How to Get a Google Featured Snippet with Your WordPress Site

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If you are a blogger and a digital entrepreneur, you most probably might have been heard about the WordPress website, which is considered the most effective and reliable blogging platform that allows you to create a customized website.

Most bloggers use to adopt the services of WordPress just because it is very convenient and provides you access to multiple plugins that you can install likewise for maintaining the sustainability of usage. When it comes to WordPress, you need to consider several terminologies like Google featured snippet that is highly used for rank and purposes.

It is a fresh feature that allows you to highlight the results on the search engine that most often use notice while they click upon it.

So if you are eager to know what exactly the Google featured snippet is and how you can use it with your WordPress site, then this post might help you are not as we will be discussing many important factors about it. Make sure to stick till the end, and I assure you that you’ll be having a decent amount of knowledge about the term by the end of this entire post.

What Is Google Featured Snippets?

Google featured snippets, also known as position 0, are highlighted results from Google that appear at the top of a page above position 1.

Google may highlight a search result using microdata from your site in the featured snippet.

If Google believes that your website answers the user’s question well, it will be ranked first with relevant text as the description.

Google uses metadata, in the same way, to retrieve important information from websites and then displays them in search results at the top. If you search for local businesses, their information will appear at the top.

Featured snippets are a great way to enhance your product pages, showcase your recipes, highlight real estate listings, or just for fun.

Search results enhance featured snippets to increase your click-through rates and bring more traffic to your site. Smart business owners know how to optimize their websites to appear in the featured snippets of Google search.

Let’s now look at the best way to get Google featured Snippets for WordPress pages and posts.

Why Google Featured Snippets Are Important?

Before we get tired deep into the process of getting featured snippets for your WordPress website, it’s extraordinary for you to know why it is important for your website and how you can scale it up.

To Get a Featured Snippet, You Don’t Need To Be The First Rank

Google can pull information from websites with the 1st rank. According to web analysts, a website with rank #1 that has no featured snippets receives 25% to 26% more clicks than a site without them. This percentage can be increased by including featured snippets. You should aim to be in the top five search results. There is a possibility that you will be able to receive Google Featured Snippets.

Voice Search Is On The Rise

One reason to focus on featured snippets for voice searches is that they are optimized for them. Voice searches account for more than 40% of all searches. Therefore, it is important to prepare your website to be able to adapt to future trends.

 You Will Be More Authentic

Internet users will believe that search engines have chosen your answer to be the most trusted when they find featured snippets from your website. Your website also provides clear and concise information. It is another reason to add featured snippets on your website.

Once you understand the above aspects, you can move onto the next process, i.e., getting Google snippets for your WordPress website, which isn’t rocket science.

How to Get a Google Featured Snippet With Your WordPress Site?

All in One SEO: Getting Google Featured Shortcut


You need to know that Google uses metadata to display featured snippets.

You need to know about Schema markup, a special vocabulary you can use in your HTML code to give search engines greater context about your website or individual pages.

This was difficult for small businesses in the beginning because it required a lot of code.

Plugins such as the All in One SEO plugin for WordPress have made this possible.

This is the best WordPress SEO plugin available, and it’s been used by more than 2 million websites. They make it easy to optimize your website for better search engine rankings.

All in one, SEO automatically adds support, allowing you to provide Google Knowledge Graph information. It supports WooCommerce SEO, local SEO, images and video optimization, as well as WooCommerce support.

First, install and activate the All in One SEO plugin for WordPress.

After activation, you will be asked to run the setup wizard. This is the fastest way to quickly choose the best SEO settings on your website.

If you’ve followed the setup wizard, then the settings that allow your website to be featured in featured snippets have been set.

We’ll show them what they do and how you can change them if necessary.

Featured Snippets: Local Business Information


Over 40% of all internet searches have local intent. These searches are mainly used to find directions or things to purchase near you. Many businesses and organizations offer retail locations or offices that customers can visit.

This information can be added to All in One SEO, and search engines will automatically display it in featured shortcuts.

Go to the All in One SEO >> Page Local SEO and activate the Local SEO function.

After activation, it is possible to choose whether your business or organization has multiple locations. If yes, you can add those locations to your organization or business. Otherwise, scroll down to add information about your business.

Next, click on the Opening Hours tab and add your business hours. Next, connect to and verify your business via the Google My Business website. This allows you to have more control over the appearance of your business in Google search results. It also increases your chances of appearing in featured snippets more often.

Set up Knowledge Graph Information in WordPress


You first need to go to the All in One SEO >> Search Appearance page, then scroll down to the Knowledge Graph section.

