7 Free Tools to Create Amazing Visual Content for Your Blog

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If you’re supposed to boost up your online business in 2021 it’s better to make the content more intuitive that look visually appealing in every single aspect. The demand for visual content is tremendously increasing day by day for a very good reason i.e. people like consuming intuitive content that looks awesome and easy to understand. 

Creating content for blogs includes designing layouts, Editing images other related tasks. Therefore, it is important to have the right visual content tool at your disposal becomes essential.

Videos and images are great for grabbing the attention of the user. They also help to illustrate the content. They can be used to increase engagement and conversion.

Thus, you need to find good photo editors and image banks, as well as template editing tools. You must have a variety of resources available to create.

Through this detailed post, I’ll be sharing the 7 free tools that’ll help you create amazing content that looks appealing and inspiring in every single aspect. So make sure to tick till the end to maximize your knowledge. 

Why You Need To Use These Tools?

Although some of the high-end software like adobe photoshop, illustrator termed to be so complicated in terms of use, and especially if you’re using it for the very first time then it might get difficult to handle it like a pro, instead, there are so many other options available which are termed to be the best alternative to high-end software. 

These tools save your time as well as effort and offer you varieties of free templates that don’t even need any copyright, so it’s better to adopt their service to make the website more appealing. 

By the way, few notations you know that why you need to use these tools and what implications they do offer in terms of visuals. So here are they: 

  • Video gets lots of online attention across all age groups and is predicted to be 82% of online traffic by 2021
  • Video can help boost customer retention, as in the case of Tiger Fitness, which had a 60% returning customer rate
  • Images get more views and shares than any other content
  • Images help your marketing convert, increasing signups in one case by as much as 329%

What Are The Free Tools to Create Amazing Visual Content for Your Blog?

I’ve compiled the list of 7 free tools, few of them are free whereas a few do have freemium as well as premium plans. So it’s all up to you that which one would you pick amongst. 

1. Canva 


Canva allows anyone to create multiple types of images. It is easy to use. The intuitive dashboard lets you drag and drop elements to your creation. It’s easy to do without having to understand the complicated processes of the Adobe suite. So if you’re not that tech-savvy then the Canva could be the perfect choice for you as they’ve inbuilt AI that auto recommends the stuff you prefer doing. 

Use one of our templates for business cards, infographics, or banners if a blank canvas seems intimidating. You have access to photo editing tools and a large library of fonts, shapes, icons, and other fonts. If you don’t know how to start, some tutorials will help you get started. It’s been observed that every single creator out there is looking up to the Canva due to its effective features and ideology. 

Canva is accessible online. There is also an iPad app and a WordPress plugin. You can use the basic features for free, but you can also subscribe to one of their monthly plans to gain even more. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using it constantly to make my designs/ banner and truly getting amazed by the varieties of services they’re offering these days. Also, the regular updates keep adding more add-ons. SO definitely check it out once. 

Why Use Canva?

For most of the people out there Canva could be a game-changer as it’s the legit graphic designing tool that offers you varieties of cool features mentioned below:- 

  • The user interface of the Canva is truly intuitive so even if you’re a first-time user you won’t be facing many issues while using it. 
  • It’s the all-in-one tool that serves you customizable designs as per the convenience. 
  • Get access to over 1000 free templates that can be customized as per the need. 
  • It also has a video editor that can be used for getting done with some basic editing. 
  • The free plan has some sort of limitations that can be fulfilled by the premium version. 

Pricing:- Both freemium and premium plans are available. 

2. Photopea


Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program and software allowing you to perform multiple tasks as per the need. Adobe Photoshop is synonymous with digital image editing and enhancement.

The USD 250 price tag is not too remarkable, and it only lasts for 1 year. It would be wonderful if an online version of Photoshop could be created.

It would be wonderful if it was free. Photopea is the best one you can see.

You can feel like you are working with Photoshop thanks to the interface, tools, language, and workflow. Photopea supports layers, channels, and paths, layer styles, adjustments, and masks, as well as layer styles and adjustments. It even has the same hotkeys that Photoshop. So even if you’re just a beginner it’s always better to look upon Photopia which offers varieties of elements. 

Most people won’t realize that Photoshop isn’t used by them for a long time. When you are ready to export your work you can save it in any format (PNG or JPG, SVG, etc.). You can also save your work in a Photoshop-compatible format (PSD, PSB)

Photopea is also equipped with tons of stock images that can be used for free thanks to its integration into PixaBay.com – just search for the image you are looking for and drag it onto your canvas.

