as much flexibility for the header segment. Presently no folder company, so if you create multiple pages on multiple domain names – no method to arrange them. No choice to Conserve Modules / Sections and reuse them later. (It’s promised will come shortly – but as of now, it is essential to some, notably me, and it is missing). Few articles cubes like Footer. Does not have export to HTML alternative right now. Review accumulated by and hosted on G2.com.

What Problems Are You Solving With Swipe Pages? 

It’s been a great experience working with this program. It is simple and simple to use this landing page. The excellent page rate score has helped us gain more conversion for our clientele. We searched for a simple SAAS platform to create landing pages for our customers without using WordPress. Together with Dynamic Text Replacement, A/B server-side analyzing, CDN, Native Stripe Integration, this became an easy pick for implementation.

60-day Money-back Guarantee

BUY NOW AMP Infinite conversions Unlimited sub-domains Endless landing pages Transformation optimized templates Server-side A/B testing Dynamic text replacement Ecommerce — Stripe checkouts Analytics & conversion monitoring Zapier integrations Immediate integrations Lead notifications Fight magnet delivery Multi-step kinds Hosting with SSL & CDN Unsplash pictures Complete chat & email service Swipe Pages Double and several programs are offered at $98 and $147 respectively.


Swipe webpages are ready to work at any support required by Writer, which wishes to boost its offerings and deliver them following current best practices for writer’s services. We offer services that act ethically and professionally, with all value and pricing following industry standards. With our broad assortment of packages and solutions, we give you the resources and experience you want to realize your publishing dreams come true.

As you have worked hard to produce your publication’s content the best, it is required to provide an identical degree of focus on your publication’s look and layout. At swipe webpages, our Novel Designer entails creativity most importantly, however, also an awareness of the content of this publication and a few business skills. Our design team will work with you to make the most attractive style for your publication, with specialized webpage designs and a persuasive cover layout that shows readers exactly what your magazine is about in the form itself.


So finally, you’re here! In the end, Swipe pages is a great choice to create immediately accelerated mobile webpages in minutes. An alternate tool to Insta webpages, Unbounce, and direct webpages. It includes a drag and drop interface. It is possible to use the stripe checkout procedure to market the merchandise. It includes 40 unique templates to find a higher conversion rate. Pick from over 20 complex modules. All landing pages are packed in a safe cloud. Every landing page operates through functionality so that it could work at blazing speed—reactive landing pages. Insert toggles, text areas, checkboxes, and much more: Zapier and indigenous integrations. A/B testing to conduct experiments. Produce sub-accounts together with your group members. Mobile-friendly tool. It can quickly stack up to five codes. Better Conversion speed. Image Compression. Endless conversions Unlimited sub-domains Endless landing pages Transformation optimized templates Server-side A/B testing Dynamic text replacement Ecommerce — Stripe checkouts conversion and Analytics monitoring Zapier integrations Immediate integrations Lead notifications Lead magnet delivery Multi-step forms Hosting with SSL and CDN Unsplash images Total chat and email service 3 Custom domains 100, 000 Monthly unique visitors (divide between environments) 5 Client sub-accounts 5 Team members.

Swipe Pages Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money

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