This is where you can tell search engines what your website represents (i.e., You can tell search engines whether your website represents an organization or an individual. You can then provide contact information, such as your logo and phone number.

To save your settings, don’t forget about clicking the Save Changes button

Search engines use knowledge graph information to show knowledge panels. These panels are displayed when someone searches for an individual or organization.

Add SEO Schema Markup to WordPress Pages / Posts


It’s the all in One SEO automatically adds Schema Markup to your content. You can, however, review the settings and make any necessary changes.

Go to the All in One SEO >> Search Application page and click on the content types tab. You’ll find all of your post types (pages, posts, and products) listed here.

To change the default settings of a post type, you will need to click on ‘Schema.

What if you don’t want to modify the schema type for all your posts? AIO SEO allows you to modify Schema Markup for individual posts, pages, and other post types.

Edit the page or post you wish to edit, and then scroll down to the AIO SEO settings section below the editor. This is especially useful for Pages-based businesses that sell products without or with eCommerce plugins. Simply edit the product landing page to change its schema type from Product.

Google Search: Get Site Links For WordPress

Site links are additional links Google may display below a search term. These links are most often associated with brand names and website names. However, they can also be displayed for other search terms.

You can get site links by adding your website to Google Search Console. Then, submit your XML sitemap.

A well-organized website structure can help increase your chances of landing site links. You should add all-important pages to your website. Also, you should use categories to organize your website structure.

WordPress: Adding Breadcrumbs Navigation


Breadcrumb navigation is another way to transform your search listing into a more featured snippet.

Breadcrumb navigation shows users the location of a website relative to its homepage. The trail of links is displayed and will also be shown in search results.

Your website can display the breadcrumb trail. This allows users to navigate up and down, browse different categories, and find more products and content.

All in One SEO adds all the necessary markup to your website’s HTML codes for search engines. If you wish to include breadcrumbs on your website, you can visit the All in One SEO >> General Settings page to switch to the Breadcrumbs tab.

You will need to enable breadcrumbs from here and then choose one of the methods to display the links. You can find more information in our article about how to add breadcrumb navigation buttons in WordPress.

Google Search Answer Box – Appear in the Answer Box


Ranking #1 for a keyword is the best!

No. 0 in the answer box.

Answer boxes are search results that appear at the top of search results. Google considers them to answer users’ search intent.

Answer boxes are highly profitable due to their 32% average click-through rate. Answer boxes are handy for keywords that have a purchase intent.

You can only get into the answer boxes if you improve the quality and relevance of your content. It should be comprehensive and answer users’ questions from multiple angles.

So these were the steps that you could follow to get access to the Google snippets. Although I’ve also compiled the list of other ways that you can try out to maintain the sustainability of the Google snippets.

Other Ways To Get Featured Google Snippets

The ways are way more than expected, but I’ve compiled some of the shortcut ways that you can look upon if you’re supposed to get access to the featured Google snippets on the search results.

A Proper Research Method

A great research strategy is essential for any achievement. We need to look into the various tools and techniques. For better results, we need to consider the possibilities and the optimization methods. We must find ways to improve our content quality and rank. We must also research featured volatility and strategies to win featured snippets for our websites.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a key way to achieve the features. You can achieve this by using various SEO tools.

Effective keywords are targeted keywords. They provide the searcher’s intent. Effective keyword use and focusing on keywords will increase your chances of getting a response. Visibility can also be achieved by using long-tail keywords.

Visual content that is effective: Video content is one way to draw users in. It is important to focus on video content that is effective and doesn’t take too much time. This will help you achieve better results. This increases your chances of gaining features for your site.

Change The Design of Website

You can also change the layout and design of your site. It is important to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make your job easier. Your content will be more attractive if you use the right amount of white space. Your blog will look beautiful with the changes in headings and how H2, H2, and H3 are used. You can achieve a high rank by using all the learning techniques.

Use Question and Answer Pages on Webpages

Users will be more productive if they answer questions on pages. Use effective questions to improve your chances of being featured in snippets or on the front pages.

Monitoring the Growth

To achieve the featured snippets on Google, it is important to monitor the growth. It is important to measure site performance and determine the success of the site’s tools and techniques. This helps them to determine the current position and how many tasks they need to win these features.

Final Verdict

Google Featured snippets are considered to be the most equivalent term when it comes to ranking. However, there might be several other ways to get features. If you’re supposed to take the entire WordPress website to the next level regarding the audience, it’s better to hand it onto the featured snippets.

I’ve concluded a few major aspects of the featured snippets that you need to know about through this detailed post. Also shared a few of the ways that you can try out.

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