Why Use Photopea? 

Although Photopea is a web-based tool that serves you varieties of feature which might force you to use it, the following are some of the basic features that you need to know about the Photopea:- 

  • If you’re before photoshop use and are familiar with the entities then it’s truly easier to acquire the Photopea which has a pretty similar UI as Photoshop. 
  • All of the Adobe software is entirely paid which might cost you a certain penny, instead if you adopt the Photopea you don’t even have to pay a single amount as it’s entirely free. 
  • Get access to every single element along with the professional UI which looks seamlessly good. 
  • Ideal for professional editors. 
  • QUite advanced in terms of designs, you can even edit the pictures in the RAW file and then convert them to the respective file format as per convenience. 
  • It’s a web-based tool so you don’t need any system requirements to use it. Everything is being saved online. 
  • It’s entirely beginner-friendly and easy to use. 

Pricing:- It’s a completely free tool so you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it. 

3. PickToChart


Infographics are a visual resource that people love to share and see. These can increase your audience’s engagement. They can simplify complex subjects and make them easier to understand. You should definitely consider creating infographics for your blog or website.

It can also be tedious if you don’t have the right skills. PikToChart is a great tool to help you. This tool will make it much more straightforward right from the beginning.

Start by selecting one of their templates. They update the collection each week. You can then customize it according to your requirements by adding elements from their library.

You can choose from a wide range of text, fonts, and colors. It’s free to play around with for as long or little as you like. And you feel like it is ready, you will be able to get the HTML code and add it to your blog post.

PickToChart provides a lifetime free account. To access more templates, you can purchase a subscription. Paid versions increase upload limits and remove the PikToChart Watermark. You can get the Pro plan for $29/month, while the Lite plan costs only $15 per month.

Why Use PickToChart?

Most of the beginners used to get afraid of using the high-end software due to their confusing interface, if you stand in the same line then PickToChart is for you. To let you know about the tool, I’ve compiled the list of features that’ll surely convince you to use it to make your website look more intuitive:- 

  • If you’re searching for the tools that serve you animation, content management, drag & drop service to get used to making a good design then PickToChart is the best pick. 
  • The UI of the tool is truly intuitive which does not require any high-end knowledge about the designs and logos as you can start from scratch. 
  • They offer you a freemium plan for a lifetime, but if you’re willing to remove the watermark then it’s better to go with their pretty cheap premium service. 
  • Get the excessive amount of fonts, images, designing tools, etc. to make a quality design as per convenience. 

Pricing:- The PickToChart offers you a free plan along with that you also get access to the other premium plans as well amongst which you can consider buying. Following are the details that you can consider buying:- 

  • The pro plan is available at $14/ month where you’ll get access to varieties of features. 
  • For acquiring the enterprise plan you’ll need to select the specific feature and individually pay for it. 

4. Remove.bg


Are you looking to add a professional image to your landing page or funnel?

You probably don’t want your background, regardless of whether it’s your hallway, office chair, or messy kitchen.

You could spend half an hour in Photoshop trimming the area you wish to keep.

Or let remove.bg, do it for you. This tool automatically detects and removes the background from photos. Because of remove. bg works on photos taken with a camera, not images, I use the word “photo” instead.

The tool can sometimes not do the job right, especially when your background is very busy or your hair is frizzy. However, it does usually do a good job. If you have a few artifacts left, Photoshop or Photopea can be used to complete the job.

Remove. bg is worth a try before you attempt to manually remove the background. It could save you tons of time, especially if you require a web-ready image to go on your website.

Why Use Remove. bg?

I’ve been constantly using Remove. bg for removing the background of the picture I want, and I can confidently say if you’re a bit conscious about the quality of the picture then it’s better to use it. Although the vendors do not charge a single penny for acquiring their features. I’ve compiled some of the best features of Remove. bg, so here are they:

  • The drag and drop feature will help you to use ve. bg effectively without any hassle. 
  • Its UI is so friendly so you won’t be facing any issues even if you’re just a beginner. 
  • You can select the transparent and colored background. 
  • Don’t consume much time as the process only takes up to 5 seconds and you’re good to go. 

Pricing: The Remove. bg is an entirely free tool to use, so if you’re wondering a lot to find the best background removal tool then it could be the best choice for you in my opinion. 

