Top 10 Popular Personal Blogs to Follow In 2021

The Personal Blog market is among the very competitive blogging markets around. Lifestyle bloggers are competing against electronic lifestyle publications in a market that’s already very saturated. So lifestyle sites that benefit a massive readership are of high quality in both content and design.

Most of us know the personal blogging sector is full of a large quantity of data online. Here is where finding top excellent information and sensible advice about lifestyle gets hard.

In this guide, we’ll share the top ten different examples of popular personal blogs that are all effective so you can find some thoughts on whether you may want to begin one of your very own.

What Is Personal Blog?

An individual blog is somewhat like a lifestyle site in the blogger concentrates on personal matters; they speak about things or themselves they’re passionate about. From tech to style and all things parenting, there are no bounds with a personal site. When blogging started many, many decades back, pretty much every website was a personal site.

These days, personal blogs are exceptionally injected with all the content creator’s character and style.

They talk about their expertise in-depth and do not make you feel like reading a magazine or newspaper article. They bring you to their world and discuss their own life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

While personal blogs may be niched down to regions like personal fitness, financing, or meals, they frequently include a combination of unique classes and subjects or may not appear to have any leadership in any way.

While possibly not hard and fast, personal blogs are often branded with the founder’s name or something unique. Personal blogs are usually not looking to be monetized, but that does not indicate they cannot be.

Many personal bloggers website only for the benefit of sharing their tales or associating with other people in specific communities and throughout the blogosphere.

By Way of Example, look at South Curls and Pearls. If you read her articles, she’s personal and shares her personal life from her marriage for her pregnancy and outside. One of her articles is only a couple of hundred words about where she’s staying for the week; however, you will find several styled photographs of her. That post has more than 20 comments.

Therefore, you may view, your website is you, and you’re the brand for this site, and people will visit your blog to find out more about you. It is nurturing an audience that wants to find out more about you.

How Can Personal Blogs Make Money?

It’s possible to monetize a lifestyle site just the same manner because you can monetize another site.

In reality, due to the vast array of topics that you cover using a personal site, you have far more choices to select from when it comes to earning money. The only thing we’ll include here is that it could be more challenging to indulge in some manners due to the assortment of themes your lifestyle site covers.

People today would like to know they are purchasing products or services from somebody who’s very educated about a specific topic. If you blog about many issues, you might drop a number of that validity in unique places.

For instance, some folks can feel better about purchasing a weight reduction program out of a site entirely about weight reduction — instead of a person who sites about weight reduction and travel, parenting, fashion, fashion, etc.

But this depends on what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. Just an FYI and a thing to think about should you believe you have a product or service to provide in a particular place. A number of the most frequent ways to make money with a site:

Promoting Your Products

We have mentioned this one last because selling your products — successfully — is often the most brutal way to generate money with a site.

BUT it will also usually get you the most money… It is your normal higher-risk, higher-reward scenario. We don’t say this to discourage you. Quite the contrary — Promoting our blogging classes is the way we make the majority of our cash.

We favor selling electronic products such as eBooks, online classes, and other downloadable products as it is generally somewhat less risky without worrying about the stock of things. But we also do not have a lifestyle site. We’ve got a niche site.

ECommerce stores with physical products are popular with lifestyle sites. Many lifestyle bloggers join Shopify or even Etsy shops to their sites and market the items they feature in their blogs. Irrespective of how you decide to create money with your site, the best strategy is to use a mix of those approaches.

It makes it possible to earn income from various resources and diversify — placing your eggs in more than one basket. We utilize a blend of advertisements, sponsored articles, internet affiliate marketing, and promoting our products between both successful sites.


It is undoubtedly the simplest and most passive method of making income using a site, but it will also provide you the most petite bang for your dollar.

They seem tacky and frequently concealed with ad blockers, but they nevertheless operate to aid bloggers in marketing their free content.

For each couple hundred people to your site, you may earn a few cents to a couple of dollars, depending on which you associate with. Thus you want some critical quantity to create any real cash.

Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is most likely amongst the fastest and best ways to market a lifestyle site. Online affiliate marketing is when you encourage other people’s goods and solutions on your site and make a commission when a person signs up through your links (referred affiliate links).

An excellent case in point is this article from a favorite lifestyle blog for guys, A Gentleman Within. In this informative article, the watches that are being reviewed are connected to Amazon. The website will be given a commission if purchases are created from clicks within this report.

It is only one of the most incredible places to begin since there is not as much installation involved compared to the probable returns that it is possible to get.

It may be more effortless to add a couple of affiliate links for related goods in your posts. Or you may spend more time into generated dedicated content and mails to particular higher-priced products which are more difficult to market but get you more cash.

Sponsored Posts

It is only one of the most well-known ways to earn income using a lifestyle site since you can compose sponsored articles on a more extensive range of subjects. A sponsored article is a blog post that’s ordinarily written about a particular topic or merchandise. The company that owns the item will also pay you to write the article and print it on your website.

You usually will need to have an established traffic source and viewers before you start accepting sponsored articles since the organization would like to understand the sponsored article will get shared and seen by other people.

The more traffic you have and the larger your audience is, the more income you’ll make with sponsored articles, anywhere from a couple hundred per article to a couple million each article. Sponsored content is premium content a host pays a writer to make and disperse. It is a kind of native advertisement that’s consistent with the surrounding material on a page.

To put it differently, sponsored articles are an advertisement that looks like it is supposed to be there — it seems like a natural match for a stage, instead of an intrusive ad.

  • Sponsored content creates your brand sense credible and dependable by putting it along with other items that the viewer likes.
  • Construction on the past — the paid press is frequently interruptive. Sponsored articles are among the very few ways to cover vulnerability without interrupting folks.
  • Sponsored content increases the user experience. Rather than bothering it
  • Sponsored content is mutually beneficial — a content founder (with an audience) gets funds, and a product founder (who wants a viewer to get clients ) brings a viewer
  • Sponsored content is not limited to 1 format or kind of media

In its heart, sponsored articles are straightforward: 2 brands produce a funded content venture — that the advertiser pays to get the articles, yet another brand, social networking influencer, or publisher stocks it.

From the 1920s, radio was still king. Radio channels created sequential apps that told tales similar to the current true-crime podcasts. As of today, creating content could be pricey — radio stations approached family product manufacturers for sponsorships.

Top 10 Personal Blogs To Follow

Thus, without further ado, here is a listing of the Best lifestyle sites:

1. Kimchi Mamas


It reminds me of those older school sites (before affiliate advertising and monetizing was so familiar.) A bunch of 6 mothers founded this site, and all of them promote their new brand of mommyhood, with a few delicious recipes sprinkled in between. Kimchi Mamas currently have 12 contributing editors.

It is a superb blog full of anecdotes and the joys and trials of raising Korean kids. A great deal of variety and a lot of great recipes too! The majority of the moms have their sites too. So this site is full of cross-posting—a fantastic location for comparable mothers to the community.

2. Spinach 4 Breakfast


Spinach4Breakfast has been launched by two sisters: Alyssa and Maria Tosoni. They reside in Manhattan and use their site as a platform to talk about their health and health travel with their readers. Maria reached out a couple of months later we started our Pinterest class since they desired to get more visitors to their site. But they are showcased here since they have an excellent blog!

Their Principal lifestyle blog subjects:

  • Recipes
  • Beauty
  • Baby
  • Wellness
  • Spirituality

As it focuses on health and well-being, all the topics they cover remain professionally themed about this principal subject. Some lifestyle sites seem like someone vomited up many pretty photographs on the webpage — with no rhyme or reason or actual reason behind them.

Since this site has a focus and a goal, it solves an issue (wanting to become fitter) and making it somewhat simpler to recommend and promote products. Some excellent examples of this are their articles on solving stomach problems and busting emotional ties to food.

3. A Cup of Jo


It is most likely one, if not the most, famous lifestyle sites recorded on the web. Joanna is well-known as the queen of those sites, and she covers a lot of things such as food, fashion, beauty, travel, motherhood, and other associated topics.

Jo joins her viewers in many ways according to her way of life and retains many readers coming back for more each day. Additionally, it’s intriguing to notice the blog struggled in its first days and required a couple of years to develop into millions of monthly traffic.

That is something most folks don’t know when constructing a website. You require effort, patience, time, and other attributes, as pretty much every company does. Jo articles around four times each week. This site makes the majority of its money from advertisements.

Estimated monthly traffic: 1.2 million. Presently receives 5.5 million monthly page views and about 1 million monthly unique visitors.

4. Tech Savvy Mama


It is an excellent personal blog that concentrates on parenting in the electronic era, which I believe we could relate to. Leticia, the mother who runs the site, focuses on charitable causes, lifestyle issues, and instruction and engineering.

She’s some tidy up-and-coming tech products for households and is a huge proponent of supporting causes such as gun control and stage poverty. She is one enthusiastic mama that is not scared to talk about her remarks.

5. Collective Gen


Geneva Vanderzeil is the creator and editor of Collective Gen, a “community for girls who create matters — their fashion, houses, and lifestyles.”