5. Kraken


You need to be familiar with file formats, compression types, and color palettes to properly optimize images for the internet.

There’s no time for this!

Kraken is the best tool to automatically optimize your images. Drag-and-drop images into Kraken to reduce the file size by approximately 50% without compromising quality.

As you can see, Kraken reduced my images by 76%. I can’t believe there has been any improvement in visual fidelity. This is achieved by applying an intricate optimization algorithm that I like to call magic. Check out the image comparison below to see for yourself.

Kraken is free for images less than 1MB. This makes it ideal for optimizing 90% of web graphics.

You can also download a WordPress plugin to optimize every image in your media collection. The service allows you to optimize up to 100MB images before paying. However, the maximum size of the images is now 32MB. This plugin is great for small websites and to try the service out. Kraken is a great tool to upload large images to your WordPress site.

Why Use Kraken?

Kraken offers varieties of features that’ll help you to know better about the tool, so here are they:- 

  • It helps you optimize the image in a great way to maximize the overall website’s performance. 
  • Its drag and drop feature helps you optimize the image in a great way. 
  • There will be a reduction of files at an instance. 
  • It’s truly affordable and easy to use for beginners. 

Pricing:-  As the pricing is concerned the micro plan begins at just $5/ month and goes up to $79/ month. 

6. Magisto


Magisto is a great tool for creating short movies. Magisto makes it so easy that you’ll be amazed at how simple it is. This app is available on Google Play or the App Store. It can convert any number of photos and any footage you have into a professionally edited movie.

All you need to do is:

  • Choose a style
  • Name your favorite movie
  • Define the length
  • Decide if you want any special effects or filters to it.

Magisto can automatically edit your footage and photos to create a movie for you with all of this information. Once it’s done, you can share it with your friends on social media or download it for $0.99.

If you take this seriously, you can get a Business Membership for $9,99 per year. You can add your logo, captions, edit and reorder scenes manually, and create longer HD movies. You will also have access to exclusive styles and music licensed by third parties when you sign up for a Business account.

Why Use Magisto?

If you’re searching for an authentic tool for animations and basic video editing, then Magisto is the best option for you. So, I’ve compiled the list of features that you need to know about:- 

  • You’ll be able to create short videos and do basic video editing for better convenience. 
  • Its application is available for every single OS you use that get’s your job easier. 
  • It’s pretty cheap and helps you acquire.
  • It helps you edit the basic video editing for your business. 

Pricing:-  As the pricing is concerned the Magisto used to offer varieties of features and affordable pricing. They do offer a freemium plan along with that you also get access to the other 3 paid plans as well amongst which you can opt for the one that fits your need.

7. ezGIF 


Don’t be fooled by the overzealous advertising banner use. ezGIF offers a huge collection of free online tools that can help you optimize and edit your images and videos. We’re not focusing on images today. Let’s take a look at what ezGIF can do for you.

First, ezGIF lets you convert images between all the major file formats. You can choose the compression level to get a certain file size or quality. Transparency is also supported.

ezGIF also offers image optimization tools that can be customized to reduce file sizes without sacrificing visual quality. Some formats allow lossless optimization, which allows for smaller files with no loss in quality.

ezGIF, third, is true to its name. It allows you to do a lot of incredible things with animated GIFs. 

  • Convert videos into animated GIFs
  • GIFs that can be resized, rotated, cropped, divided, reverse animated, and split are available.
  • You can add effects such as color filters and speed changes, censoring, or looping.
  • You can add an overlay such as a logo, watermark, or watermark
  • Text can be added to animated GIFs

Why Use ezGIF?

If you’re willing to create a crazy ezGIF then it’s better to go with ezGIF. I’ve compiled the list of features that you need to know about:

  • Resizing the GIF is truly easy that’ll help you to maintain sustainability. 
  • Optimizing the website gets too easy. 
  • Editing the images and GIFs is too easy even if you’re a beginner. 
  • They’ve multiple formats available that can be used for editing purposes 

Pricing: The ezGIF is entirely free so you don’t have to pay a single penny to acquire their services. 

Final Verdict

To maximize the value of the website then it’s better to increase the overall user experience of the website is a great way. Well, there are certain ways to do so like you can increase the website’s performance with the help of a tool that allows you to create infographics and visual effects. This thing will fascinate readers to stick to the post for a longer time. 

The tools I’ve shared through this detailed post are termed to be the best choices for you, definitely check it out. 

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