She’s a writer, stylist, and photographer and has turned her passions into a full-time career — together with her website. She is a native Australian but lived in London for several years and is now based in Hong Kong.

Geneva climbed her very first website, A Pair & a Spare (now Collective Gen), to countless subscribers and features in magazines and newspapers. She authored her publication, Home is Where You Make It.

Her Primary lifestyle blog subjects:

  • Design
  • House
  • Life
  • Traveling
  • Earth

6. The Blonde Salad


This site was relaunched in 2015 by Chiara Ferragni and Riccardo Pozzoli and turned into a lifestyle magazine. If you believe a website cannot be a company, think again. The Blonde Salad attracted 8 million earnings in 2015 and has 16 people composing content with approximately four new articles each week.

It has made manufacturers capture attention (we are in the age of influencer advertising), so we understand just how the Blonde Salad monetizes its traffic. Chiara Ferragni is among the very best paid bloggers on earth, with over 8 million Instagram followers.

Yeah, you read that right! In reality, if you are an Instagram user, you may have seen her videos or photos thanks to her broad reach in addition to sponsored articles. She intends to inspire individuals around trend trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle suggestions.

7. WoogsWorld


Mouthy housewife Mrs. Woog tells it like it is and right out states her corner of the World Wide Web is a personal blog. She began blogging back in 2010 after realizing she had been speaking to herself while being home with her small ones complete-time (it happens to the best people, right?)

She was motivated to start her website after viewing the film Julie & Julia (in which Julie sites her way through mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook by Julia Child). She does not care about typos and frequently drops F-bombs.

8. Primer


Andrew has produced a lifestyle site for guys facing the typical problems that crop up between their 20s and 30s. This site is a statement in addition to a go-to guide for guys who wish to look nice and feel great without having to spend a lot of money. Additionally, it addresses deeper topics that guys nowadays need to browse, such as career achievement and personal health, mind, and body.

Primer Magazine shares articles for guys that are wanting to boost their own life and clothes fashions. It isn’t a typical male site. Primer Magazine looks at new methods of bettering ourselves and returning to the notions of manhood that might have skipped our creation.

9. Fit Men Cook 


Kevin Curry began his health and physical fitness travel back in 2012. He began FitMenCook as a means to maintain himself accountable through his diet but what occurred was better. Kevin lost weight, got healthy, and shaped an online health community via his website.

FitMenCook is where Kevin shares easy recipes that he used throughout his diet. He discovered that blogging encouraged him to stay with his diet and that he had been correct in believing it’d inspire others to join him. The rest, they say, is history.

Kevin focuses on simple, easy recipes, which are the foundation for constructing new, healthy habits. Fit Men Cook climbed from a little private blog into a winning formula. Kevin is the author of this FitMenCook cookbook, as well as the FitMenCook program.

Target Audience: Men that wish to get healthier and eliminate weight.

10. Among Other Things


Before she became a blogger, Hallie was residing in Chicago and had worked in a variety of businesses, including faculty mentorship, qualitative market research, and electronic and social networking advertisements.

She says all her prior endeavors ready her for a career in blogging. I had been a CPA doing taxation until I became a blogger. While that does not strictly relate to blogging, my educational background and expertise in the company world enabled me to prepare to deal with my organization’s operations.

She states in her article on transitioning to the full-time writer: “To be entirely honest, I did not enjoy my job. However, I did not despise it. I was only fine with it.” Initially called “Coral + Cognacs,” Hallie’s site is all about her own life as a digital nomad, her expertise in the fitness world, along with other life issues.

Her Primary lifestyle blog subjects:

  • Life
  • Design
  • Traveling
  • Exercise

Hallie is seriously interested in her blogging match. She explains in numerous areas within her blog, this is her passion, and she is serious about it. And she knows how to compose. She shares her own experiences genuinely and authentically. A no-bullshit way that lets you understand that you are getting the fantastic stuff with no sugar coating.


So there you have it! Ten excellent personal blogs that you check out until you start your site.  All of these are perfect examples of very prosperous lifestyle bloggers. Don’t feel as though you have to have more than a thousand followers on Instagram until you get started writing your site when you’ve got something to say. WRITE IT!

Do not allow the absence of people knowing who you are, stop you from pursuing your passion. Nobody got their start simple; it requires commitment and time. If you are ready to begin your site, I’ve got some essential tips for you, which can let you get started.

Provided that you write about what’s valuable to you, you will succeed. I have seen more blogs neglect because the writer wanted to proceed with sites’ tendencies, did not talk knowledgeably about what they had been writing around, and finally, they lost sight of the objectives. Why? Since they did not have a fire to follow their dreams.

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